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Todd Kincannon: I'm Not A Thug! I Was On The Meds When I Pimp Slapped My Wife!

Todd Kincannon put the smack down on his wife. He claims he was doped up on meds when he threatened to kill his wife Ashely. He was the former South Carolina Republican chairman. This clown is notorious for internet trolling and throwing racially charged insults at Blacks.

This guy Todd Kincannon was the former Republican chairman from South Carolina. He was the guy on the social media calling Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, "thugs". He concluded that George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson did the world a favor by putting slugs in these unarmed men.

Now it seems like Todd has to look into the mirror once a while. He's caught some flack after the junk food media reported on him slapping his wife in a domestic violence dispute.

He was accused by his wife of unlawful restraint. He got into a shouting match with her and physically restrained her.

The Charleston City Paper reports that Kincannon's wife Ashely Suzanne Griffith wants out. She believes that the man is crazy. She told the law they “have a history of unreported domestic violence.” She said she was “extremely fearful” of Kincannon and described him as being “extremely ‘traditional’ and controlling, thus becoming very upset due to embarrassing him,” according to the report. From the report (Note: Kincannon’s full name is listed as James John Todd Kincannon; the report refers to him as James):

“Ashely continued to tell me after leaving the work function, James began screaming at Ashely while they drove in their car. Ashely told James to let her out of their car to which he refused. Ashely proceeded to roll down the window and scream for James to let her out, hoping a bystander would call 9-1-1.”

She went on to tell the deputy that, while Kincannon was driving the car in a Chick-fil-A parking lot at about 5 mph, she attempted to get out of the vehicle, but “James grabbed Ashely’s arm, squeezing it tightly, thus preventing her from exiting the vehicle,” according to the report. She told the deputy that she hit Kincannon’s arm several times in an attempt to escape, but Kincannon accelerated and she was unable to get out.
The mighty Todd and his tweets.
From the report:

Ashley continued to tell me she called her mother for help and attempted to call 9-1-1 with an open line in order for the dispatcher to hear James. While driving, James saw a police vehicle and ‘freaked out.’ James threatened he would drive the car into a concrete barrier if the cops became involved. In addition, James also threatened to kill himself if Ashely left. Ashely continued to tell me James has made several threats in the past to kill himself, her, and her family. Furthermore, Ashely said she has past incidents of domestic violence and threats of homicide/suicide recorded. I saw no visible injuries to Ashely, she provided me with a written statement, and was issued a victim’s pamphlet. It should be noted Ashely was trembling as she wrote her statement.

The deputy then returned to Kincannon, who reportedly denied grabbing his wife’s arm and threatening to kill himself. He “did say Ashely informed him she wanted out of the car at which time he pulled into a ‘Chik-fil-A’ parking lot,” according to the report, but “Upon entering the parking lot, Ashely changed her mind and said she did not want to get out.”

The officer wrote that because of “Ashely’s statements of James killing himself,” the officer called in an EMS unit, who transported Kincannon to Lexington Medical Center for “further evaluation.”

Wondering if Ashely could have been armed?

Could she just "stand her ground"?

Kincannon had to put the brakes on his social networking. He's been laying low.
Todd was on the Benzonatate when he tweeted these nuggets.
Kincannon claims his violent tempers stems from drug use. He attached a photo of a prescription bottle of Benzonatate with his name on the label. He later added that the reaction was “most likely my fault for chewing the capsule and accidentally overdosing.” He adds: “You’d think a guy with my IQ would know better, but I have to admit I didn't pay any attention to the instructions when I took the stuff. I just wanted to stop coughing my head off and took the prescription without reading the label. Lesson learned, and as Admiral James T. Kirk would say, ‘double dumbass’ on me. (That’s a Star Trek IV reference in case you’re curious.)”

WebMD lists confusion and hallucination as possible side effects of benzonatate.

The City Paper asked Kincannon to comment on the allegations of death and suicide threats and domestic abuse, and he wrote:

My wife says she only discussed stuff that happened since I'd been on the Benzonatate, which hadn't been very long. Once we got to the hospital and it got out of my system, I went back to normal and am totally fine now.

When asked how long he had been taking Benzonatate, Kincannon said he had the prescription filled on March 5 and started taking the capsules daily. "I recall taking them but don't recall chewing any until yesterday," he said on Friday.

What if the law was seeing him threatening his wife and he decides to pull out his firearm or a knife?

Could Kincannon use the Benzonatate as an excuse as well?

What's your thoughts on this agitator's latest bout of misfortune?

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our prayers to Ashely and wish her safe travels. Hopefully she can help end this nightmare by leaving this guy?

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S Baldwin said...

Typical white/nonblack right wing conservative man. Violent, misogynistic, and racist. That's what's wrong with most white men today. They're hostile and extremely hateful. I'm very scared and afraid of them because they're bullies who cannot grow up.



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