Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jon Stewart Slams Loserville Over Its Ferguson Coverage!

Stewart goes hard on the junk food media and their coverage of Ferguson. One network in particular got his attention.

The Daily Show goes on vacation in August. Usually, Jon Stewart still has his crew keeps him updated on the latest events for the month.

What happened?

Ebola. Two humanitarian doctors were cured after being exposed to the deadly virus. That sparked weeks of talk about the situation.

Immigration reform. The lawmakers are on vacation and they still haven't pass immigration reform. President Barack Obama will issue an executive order giving him some power to handle the crisis. Immigrant children are coming the United States to flee civil war.

The president's golf outing during the beheading of James Foley. An American journalist was beheaded by ISIS terrorists. The terrorist in the video beheads Foley and sparked outcry from the world. The president spoke somber statements of Foley and wanted those responsible to be brought to justice. After a few hours, he was back on Martha's Vineyard playing golf. That sparked controversy.

John Crawford III. The young man was killed by two Beavercreek, Ohio police. He was playing with an air rifle and the police shot him without giving proper commands. That triggered controversy.
Stewart is getting really annoyed with this guy. He believes that annoying conservative agitator ruins traditional news.
Eric Garner. The man who was accused by the New York Police Department of selling loose cigarettes. As they tried to arrest Garner, they put him in a chokehold. He would suffer cardiac arrest.

Burger King and Tim Horton's are combining themselves into one company. Burger King is temped to move to Tim Horton's corporate headquarters in Canada and it sparked outcry from lawmakers and fans of the fast food chains.

These are issues that Jon Stewart covered since his return.

All of these issues were mentioned by that annoying conservative agitator and his network Loserville.

Guess where Jon Stewart went after?

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