Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mariah Carey Fired Nick Out The Cannon!

Famed pop singer Mariah Carey six year marriage to reality star/hapless talent Nick Cannon may have went south pole. There's talk that the two have been on ice for months and the lawyers are trying to divide up the assets and custody of their two twins.

On a Power 106 FM, a Los Angeles hip-hop station, Cannon went to naming who he's banged (and tried to marry). One in particular got his ass was the fact he was one of the many men who banged Kanye West's wife Kim Kardashian. He talks to hip-hop/celebrity agitator Big Boy about his conquest.

The trouble comes at the peak of Cannon's rise to fame. He released the controversial rap album White People Party Music this year. He also rebooted Wild'n Out. He signed on a few more gigs with America's Got Talent. That added to the royalties from Mariah's catalog got them netting over $550 million.

Nick Cannon has confirmed that the marriage is over.

Mariah Carey, 44 and Cannon 33 have been married since 2008. They didn't barely know each other. Six weeks later they've confirmed they got hitched. They ended up having two children Marilyn and Morocco.

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