Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hannity: John Legend And Common Are Just As Radical As Obama!

When hip-hop wins, conservatives scream. Common and John Legend won an Oscar. One conservative agitator who is obsessed with President Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright is attacking them.

As proven, I knew with according timing that annoying conservative agitator would take a dig at John Legend and Common after accepting their Oscar for Original Best Score in a motion picture.

He and C.O.R.E.'s Niger Innis both launch into this rancid attack on John Legend.

That agitator complained that Legend "decided to make all things political." Even though Legend didn't explicitly bring up voter ID laws in his speech, The agitator went on to suggest that it was inappropriate for Legend to "equate the Voting Rights Act with showing an ID to get to vote so we can keep honesty and integrity in our elections ... I like John Legend as a musician, but he doesn't know anything about politics":
This agitator is so annoying. He is the worst cable news host in American media.
Of course, the annoying conservative agitator claims that it's not racist that Republicans want stricter voter ID laws. The agitator invoked Jeremiah Wright again in attacking Common.

Back in 2011, that fool was ranting about Common attending the White House. The agitator went off on Common by saying he's a "cop killer" and claimed that President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama should be investigated for allowing this "criminal" into the White House.

Common is a member of the Trinity United Church of Christ. The church became the scapegoat for the Jeremiah Wright controversy. This conservative agitator and many others continue to invoke Wright every time a controversy about race comes forth. A way to red meat their racist supporters.

The folks over at Media Matters is preparing for more outrageous comments from that annoying conservative agitator. He's in Washington, DC prepping for his CPAC speech. He's certainly going to bring up the word vomit.

I betcha that in five minutes, you'll hear "radical ______", "Obama", "Hillary", "liberal", "Jeremiah Wright", "Bill Ayers", "vacations", "golfing", "Ronald Reagan" and "Benjamin Netanyuhu" in his CPAC speech. It's pretty much his radio show and television program in a speech.

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