Monday, January 12, 2015

Conservative Outrage Over Obama Not Attending Paris Rally!

The American junk food media complaining about President Barack Obama and his team skipping a peace rally in France.

And if he did...They would complain about that!

See I am getting tired of reading and listening to these outrage pimps. I know I can change the channel. I can turn off the radio. But I do this job so you don't have to.

Welcome to the first conservative outrage of 2015. Let's start with the loudmouth agitator from Cincinnati who has a show on Sunday nights. He is the daily router for the conservative Craigslist.

Splashed on the conservative Craigslist is the New York Daily News bruising cover. On it includes President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry and outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder. Under it says  "You Let The World Down".


Then it was on CNN, the folks over at CBS talked about it. It's probably on Loserville right now.

I want to say that our American media is shiny coin driven.

We have to be vigilant regardless of situation. No one is shielded from interruption.

Okay, over the past week, the junk food media moved away from two cops being killed and protesters claiming they've said "kill cops" to now "radical Islam" and what Obama could have done.

The outrage pimps and fear monkeys along with those annoying Republican senators on GOP Sundays are wimping on how Obama's not doing this or rather doing that but not doing it their way.

Last week three men who had ties to terrorism went on a murder spree. They killed the staff at a French satire magazine and a few member of law enforcement. When cornered, two of the suspects hid in a printing plant taking hostages. They ended up being killed by French authorities. The third suspect surrendered to the law. During the hostage situation, another man held shoppers hostage. He would kill four of them before the French authorities put him down. Now the junk food media is looking for his wife. Apparently she skipped to Syria.

Western Europe's leaders came with solidarity.

Canada's prime minister Steven Harper, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas were among the leaders in attendance. Among 40 leaders mostly from Europe.

The junk food media is not concerned about the out of nowhere appearance. The Secret Service would have to stretch its resources to this. The president is extremely high value and the security has to be huge. Of course, if he has to stop what he was doing fly Air Force One over to France, get out in attire with First Lady Michelle Obama and shake hands with leaders the conservatives hate, then they'll complain.

The White House admit they could have sent a high profile representative. But seriously, this was not an American tragedy. No Americans died in this.

Our conservative agitators are obsessed with "radical" Muslims.

You know I am more fearful of failure and rejection than a terrorist. I don't fear man, woman or beast. I don't worry about my daily life being interrupted by a bunch of ignorant criminals.

France is happy the United States had a representative. An ambassador was in attendance. The French government knows that having President Barack Obama there will require heavy security.

So this is beginning of a long whiny year. The outrage pimps are never taking a break from the Obama obsession.

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