Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Racist Right's Obsession With The 20th Century!

This is what the racist right does for a living. They fixate on the past and not the future of America.

In a nutshell, no matter what President Barack Obama does, the racist right will complain about it.

Listen to the racist right. The word vomit they're spewing is overwhelmingly stuck on the past. They put the fear into the minds of those who already have a hatred of race, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, political and economic standings.

If America elects a Republican president, the condescending liberals will find ways to destroy the legacy like the racist right's attempts on Obama.

They will often dig out their asses some theme of the previous century. No matter what is done, the junk food media will compare it to something done by a previous president or liken it to some major event in history.

We're coming up to the 13th year and second year of September 11. The first disaster happened in 2001 when Americans witnessed the first commercial airplane go into the World Trade Center setting off a chain of events that led to the rise and fall of George W. Bush.

The racist right is still fumed up over the condescending liberals constant attacks on Bush. They figured if they can take Bush down, they can do this to Obama.

Unaware that if the next president is a Republican, the Democrats will continue the obstruction and even create more condescending liberals on radio and television bashing the Republican president.

According to some of the racist right agitator's is the first Affirmative Action president. Cause in their minds, Obama cares only about Black people.

In the word's of that jackass on radio, "I hope he fails!"
An unaccomplished politico who earned the title of being a powerful force in the insurgency.
The racist right believes that the president executive actions are kind of like being a dictator. So far they believe that he's done things like Adolf Hitler. He could be like Fidel Castro.

Hell they compare him to some of the 20th Century's past presidents. According to the racist right, Obama is like Jimmy Carter on domestic policy. He is like Richard Nixon on presidential powers.

He is a socialist according to the agitators.

He's a racist say the Black conservatives who think his radically liberal policies destroyed Black America.

He's this. He's that.

He's Obama (not Barack) according to the most annoying conservative agitator on television and radio.

Where's his birth certificate?

When will he admit that the IRS targeted the insurgency?

When will the president admit that he wasn't prepared to handle ISIS?

Why isn't the American people getting answers on Benghazi?

Why is the president bowing to foreign leaders?

Why does Obama continue to support criminals like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown?

What happen to the "Summer of Recovery"?

"We're right," scream the pompous assholes who whine on the blogs.
This is the Republican Party's most powerful ally, An old man who spends a few hours on radio bitching about America's future under a Democratic president. He and a few others are obsessed with Obama. They can't go one minute without dropping his name.
Okay we're less than a few months from the U.S. Midterm elections. The Democrats despite their attempts to get things done are going to suffer. The president is a real drag on them. They have little chance of holding on. They can't get things done. And the policies that could help the middle class are getting blocked by the Republicans.

The potential for a sweep in the U.S. Senate is likely. The Republicans need at least seven seats to win back control of the Senate and overall the full impact of Congress. The insurgency isn't as powerful as they used to be. They're just a nuisance to the establishment. But overall, the enthusiasm gap is very wide for the Republicans. They are more enthusiastic in voting because they just can't stand Obama.

The inept House of Representatives will still be in control of the Republicans.

The morons in the U.S. Senate will continue to block policies by the inept House.

The insurgency is running to cameras instead of to their constituents.

The Stallmigos and the old guards of the Establishment get more coverage on television, radio and the blogs and yet the racist right complains and bitches about the media being liberal.

The dark horse money is being poured into shadowy groups that paint a candidate like an enemy of the state.
Loserville and one of its chief resident's Steve Doocy have driven the narrative of conservative outrage.
Conservative outrage is overwhelming. It's a compulsive disorder caused by the very agitators of the junk food media saying things to piss off Americans who just view things so narrow minded, facts are liberal lies according to them.

If you look at the outcome, Republicans can smile. But overall, the American people hate them.

They hate them so much, at this point, they don't care whether they run Congress or not!

That's what got the Democrats in a vine. The Democrats failed on the message of working for the middle class. They could fix the problems despite having a few months of a super-majority.



Politics is so toxic in Washington. The threats of a government shutdown are happening over again.

The threats of impeachment to Obama are growing.

The threats of rolling back progress is likely happening cause of the Supreme Court being to the racist right and the state governors are mostly Republican.

My question to you.

What has the Republican Party done overall as elected members of Congress?

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