Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Bunch Of Black Men Screaming About Nothing!

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In the race for Illinois governor, Pat Quinn is taking on Bruce Rauner, the establishment's choice for governor. The junk food media is lit up over a viral video being shared across the net stream.

Quinn had 86 percent support among black voters statewide, while Rauner, who has tried to attract support in African-American neighborhoods, had just 3 percent. While the Quinn campaign writes off this as a joke, the racist right will use their toys to discourage Blacks from voting.

The racial arsonist of the conservative media posted this on his website this afternoon.

He's links up a set of videos from some White extremist named Jeremy Segal (aka the Rebel Pundit).

Rebel Pundit says it is on a mission to expose “the true nature of liberalism and the toll it has taken on regular peoples’ lives is our top mission.”

These videos seem to have a bunch of Black men screaming about "DEMOCRAT THIS, DEMOCRATS THAT!"

Joseph Watkins, one of the Black Republican operatives said: "We are always talking about what the Republicans haven't done for us or what they will do to hurt us. My life has been hurt by Democrats."
Jeremy Segal is the Rebel Pundit. Just like White extremist Charles C. Johnson  of GotNews, this one is trying to capitalize on the race card. This is another attention seeking loser who tries to be like Breitfart.
The Black men in these videos are pastors and ex-convicts who support Republicans. These are Republican operatives of Rauner.

It seems like its becoming a viral sensation to the White extremists who view it on YouTube and other social networks.

Here's a wake up call for the White extremists who viewed this video and commented on it.

First things first, Blacks are not sheep. Politics are local. It doesn't matter the party label. Black voters support a viable candidate. Viable candidates appeal to the needs of everyone. That's probably what drives Blacks to vote. That's why Blacks voted for the fresh face Barack Obama over the inconsistent John McCain and the perennial loser Mitt Romney.

Second, voter identification laws are discriminatory towards Blacks, Hispanics and young voters.

Another old Black Republican standing in a vacant lot bitching.
You can have a gun registration identity and vote in Texas but not a college identification. Some people don't have driver's licenses. Some don't have state issued identification. Obviously, you're not going to go to every voting precinct to claim your name is "BRIAN JONES". They actually check off the names before allowing an individual to vote,

The reasons to why Blacks voter choose to vote Democrat is not because of Barack Obama, It's because of Republicans and their allies in the racist right. They can't talk to a Black person without saying something condescending, or even broadly racist.

Continuous use of the Southern strategy. This strategy refers to the Republican Party's gaining political support for certain candidates by appealing to racism against African Americans.

Conservatives are simple minded individuals. They show such disdain for President Barack Obama and the Black community.

There may be some of these "compassionate" conservatives reading this blog right now!

Drop the act. You're not fooling anyone.

Conservatism is dosed in the bigotry of someone's race, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, economic and political standings.

Conservatives look at issues in the "black and white" prospective.

How can these people criticize me when they can't finish a complete sentence?
Nail biter between embattled Democratic governor from Illinois and the establishment's choice.
Conservatives are seriously disturbed. They have nothing better to do. So they'll read something from an anti-Obama website, or conservative forum!

So when I think of the recent controversies and the way they express their opinion of President Barack Obama, I shake my head in disgust.

So here's what I believe. When conservatives play race card, it's only played when they're on the losing side of a debate.

The Republican Party and their conservative allies are atoned to the card.

They love to place the race card in Rev. Perm, Jesse "Cut His Nuts Off" Jackson, Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama's back pocket. The racist right would say "oh it's those Niggers who play the race card, not us!"

Note I say Niggers!

It takes one white person (particularly white males) and their gutless outrage over things that they apparently disagree with. Like a majority of Blacks supporting Democratic candidates over Republicans.
There's no shock to these video. It's just another lame attempt by Republican gubernatorial nominee and the racist right.
See if white people (again mostly white males) weren't so uptight about Blacks, Hispanics/Latinos, illegal immigrants, independent women, same sex couples and President Barack Obama, then you would not receive this overwhelming hate from these groups.

President Obama lets this shit roll off his skin.

Me, you and thousands of arm chair generals fail at that one. I would just ignore this. The Republicans will shamelessly use a bunch of Black bigots to promote their agenda.

Again, the Southern Democrats were conservatives.

Though the "Solid South" had been a longtime Democratic Party stronghold due to the Democratic Party's defense of slavery before the American Civil War and segregation for a century thereafter, many white Southern Democrats stopped supporting the party following the civil rights plank of the Democratic campaign in 1948 (triggering the Dixiecrats), the African-American Civil Rights Movement, the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965, and desegregation.

The strategy was first adopted under future Republican President Richard Nixon and Republican Senator Barry Goldwater in the late 1960s. They dumped the Democratic Party to join the Republicans after the defeat of Berry Goldwater.


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Anonymous said...

How ironic that ex-cons who were high up gang members and who sold the drugs that ruined those neighborhoods are now all suddenly COME TO JESUS on this topic and taking money from right wing assholes to make shitty videos. How can they live with themselves, they exploit the community by feeding them drugs and then exploit them again by trying to feed them to the Republicans. We weren't born yesterday and we see what they are doing.


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