Saturday, October 18, 2014

That's My Negro!

The controversial rancher in Nevada comes back with his boy. His boy is running for Congress and he's bucking the rancher's assertions that the Negros were better off picking cotton.

Cliven Bundy the rancher who currently in a standoff with federal authorities has came out an endorsed an insurgent candidate who happens to be Black.

Kamau Bakari, a perennial candidate from Nevada is running on the Independent American Party, a far right political third party. He hopes that a real conservative stands with him over the actual Republican nominee for the U.S. House.

Bakari has ran for House in the 1st Congressional District and the newly created 4th Congressional District.

The 1st Congressional District is being being held by Dina Titus.

The 4th Congressional District is being held by Steven Horsford.

The old fool was a star on that annoying conservative agitator's program. When the rancher's cattle strolled on federal lands, Bundy was fined. Bundy refused to pay and it lead to them taking the steps to round up his cattle.

Loserville came to the rancher's aid. They went all in and agitated anti-gubmint White Nationalists to the Bundy ranch. Thus sparking an ongoing stand up with the federal authorities.

That annoying agitator pulled back support after videos were released of Bundy saying some not so nice things about Black people.

 Kamau Bakari
Now after six months of not being in the news, Bundy comes back. He even dares retiring Attorney General Eric Holder to see him and his armed buddies.

The Raw Story reports that Bakari is running to represent the state’s 1st Congressional District. Bundy and his wife registered as voters with the Independent American Party this past May, following an event celebrating his “courage in standing up for state sovereignty” by refusing to pay grazing fees for his cows’ use of federally-owned land.

The ad begins with footage of Holder’s February 2009 “nation of cowards” speech regarding racial tensions in the U.S., labeling him as a “race-baiter.” It then shifts to a scene of Bakari and Bundy, both wearing “cowboy” attire, complaining about the speech.

“I know Black folks have a had a hard time with slavery and you know, the government was in on it. And the government’s in on it again,” Bundy tells Bakari. “I worked my whole life without mistreating anybody. A man ought to be able to express himself without being called names.”

“I hear you, Cliven, and I believe you,” Bakari responds. “A brave white man like you might be just what we need to put an end to this political correctness stuff in America.”

Bundy became a conservative media darling earlier this year with his show of defiance toward federal regulations, eventually attracting hundreds of supporters, several of them armed, to his Nevada ranch. However, he was quickly abandoned after the New York Times published his statements regarding “the Negro.”
 Kamau Bakari should ask this annoying conservative agitator for airtime.
“I've often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things,” Bundy stated at the time. “Or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn't get no more freedom. They got less freedom.”

According to Politifact, Bakari is considered a heavy underdog in his race to unseat incumbent Rep. Dina Titus (D). His party platform states that “throughout human history, most men have been slaves to man’s institutions of government” and argues against not only the Affordable Care Act, but “mandatory medication or vaccinations” and collective bargaining agreements for workers.

Added this old fool says this little gem.

“This is one white man who’s not scared to talk about race,” Bundy says in the ad for Independent American Party candidate Kamau Bakari. “I dare you to come to Las Vegas and talk to us.”

“And don’t give us that ‘you’re too busy’ stuff,” Bakari says. “You weren't too busy to go to Ferguson, Missouri.”

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