Saturday, October 04, 2014

Who's Going To Call The Law On Open Carry Protesters?

Near the Pentagon Boulevard Walmart, Beavercreek Oct. 4, 2014.
These protesters carry around Walmart. Wonder who's going to call the law on them?

There's a small protest outside of Walmart in Dayton, Ohio. The suburb of Beavercreek is the place where a Hamilton man was shot and killed by the police.

White open carry protesters were protesting at Pentagon Boulevard near the property. They were claiming that they were in support with this "I am John Crawford" campaign.

After an all white grand jury found that Sean Williams the officer who shot Crawford not guilty, the protests grew louder and demands for the U.S. Justice Department to investigate came forth.

Walmart has faced some heavy criticism after allowing their pellet guns be in open display.

Ronald Ritchie was the one who started this controversy. He told the law that John Crawford III was lurking in the stores with a firearm pointing it at people. The officer who shot at Crawford III, Sean Williams is on desk duty while the federal prosecutors gather evidence.

In the video, Crawford was shot from a distance. He was on the phone when he was shot. Crawford didn't even have time to disarm.

Wonder if the law is going to be called on a White guy shopping in a Walmart with his firearm on his handle?

Obviously not.

I've heard from a person that Walmart allowed a man to shop with a snake around his neck!

Are they going to call the law on him?

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