Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Man Arrested After Tackling A Man With Legal Right To Have A Gun!

It was going to be a John Crawford moment. A Black man who had legal right to own a concealed firearm going into Walmart and a "concerned" citizen takes action into his own hands. He calls 911 and proceeds to act like a hero. He tackles the man and restrains him. The Hillsborough County sheriff and Brandon police put the cuffs on the hero.

Some things never change.

Michael Foster, 43 is facing charges on battery (felonious restraint). The victim Clarence Daniels, 62 told Foster that he had a permit. He told Tampa Bay Action News that Foster was lucky that he didn't react to the tackle. He told the report that Foster could have at least stopped him and questioned his intentions before the assault.

Honestly, who knows what a person's thinking?

Florida is one of the many states that allows its residents to hold conceal carry permits. Walmart doesn't restrain shoppers from carrying into their stores. Although some will take an issue with it, the Walmart corporation will not discriminate against shoppers.

Brandon is located 5 miles from Tampa and is one of the many boomburbs surrounding the Tampa/St. Petersburg/Clearwater region.

This comes from The Raw Story.

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