Monday, February 02, 2015

Outskirts Of West Kardashian!

The Craigslist of conservative agitation had done its work on Bruce Jenner. It's alleged that Jenner, a former Gold medal athlete and celebrity agitator is going through a transition. He's becoming a transgender woman and the Kardashian and Jenner clan are trying to deal with it.

According to the celebrity news agitator TMZ, Jenner wanted to do this thing for years. I guess that's what drove Kris Jenner to serve him with divorce papers.

The clan is trying to adjust to the transition.

Bruce is now far along in the process, has undergone various procedures and psychological counseling, and is ready to show his journey to the world.  Our sources say it's so far along his docuseries will air as early as May.

People is reporting his family is supportive but not all family members are on board 100%.  As we told you, the family filmed Bruce's formal announcement to them last month and during the conversation Kris freaked out.  The other kids -- the boys and the girls -- have been more supportive, especially the older ones.

A leader in the transgender community tells TMZ they've known for "way more than a year" Bruce was doing this and some felt he should have announced it when he had the laryngal shave.  But we're told Bruce decided a gradual transition followed by a revelation would be better for him and his family.

And we're told part of the plan to reveal the decision is for various family members to start speaking out. What Kim said this week about Bruce's "journey" was no slip of the tongue.

Jenner will make this transition and all the best.

Okay here's the vermin.

This is the type of venom that was aimed at Leelah Alcorn, the Ohio teen who committed suicide after her family couldn't accept her as a transgender teen.

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