Saturday, August 23, 2014

These Are The Supporters Of Darren Wilson!

The insurgency supports Officer Darren Wilson.

With friends like this, who needs enemies?

This is the world before our eyes.

Thanks to Bastard Keith from HuffPost.

Commenters referred to the teen as "a common street thug" and black Americans as "aggressive and entitled primitive savages." One donor, who identified himself as a Chicago police officer, offered $50 for Wilson to use toward "a lap dance to ease the mind of the negativity surrounding the incident and beyond."

"Support Officer Darren Wilson" organizers pulled the plug on comments roughly one day into the campaign, according to updates on the campaign page.

Caption this.

These are Americans who support the officer who shot unarmed teen Michael Brown. Under the First Amendment, these can freely flow down your comment section. These racial extremists can't stomach the unjustifible shooting of an unarmed teen. They don't understand the outrage in Black America caused by the careless actions of an officer.


Heather Scott said...

what exactly is your point here? This issue has become a huge case, everyone is weighing in, and if you want to open this can of worms there has also been horrible racism on the side of supporters for Mike Brown. It seems people only want to talk about these "racist comments" and not admit to the other side

The Blue Light Buzz said...

Welcome to Journal de la Reyna, Heather Scott.

Portion of this article came from the Huffington Post. They revealed that some of the supporters of Officer Darren Wilson were on a charity website posting some inflammatory comments about Black Americans and Mike Brown.

It's become a hot topic among many.

The conservatives are often times looking at this situation as "it's his own fault" because we saw this excuse.

While there's some who claimed he "strong armed robbed" a store clerk, others look at this as a mild confrontation.

Some say that Brown reached from the gun. Others say that he ran and the officer shot at him multiple times.

It's a damn shame that every Black American male is judged only by the content of their character when they have a social network.

Because conservatives already made their mind up the moment that body went cold and the people rioted.


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