Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Crime Is Colorless Unless The Junk Food Media Runs The Scary Black Mugshots!

The left exposes a newspaper's yellow journalism. These are the images of men who were accused of criminal acts. Each of these individuals are criminals but who will the racist right look at as more dangerous?

The Raw Story and the blog SoLetsTalkAbout notes the junk food media's profile of White and Black criminals. NO APRIL FOOLS JOKE, it's real.

In Cedar Rapids, The Gazette had to do some explaining. The online website ran two stories about criminal behavior. The difference in between the stories is race. What's surprising is the pictures of the White suspects came from their yearbook and the pictures of the Black suspects were simply mugshots from the county lockup.

The images used of Ross Lembeck, Seth Gross and Logan Ryan, all 19, were taken from the freshman yearbook. All the boys were wearing matching ties.

While the other images used, Kwain E. Crawford, 36; Milton Whitehead, 50; Quentin D.W. Eatman, 24; and Curtis J. Johnson, 29 in same online publication were just that. Those menacing mugs.
The racist right never ceases to amaze me.
Many pointed out that this discrepancy of images gives the reader the impression that these three men were upstanding citizens who just made a mistake. The other images gives the reader the impression they're good for nothing NIGGERS or insert Obama.

This went viral.

The Gazette endorsed perennial loser Mitt Romney for president. Kind of tells you what the publication's political views and how they view criminal acts by people of color.

The Iowa newspaper scrubbed from its website the distinguished images of three University of Iowa wrestlers accused of robbery.

So I am guessing the perception of images gives the media a reason. The same reason to think Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin deserve their deaths at the hands of either the law or a self righteous vigilante.

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