Sunday, June 01, 2014

Being Washed Up Isn't The Only Thing Haunting 50 Cent!

Media mogul mocked for weak pitch.

The American public is totally over Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson.

The release of Animal Ambition is anticipated. This is the first album since 50 Cent parted ways from Interscope Records. After 13 years on Aftermath Entertainment and Shady Records. the media mogul decided to take his business to the Caroline Records label.

Since this is an independent release, some say that this may be the end of 50 Cent's career as a rapper.

I remember everyone was so into 50 Cent. People (including myself) were buying G-Unit merchandise, G-Unit sneakers, G-Unit Vitamin Water, and the video games.

I mean he released the 8 times platinum album Get Rich or Die Tryin' in 2003 and took off.

Now over 10 years since the release, it's been a downward slide for him. He along with his former crew have suffered the fate of many in the entertainment industry.

People aren't into the act. 50, Game, Young Buck, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks have permanently damaged their careers with not only tier egos, but their reckless behavior.

It got worse for 50. He decides to do a ceremonial pitch at a New York Mets and Pittsburgh Pirates game.

It was one of the worst pitches ever.

Any thoughts on the pitch?

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