Tuesday, November 04, 2014

The After Election Analysis....

What would President Barack Obama say to the House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and the Senate Majority Leader Designate Mitch McConnell?

If I was President Barack Obama after the election, I would first call the Republican leaders.

Congratulations to the Republicans on taking back the Congress. I know that you guys aren't too fond of me. I understand. I would say the same about the Republican Party right now. The American people have spoken. I will do my best to work with the Speaker and the new Majority Leader. Me and Vice President Joe Biden have laid out our plans for the new Congress. I am willing to accept that we didn't get our message out there. But as the president, my job is to get things done.

I know I got two more years of my presidency. My job is to focus on our economy. My job is to make sure that our country is safe from ISIL and Ebola. We will work with the Congress to advocate legislation to combat terrorism here and abroad. Although I disagree with a travel ban for people traveling from Ebola stricken nations, we will take everything in consideration with the new Congress.

The Congress must pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform. We have millions of citizens who living here in the United States in the shadows. With Comprehensive Immigration Reform, we can finally help immigrants the opportunities to be legal American citizens.

Congress must pass an infrastructure bill to get roads and bridges repaired. Too many of our roads and bridges are crumbling. The new Congress must figure out a reasonable bill to pass and I will sign it.

I will veto any attempts to repeal the healthcare law. We can work together to improve the law, but I will not sign any law that attempts to repeal the law. We can't allow millions of Americans go without health insurance.

We need to advocate for innovation for clean energy. The contiguous debate over the Keystone XL pipeline will not move forward without a comprehensive look into the environmental impact of residents in the vicinity of the pipeline. The Senate must nominate my appointees. We have federal departments without a supervision. This is not acceptable of the new Congress. We need to pass a bill to help college bound students to get affordable loans.  Let's get things done. I am willing to compromise on some of the policies if you can at least focus on the issues facing the middle class.

We understand that the momentum is against us right now. We respect the democracy of everyone who voted. The American people have spoken. We will find ways to work with the new majority.

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