Thursday, July 10, 2014

Glenn Beck Does Have A Soul! Although Some Don't Believe He Had One In The First Place!

Conservatives believe the agitator is a traitor because he helped immigrants.

The controversial agitator and media mogul decides to be a "giver of grace!"

I don't believe the hype.

Outside his Dallas mansion, the conservative agitator will plan on assisting migrants who fled their countries to seek asylum in the United States.

He plans on bringing food and toys to the children that are in detention camps. That has struck a nerve with the agitators he claims are "allies" to his cause.

Republicans are determined to undermine the president. The president has a proposal to solving the problem, but it will face fierce resistance from the House and Senate Republicans. The Republicans are going to not assist in giving the president his $4 billion proposal to curb this problem.

The conservative agitator and many of his friends on the racist right are so pissed off at the president. They believe President Barack Obama allowed "backyard amnesty" to millions of migrants from the Southern border.

Instead of having compassion towards migrant children who fled from sex trafficking and the civil wars (drug cartels), many here in the states believe that these vermin are not welcomed.

Murrieta, California and parts of Texas have been hotbeds of White extremism. Some traveled from other towns to meet Immigration and Customs Enforcement buses at their docking stations. They threaten to stand in the way of migrants who illegally came to the country.

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