Saturday, January 03, 2015

Stan Solomon And Larry Pratt: These "Die In" Protesters Are Roadkill!

Nutjob with a gun. The founder of Gun Owners of America was on an extremist radio show talking about protesters being responsible for the deaths of NYPD cops.

Gun Owners of America is a gun rights organization founded by far right extremist Larry Pratt.

Pratt is one of these White extremists who parade on wackadoodle radio these conspiracies about President Barack Obama, the gun control advocates and even the National Rifle Association.

Pratt has spoken at meetings organized by white supremacist and militia leaders. Pratt denied any ties to racism, calling accusations smears aimed at hurting him.

Pratt is not well liked by the NRA and those who support gun control.

RightWingWatch notes that Pratt was on extremist radio with Stan Solomon. The extremists were bitching about the protesters doing die ins for Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, John Crawford, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice.

According to the extremists, they would rather see the cars run their ass down.

Solomon and Pratt discussed the assassination of two police officers in New York last week, which they blamed on demonstrators.

Solomon, trying to give Pratt cover by saying “Larry will not condone this” suggested, “The next time there’s a die-in, make sure they’re dead. The next time they block the road, run their asses over. I think it will slow down.”

“Well, it’s a very confrontational mentality that we’re dealing with,” Pratt responded, “and at some point the police will have to come to the conclusion that it’s us or them.”

He went on to suggest that the protests would create “no-go zones” in cities where police would refuse to enter: "If they’re going to have to deal with an enemy terrain where a lot of people, and they can’t sort out ahead of time who’s the enemy and who is not, I think that’s going to lead to the conclusion that ‘I’m not going in there.’"


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