Friday, July 04, 2014

Texas Woman Nearly Kills Two Men With Her Ride!

Surveillance shows a woman running over two men with no care. 

Gas stations have to prepare for the peak summer driving season. Around the months of June towards September, many Americans are on the road quite often. Gas stations most take steps to bring in sales and prevent theft of fuel. Some Americans don't feel like its necessary to pay for fuel. They would preferably drive away without paying for anything.

Summer driving also resorts to road rage incidents. I am guessing this is what happened in Houston.

At a gas station in the Southwestern part of Houston, a road rage incident nearly kills two men.

It was a brutal hit and skip incident that was caught on tape. The Houston Metro police are searching for this individual who could be facing charges for aggravated assault with a vehicle. 

Mediaite reports that KHOU reporters talked to one of the victims of this incident. Marcus Chukwe was with his boss at the local gas station when the woman nearly ran them off at first. Words were exchange, then a few seconds later, the vehicle peels off with two men on the ground.

The woman who hit two men with her car while exiting a gas station, speeding off while they were still lying on the ground. Amazingly, both men were able to walk away with just minor cuts and bruises.

Chukwe was just happy to be alive after the incident occurred. He described how the woman first nearly backed into him and his boss.

When they confronted her about it, she rolled down the window and threatened to shoot them. Seconds later, she pulled around and rammed directly into both men, sending them flying.

“One moment I was standing, one moment I got hit and one moment I was on the ground,” Chukwe said.


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