Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What Republicans Need To Know Before They Open Their Goddamn Mouths!

Protesters with the Hands Up Don't Shot pose. Conservatives are trying to undermine the protesters by saying the act "pathetic" and "discredited".

This is the perfect year for the Republicans. They won control of Congress. The party gained more than expected this year. With a new House and Senate majority in the coming year, they have the power to get things done. Their archenemy's last two years begins. We'll see how they handle the pressure.

So far they've alienated a whole lot of people in their path to victory. The party chief Reince Priebus managed to control the situation. He feared that Republican nominee would doom their chances.


Cause they would open their mouths and vomit out nonsense.

One thing that comes to mind, with this new Republican controlled Congress, would these individuals work for the good or act like their constituents who hide behind the keyboards.

Here's a few things that I want to say to the condescending Republican. You know, the internet troll, your friend, your co-worker, your spouse or your family member who supports Republicans or conservative causes. Let's get a few things straight, you don't know much about me but I certainly know a lot about you.

The memes.

Conservatives always run this nonsense that Democrats and progressives are the real racists. I do agree that there are White liberals who have resent towards Black America. Those White liberals smile in your face and shake your hand, but talk about you behind your back and promise Black America with winks and nods. At least they will stomach a Black president.

But for a conservative, it's pretty much out in the open. In subtle or not so subtle ways, White and Black conservatives have this theme to say they're not racist.

They claim that Black people got better treatment under President Barack Obama. If I, being a Black man got better treatment under the first Black president, I guess I am living high on hog. I guess I am living in a suburban home with my wife and kids. I guess I got this great job that pays me a six figure salary.

I got the Cadillac and the big mansions. I got it all. Nope.

I am still struggling day to day working at a low level job. I am hoping that things get better. I am fearful of the institutional racism that exist in the workforce. Great talents are often shunned because of perception. Perception is the common theme of American racism. I can be in street clothes or in a business suit, regardless I'm a NIGGER to the White conservative male.

Which one makes that woman cling on her purse or tuck her blouse?

Understand that Black unemployment under White presidents has never improved. Black unemployment is now an issue when we have our first Black president. C'mon you got to be that stupid to place all the blame on Barack Obama for Black unemployment.

I agree that Obama deserves blame for the current Black unemployment. But Black unemployment has been stagnant for the last 60 years.

After all out of 320 million people, there's at least 14 million people who are likely racist and there's 14 million people still looking for jobs. So I guess there's a similarity towards that.

In one breathe a Republican or conservative would say that the president is so focused on race but in a few moments they would say that Black lives haven't improved under a Black president.

The president works with all the people. Last time I check, he won the election with a strong voter turnout. And it's proven that in the United States, a first. Barack Hussein Obama II is the first Black president. There's nothing wrong about that. He is the first non-White leader of the United States.

The last presidents were White.

There were 42 presidents before Barack Obama. They were White men.

Are you saying tell me that Whites got better treatment when there were White presidents?

You say that electing the first Black president proves that racism is over!

Not a chance.

The moment Obama came into the White House, the death threats towards him increased heavily.

The rally calls of opposition started from those upset over the past two presidential elections  (i.e. Republican lawmakers, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, WorldNetDaily, Drudge Report). It led to the grassroots activism of the Tea Party (which I regard as an insurgency).

I never heard of some of these anti-Black websites until I got called a NIGGER online by a conservative who supported one of those failed Republican presidential candidates. Yeah I been called a NIGGER more online than in person. I know that those who view Black negatively hide behind the bandwidth bridge. These people believe the president is inferior in their minds. No matter what he does, they call him a NIGGER.

Who the fuck creates websites devoted to attacking Black America, Barack Obama and those who aren't White?

There are so many anti-Black websites since Obama won. It's a majority of them are extremely conservative and conspiratorial.

If you're telling me that racism is over, why are all stories gin up about unarmed citizens being killed by law enforcement is not a race issue? You have a website that looks almost like Craigslist and it has selective local stories that makes Blacks look like enemies.

Black lives haven't improved since the Reconstruction. Conservatives claim that Republicans freed the slaves. I guess Republicans are saying that Black America owes them.

I haven't seen a Black man on the cover of People Magazine. Don't get me wrong, I don't have no problem with White people at all. Regardless of everything, we're human beings.

I have no issues with billionaires, entertainers, athletes, activists, law enforcement, politicians and those in the media who are White. They live in this country along with everyone else.

Crime is universal. It doesn't discriminate against race, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, political or social class.

Black on whatever crime is a common talking point among White and Black conservatives. It's kicked up a notch since we have the first Black president. Every event isn't given national exposure.

Anytime there's a protest of injustice in the Black community, conservatives would sell the oranges instead of the apples. The condescending folks would bemoan about Black on whatever crime for every unarmed Black killing by law enforcement.

I am sorry I don't need lectures from those who never been in a situation. I've been profiled by law enforcement. It was a detestable moment. I am not even a criminal.

But the condescending would see me a "thug" because I own a firearm, had a minor traffic offense and sometimes wearing my clothing that may seem to represent the hip-hop culture.

I really hate hearing Republicans and conservatives sell these apple and orange issues. I mean as much as I hate Democrats and liberals trying to jumble every issue to any issue, the Republicans and conservatives do it in a way that makes them look like condescending bigots.

This is devoted to Fred101 and anyone else who sells the oranges. You can't fit every issue in a one hour news program, 30 minute news program, an internet blog or comment section.

I admit that I don't cover every crime in America. If I would do that, I would have to spend tireless nights focusing on crime in nearly 468,000 communities in the United States.

Again, the condescending would see me a "thug" because I own a firearm, had a minor traffic offenses and sometimes I am wearing my hat turned back.

This is a passionate issue. Each side has a right to talk about it. Unfortunately I don't have to read any of the crap you condescending losers post on Journal de la Reyna.



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