Monday, July 28, 2014

The Insurgency's Newest Weapon: Laura Ingraham!

The newest face of the right wing insurgency has a microphone and two notches on her belt.

The conservative agitator is rising the stakes in Washington politics.

The controversial agitator is proud to say that last week's run off between Republican Congressman from Georgia Jack Kingston and David Purdue ended with another victory for insurgency.

Kingston is going to be the next victim of the insurgency's fight within the Republican Party.

Majority Leader's Eric Cantor and Kingston are packing their bags for home.

The conservative agitator along with Mark "Ratface" Levin and numerous other groups are fighting the Republican establishment. They've gotten tired of the hot dog process of Congress, the constant "giving in" to President Barack Obama and their ineptness to immigration.

The insurgency believes that immigrants who come from the Southern Border are vermin. They believe that some Republican lawmakers are willing to sell out their "White privilege" for a bunch of immigrants.

RealClearPolitics have been profiling the conservative agitator and it's a good read.

It tells a story of a nearly struggling talk radio agitator who managed to bounce back from the brink of defeat.

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