Thursday, July 03, 2014

Does Wendy's Restaurants Support Rush Limbaugh?

Is the fast food giant supporting a controversial agitator who has an ongoing obsession with attacking women.

I often am that guy who listens to conservative talk radio whenever I get bored with hip-hop music stations.

I listen to him and that other guy who appears after him frequently.

Do you remember in 2012, Rush Limbaugh (aka King Hippo) told his audience that "Susan" Fluke was a slut?

That was probably one of the reasons why perennial loser Mitt Romney got his clocked cleaned in the 2012 U.S. Presidential elections. He could control the insurgency. He let them loose and they destroyed the campaign.

The controversial agitator was so pissed off over a Georgetown law graduate's pleas to Congress over contraception. She told a story of a friend who had to suffer a miscarriage after she testified to the Congressional panel being led by "impeach-ready" Darrell Issa, a California Republican congressman.
Obnoxious agitator still has national chains endorsing him.
Sandra Fluke was subjected to verbal assault by the conservative agitator and his allies. That prompt a backlash that caused him to loose hundreds of advertising partners.

He also suffered setbacks on the AM dial. He may still dominate the airwaves but the signal strengths gotten weaker and the public is tuning him out.

Now cause of him, everyone suffers. Not only him but Sean Hannity (That Guy Who Helped Obama Win) and every conservative and liberal agitator took a nosedive.

The sales partners believe that cause of the firestorm, many decided to say goodbye to advertising on political talk radio.

That forced Ed Schultz, Randi Rhodes, Quinn & Rose, Mike Huckabee and numerous others off the airwaves.

The conservative agitator has made it so bad for talk radio, most commercials are AD Council sponsored.

One company that continues to be radio station is the Dublin, Ohio-based restaurant chain Wendy's.

Now I am not sure if the commercials are localized or nationalized, but I can tell you that I am not sure if a fast food chain that caters to families should be associated with a controversial agitator like this.

I mean they've gotten through so much... Such as the woman who hoaxed them with the finger in the Chilli.

I mean seriously, should we endorse an agitator who has no respect for Sandra Fluke, Hillary Clinton, and First Lady Michelle Obama?

You be the judge of this one!

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