Monday, December 29, 2014

Protesters Zero In On Loserville!

Back in 2007, rapper Nas went to the Avenue of the Americas to protest the network. O'Loofus blasted Nas when he was a scheduled speaker at Virginia Tech. The rapper went after the network on some of his albums.

There's talk of a massive protest (highly doubt it) and their aiming it at a network that only pulls in 1% of Black viewers.

The racist right is already giving more ammunition by the mere mention of it. The very mention of it by those on the racist right has given the protesters more exposure.

Here's an example of it.

Now will it matter? Probably not!

This country allows the freedom of speech. Despite it being totally tasteless, tabloid and mediocre, Loserville pulls healthy ratings.

The network appeals to White people. It appears to conservatives who have issues with race, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality, political and economic standings. Conservatives are bigoted. They are one issue voters who believe that those on entitlements are the problem. They aim only at the poor and avoid mentioning the well off. They aim at minorities. They don't consider bias in America.

The Avenue of Americas is where Rupert Murdoch's media conglomerate is. That houses the network that devoted a whole year to making Michael Brown a "thug" and protesters a bunch of "cop killers".

Years and years of misinformation about President Barack Obama. Years and years of negative stories about Black leaders, Black celebrities, civil rights leaders, and issues facing the Black community.

I remember that agitator O'Loofus went after Nas when was a scheduled performer and speaker at Virginia Tech University.

O'Loofus felt that Virginia Tech made a huge mistake allowing a rapper who talks about the gun culture on its campus.

The network's perception of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin have been all but negative.

The perception of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin through the lens of Loserville has been mostly based on these images.

This is how the racist right looks at the Black community as a whole.

Loserville has a right to protest and report news. But the protesters who are calling for police reform have a right to complain about it.


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