Saturday, April 11, 2015

Mary Kay Letourneau And Vili Faulaau Back In The Spotlight!

Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Faulaau cashing in on their celebrity.

The junk food media became obsessed with "HOT TEACHER AND STUDENT" sex scandals.

We can thank the Washington area teacher Mary Kay Letourneau for that one.

The 1990s were a decade of new things. The days of growing up, this stuff was under the radar.

I had crushes on teachers when I was younger. I mean some of them teachers were extremely attractive. I mean I used to have a crush on a teacher.

How I became attracted to the teacher was the day she ask me to take off her boots. I got to feel on a teacher's leg. How cool is that?

I was ecstatic.

I was the "teacher's pet".

Believe me, many young boys may find their teacher attractive. But who would have thought that you could sleep with the teacher?

The junk food media took this new norm from the infamous Seattle area teacher who slept with her 12 year old student. Mary Kay Letourneau is the teacher who became a cult icon. She defied the law by continuing her relationship with Vili Faulaau. The two would have numerous affairs and bare children from this. She got served nearly a decade in the iron college for continuing her relationship.

Many in the media believe that they threw their lives away.

But Mary Kay and Vili says fuck that shit. We're fine and we don't give a fuck about what anyone says about us.

No time served in the iron college couldn't stop her from finding true love.

Once she got out of the iron college, Vili proposed to her.

And now after 10 years of marriage, Mary Kay and Vili Faulaau reflect on them days. They sit with ABC News Barbara Walters. She gets personal with them and ask how their lives are since fading from the limelight.

Vili and Mary Kay Faulaau with their two daughters.
Mary Kay Faulaau is still cashing in on her celebrity. Many people come up to her asking for her autograph and an opportunity to sleep with her.

Mary Kay works as a legal assistant and part time teacher for colleges. She is reminded that she is a TIER 2 offender for LIFE. She is trying to get this offender status lifted.

Vili's celebrity came with a price. During his young age, he became a parent at 13. He's struggled to take care of his family and was battling depression. He can't hold a job because of his relationship with her. He dropped out of school. Now he's a DJ and rap producer.

They have two daughters.

Mary Kay also has four other children from her previous husband Steve Letourneau.

ABC News and People Magazine are paying them $$$ for this interview. And of course, I'm watching it.

Are you?

Do you remember the Mary Kay Letourneau scandal?

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