Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Insurgent Radio Host: Democrats Will Shoot "THE BLACKS" If They Leave The Plantation!

Insurgent radio host says The Blacks are stuck on the Democrat Plantation.

Piss poor Laura Ingraham and her rancid tongue.

She can't go a day without stroking the flames of her racist right buddies. Of course, she and the racist right are hoping that Blacks, Hispanics and young voters sit it out this election. They're doing everything to make it easier for the Republicans to win Congress.

The conservative agitator is instrumental in helping the insurgency chop off some of the establishment's choices for higher office.

Every Midterm is considered a disaster for Democrats. They seen the biggest turnout of support for Barack Obama's reelection a few years back, but now all of sudden, low turnout.

What's happening now?

Why can't the Democrats run on the accomplishments?

They practically have the support of young voters, Hispanics and Black voters. How can they achieve the goal of bringing in a bigger coalition of voters?

Obviously, the majority White Republican Party is pouring millions of dollars into races to unseat Democrats, why aren't they counter attacking?

Republicans can't seem to crack the 10% mark on Black votes. The Black vote is crucial for the Democrats who count on this to carry them to victory.

Republicans are too damn condescending and downright bigoted towards Blacks. They can't even speak honestly about the Black experience without throwing some inflammatory statement about Obama or someone they've targeted in conversation.

As posted earlier, there's a group of Black Republicans slamming Pat Quinn, the Illinois Democratic incumbent for the gubernatorial race. This White extremist named the Rebel Pundit put out a set of videos targeting Blacks who feel "abandoned" by the "Democrat Party".

Ingraham happened to siphon off the videos. She would make this bold statement about Blacks and the Democratic Party:

Black Republican pastor Corey Brooks.
Ingraham found this particularly disgusting and reminded viewers of how black conservatives have been treated in the past. She said, “Look at what they did to Colonel Allen West, look at what they did to Justice Clarence Thomas––this is what they do.”

“You can’t get off the plantation. It is their sole province for maintaining control of the black population,” Ingraham continued, “You must be liberal, you must be for certain policies that Al Sharpton and Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid favor. You can’t waver. Because if you think for yourself, you are, as that caller said, a sell-out.”

Here's two things that moron forgot to mention. Allen West said some inflammatory statements about the president, Attorney General Eric Holder, and First Lady Michelle Obama. The voters of Florida dismissed him after he was not doing his job as lawmaker. West was on television acting like a total idiot, embarrassing himself and the constituents in his district. He had one term as a U.S. Representative.

Clarence Thomas was accused by numerous women for sexual harassment. It's not just Anita Hill who complained. It was Hill who got the most spotlight in the unruly behavior of Thomas. To this day, Thomas never apologized to the women who accused him of saying sexually explicit things to them while working in Washington, DC or Georgia.

Ingraham needs to get off the soapbox. She is probably one of the reasons why Blacks hate voting for the Republican Party.

Of course, Ingraham will promote her adoptive family as an example of her not being a "racist".
This is not productive. Not productive at all.
USA Today has a feature about the Black pastor who endorsed that Republican Bruce Rauner.

According to the Black Republican Corey Brooks, he believes there was a politically motivated crime by Black Democrats. He was robbed of $8,000 from the collection box of his New Beginnings Church this weekend. Of course, I believe everything done is political stunt in order to gin up attention to a failing campaign. Obviously, that's what drives attention to this pastor nobody here.

The money was earmarked to help the prominent church on Chicago's South Side establish a new community center near the congregation hall.

Brooks, who has appeared in a political advertisement backing Rauner, says he received threatening messages by phone and over social media on Friday because of his support of the venture capitalist Rauner. In one audio recording that Brooks shared with WGN-TV, a caller left an expletive filled message in which she called "Uncle Tom" and Rauner's "puppet."

"It's is unfair that a person does not have a right to voice their opinion and speak about who they want to support, and that some people still feel you have got to stay on this Democratic plantation," Brooks said. "If you choose to leave it or go off it, we will attack you."
Barack Obama is doing fine.
Quinn also weighed in, calling the alleged threats wrong.

"I don't believe in threats at anywhere in our democracy," Quinn said. "I support the voting rights amendment to make sure everyone has a right to vote and follow their conscience. That's what America's all about."

Rauner was scheduled to make an appearance at the Brooks church on Sunday.

"It's tragic," Rauner told reporters on Saturday. "We can't allow intimidation to come on to this race or into politics. People should be allowed to vote for who they want, support who they want."

Brooks has also endorsed the establishment choice for U.S. Senate. Perennial loser "Milk Dud" Jim Oberweis is fighting for a chance to unseat Democratic incumbent Senator Dick Durbin.

A Chicago Tribune poll in September found Quinn had the backing of 86% of African-American voters statewide in the survey. Rauner, however, has made a big push in recent weeks to try to whittle away at the governor's lead among a group that has historically overwhelmingly supported Democratic candidates.

He's enlisted Brooks and a few other high-profile African American pastors in Chicago to help him with his push in their communities.

Here's a reminder for every Republican, conservative and White extremist who uses this crap about Blacks voting on race.

For every time you mention Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. being a Republican, you lose five Black voters.

For every racist email about President Barack Obama, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, you lose one hundred Black voters.
It's almost over!
For every condescending comment about Black America, every attack on urban areas, rap music, single Black mothers, and the safety net, Republicans lose over a thousand Black voters.

And anytime a Black Republican says words like "plantation", "slavery", "zombies", and "slave master", Republicans lose 3,000 Black voters.

And if the Republican Party continues to ignore the needs of the Black community, the Republicans lose the Black vote, period.

Get the fuck off our backs! The Republican Party is a political party that has 90% of its voting base being WHITE. They don't have an ounce of dignity or respect towards the Black church, the Black experience or the first Black president.

Find a candidate that appeals to Black voters. Understand that poverty isn't Black or White issue, it's an American problem.

Don't make cuts to the safety net!

Go into the communities and speak honestly about policies that could affect everyone. Quit bitching about how Obama's policies aren't working. You Republicans don't have policies that work either, so I don't understand what the fuck y'all going to do if Congress falls in your hands.

Of course, this stuff will be ignored by Republicans. All they'll do is call me a "racist" or "liberal dick sucker" or whatever they pull out their condescending mouths.

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