Monday, September 15, 2014

Danièle Watts To The Law: I'm No Hoe! Why The Hell You Arrest Me?

Celebrity chef Brian James Lucas and actress Danièle Watts were stopped by law enforcement after a complaint of "suspicious" behavior. Watts was questioned by the law and according to her, they mistook her for a prostitute.

That's not what she said, but I am guessing that's how she felt when Los Angles Police Department Studio City branch restrained her after someone complained about her sitting in a vehicle with her boyfriend who happened to be White.

Yeah, this is getting traffic. Of course, the agitators of Loserville and their friends on the racist right are silent on this. Maybe if she would have been shot and killed by the law, maybe the racist right will eventually talk about it. After all, they'll believe that she agitated the confrontation and got what she deserved.

Cue: Obama in the word vomit.

Okay, I'm going off the subject here. But seriously, I am certain that LAPD will conduct an investigation into this issue.

She took to the social networks this week to vent off about the situation.

Watts had a role in Django Unchained. Her claim to fame was during the media attention surrounding an incident where an officer of law mistook her for a prostitute. It was later reported that she was having sex in broad daylight when the incident occurred. Witnesses assert that after the police intervened she refused to show her ID and claimed she was famous.

Brian James Lucas recalled that the incident by taking pictures of her injured wrist. When they slapped the cuffs on her, they put a bruise on her.

The couple is in contact with lawyers, the ACLU and the NAACP about the incident.

What your opinion on this controversy?

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