Friday, January 16, 2015

Man Busted For Trying To Kill The Weeper! Another Wanted Kill Other Members!

A bartender wanted to put Boehner on ice.

Two Ohio men caused such a panic this week.

An Ohio man is going to face federal charges for trying to threaten the U.S. House Weeper John Boehner (R-OH). This guy was once the Weeper's country club server. The server who has "mental issues" thinks of the Weeper being the devil.

See when a White man who threatens a federal office holder, the junk food media sees him as deranged and not a terrorist. But over in France when three men who claim to be followers of Islam shoot and kill their own citizens, it's terrorism.

Of course, there was an actual man who claimed he supported the Islamic State. The FBI watched him purchase firearms in his lame attempt to travel to Washington to kill federal workers.

The junk food media is reporting about this man living in Deer Park once worked at a country club where Boehner frequently golfs. The man got fired out the cannon after doing erratic things. Now he's blaming the Weeper for the downfall.

Another man from Ohio is in federal custody. He was plotting to carry out a terrorist attack on Congress. He claims that he was inspired by the Islamic State. The FBI busted the man at a gun range this afternoon. He's currently in the county lockup facing federal charges.

My question to you? Do you fear terrorism?

I mean we are fed too much fear in the media! I mean one man or one group will not affect my daily routine. Things happen. Live your life to the fullest. Don't let them win by showing fear. Be vigilant.

Report a crime.

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