Friday, February 27, 2015

Mo'Nique On The Ban List!

Mo'Nique got banned from Hollywood. Lee Daniels confirms that the Oscar award winning actress/comedian got shafted for being too much of a diva.

Empire is a big hit.

The Lee Daniels drama featuring Terrance Howard and Taraj P Henson is growing in viewership. For the latest episode, it drew 15.4 million viewers. This is one of the biggest success for the Fox network.

Lee Daniels also was the producer for Precious, a movie that featured Gabourey Sidibe, Mo'Nique, Paula Patton, and Mariah Carey. This film marked the acting debut of Sidibe.

Sidibe is a featured guest on Empire.

Mariah Carey who is known by most to be a diva is being blackballed from movies. Joining her is the comedian and Oscar award winning actress Mo'Nique.

Mo'Nique who is one of the "Queens of Comedy" starred in the UPN sitcom The Parkers and her late night show on BET.
Lee Daniels, the producer of The Butler, Precious and television series Empire.
Mo'Nique is a diva. She doesn't apologize for being self confident and determined. But in Hollywood, if you're too much of a diva, you're going to be shut out of the industry. And it seems to follow a deep trend of Black entertainers being doomed after success.

The entertainer talked to Inside Edition to tell her fans that she's doing "fine". She was telling the reporter that Lee Daniels told her that movie executives are "done" with her.

Lee Daniels put it in simple terms: Mo'Nique was too much of a headache. She would make demands and throw around the Black. She couldn't figure the politics of Hollywood. She got shut down.

Although Lee Daniels praised her for her talents, he said that she self-inflicted herself. It's not his fault. He didn't throw her under the bus.
Empire is the money maker for the time being.
Mo'Nique fired back. “It wasn’t that I was blackballed like Mr. Daniels said… the phone was ringing and the scripts were coming but the offers that were associated with them made me say ‘I can’t accept that,’” she explained, adding that taking such offers would have sent a negative message to other African-American women.

“If we continue to accept these low offers, how do we make a change?” she asked.

It seems like this is a feud. Mo'Nique believes Daniels told executives that she's trouble.

And with that said, here's the video of Mo'Nique responding to the controversy

Empire is on Fox and it's a go! They already got this green light for a second season. It will finish the season with 10 episodes.

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