Thursday, September 18, 2014

Waste Not War Not!

The United States prepares for a long war against a faction of terrorist calling themselves the Islamic State of Iraq of the Levant. Most media call it the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

The inept Congress passed the resolution to give the president the power to arm the Syrian rebels.

Before they take off once again for their umpteenth vacation they granted the president power to take the United States back into Iraq and possibly Syria.

The Syrian rebels have a beef with it ruling leader Bashar al-Assad and are fighting for the removal of the dictator.

President Barack Obama backed into a corner by the whiny fear mongering assholes of the junk food media. They fear the Islamic State. A bunch of men who are conservative Sunnis who are fighting against the West.

The West is planning on a coalition of Middle Eastern countries to take on the terrorist group.

The bill passed 73 to 22, and heads to the White House, where President Barack Obama, who ran as an anti-war president, is likely to sign it. It allows Obama in effect to begin hostilities against an enemy in Syria, relying on the war declarations passed with the authorizations to use military force in 2001 and 2002 that targeted al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein.

Lawmakers and the White House agree the AUMFs are outdated -- some members don’t even think it’s constitutional for the president to apply them to current military operations against ISIS -- and need to be modernized.

Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), who made the case for the majority, acknowledged that the Senate needs to hold a broader debate, and a vote, on a new war authorization. Durbin said he expects that to happen only after lawmakers return from the elections in November.

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