Saturday, February 21, 2015

Piss Pour Giuliani Calls Obama A __________ And Now Cries About Getting Death Threats!

Still a simpleton, Giuliani continues to dig himself even further in the shit.

It's kind of funny this agitator has the audacity to claim that he's getting death threats for his unpatriotic and down right stupid comments. Mr. 9/11 goes to the junk food media for soft interviews defending his outrageous comments about President Barack Obama.

Rudy Giuliani is a simpleton. He's legacy is based on racial profiling and adultery. He also brought himself to fame being America's mayor in the wake of the terrorist attack in 2001.

Nevertheless, the former mayor shares his disgust for not only the president, but Attorney General Eric Holder and current mayor Bill de Blasio. During the Eric Garner stranglehold, Giuliani and many other agitators claim that Garner's health was the reason to why he died and not the stranglehold placed on his neck.

To make it worse, Giuliani continued his rant and claims that Obama's hatred for America is due to White people. Mr. 9/11 claims that Obama hatred for White people inspires his disdain for America.

The racist right rehashing Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers again in their continuous war against the president.

The former mayor isn't shying away from this nonsense. He's knee deep in the shit.

By the way, his press secretary for his media firm claim that he's gotten death threats after this controversy ensued.

Piss poor Rudy..... If you're going to say such treasonous things about our president, maybe you may get a dose of the hate.

Stupidity continues to plague the Republican Party.

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