Monday, April 27, 2015

Baltimore Riots And Partisans Blame!

Those involved may face federal charges.

Riots continue in the city of Baltimore. The area where the rioting occurring is near Mondowmin.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our prayers to those injured in this latest round of rioting.

Now the Republican governor Larry Hogan has issued the Maryland National Guard to break this up.

President Barack Obama and his team are going to monitor the situation. The White House has contacted the mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Hogan.

The newly sworn U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch now have a major challenge on her hands.

We are experiencing the worst events in America. Black America has had enough of the mistreatment of unarmed suspects by the law. And of course, Black America has had enough of the ignorant behavior of those who are currently turning their frustrations to violence.

This ongoing controversy will be covered by me and S. Baldwin.

Freddie Gray's death has triggered a volcano of anger between the Baltimore Metro Police and the Black community. The young and even old have no hope for government, the media and the law.

Anything done is looked through the racial lens.

Despite the numerous other events in America where rioting has occurred, this is different.

When the cameras are rolling on a group of Black men and women raiding the drug store, the racist right see their gotcha moment. They look at this as "racial leftists" who cause riots and undignified behavior. The white extremists look at this as animal behavior.

This comes on the heels of a violent weekend in which agitators got into it with people in Camden Yards. Now it seems like the newest wave of violence is caused by the scary Black youth that Colin Flaherty been whining about in his blogs.

Is the conservative Craigslist covering this story by posting the most sensationalist picture?

Oh that annoying conservative agitator is going to cover this. Yeah, how can he not! He needs to blame President Barack Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Rev. Perm, Eric Holder and the Democratic mayor Stephanie Rowlings-Blake.

What about his network? It's covered and you'll probably have Bo Dietl, Mark Furhman, Jesse Lee Peterson, C.L. Bryant, Kevin Jackson, and Stacey Dash say something racist or downright stupid.

The racist right is word vomiting as I type.

They're generating every racial slur, epithet, or Obama name drop in their condescending trolling.

I know the racist right nor those who riot are not honoring Freddie Gray.

Baltimore Police: Gangs Enter Partnership to 'Take-Out' Officers...

New clashes in streets; businesses shut down...

Rioters hurl bricks...

Officers injured; one 'unresponsive'...





This doesn't surprise me about the racist right and how they view the violence. The junk food media is looking for the $$$$ shots and most graphic photos of Blacks reacting.

Gives the White folks something to cling on. Like their purse, their wallets, their blouse and their guns.

Yeah, of course the concern troll will acknowledge that some of the rioters (possibly youth) may not have a two parent home, use the safety net or live on poverty.

They don't see that it's eventually going to reach them soon. Because when the televisions are rolling and the liberal agitators monitor the outrageous nonsense from the racist right, they'll spark another match.

The problem is here. We seriously need a discussion on race in America.

Several officers were injured badly by throwing rocks and debris.
The city of Baltimore is under siege.
As you know that is assured for use of deadly force. But the police under restraint have fired tear gas and use non lethal restraints to stop the violence.

This is not the BlackLivesMatter movement. This the "Shut This Down" protest. A huge difference.

This is an agitated event in which the criminal behavior is egged on by counter protesters, outside agitators and criminals blending in the normally peaceful protest.

This comes on the heels of the domestic terrorist groups threatening law enforcement.

The Black Guerrilla Family made an uneasy alliance with The Crips and The Bloods. They warned that they will die trying if its assured they can "take out a cop".

More developments will occur.

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