Friday, May 23, 2014

Jason "The Manchild" Mattera Ambushes Rev. Perm!

Conservative gnat confronts Rev. Perm.

Conservative agitator Jason "The Manchild" Mattera once again tries this in your face journalism on people who he claims are hypocrites. Last time he tried to confront comedian Chris Rock and this kind of gotten out of control. Then he tried to run up on Bono, and was shocked to find that he was talking to a Bono impersonator.

These confrontations were part of his book Hollywood Hypocrites. The last book he wrote was Obama Zombies. Each book is full of his hyperbolic criticism of liberals and how conservatives must master the message to appeal to minorities. Most people of color view Republicans and their conservative allies as racist. Yet, in this empty head, Mattera continues to be in a denial of reality. He will continue to agitate those who he felt got away with "murder".

Now still up to his notorious race-baiting tactics, he goes after Rev. Perm over his Crown Heights comments.

Like racial arsonist James O'Keefe, Mattera has a history of distorting the truth. So obviously, I have to not take this video for face value. After all it cuts off with his recording speeches of 20 years ago.

Of course Rev. Perm is the founder of the National Action Network, host of Obama News program PoliticsNation and a signed act on Cash Money Records. The Rev has history of grassroots protest and provocateur activism. He's a well known liberal agitator.

The racist right can't stand him and Jesse "Cut His Nuts Off" Jackson. They believe that every time an event happens in America and it involves a White on Black crime, the racist right expects these two to be involved. 

Rev. Perm with Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, the parents of deceased teen Trayvon Martin.
So digging back into the vault, Jason Mattera pulls out all the statements of the past. 

The Rev. was an active activist in New York he made some not so nice comments about the Jewish community during the Crown Heights riots. The Crown Heights riot began on August 19, 1991 after a car driven by a Jewish man, and part of a procession led by an unmarked police car, went through an intersection and was struck by another vehicle causing it to veer onto the sidewalk where it accidentally struck and killed a seven-year-old Guyanese boy named Gavin Cato and severely injured his cousin Angela. 

Witnesses could not agree upon the speed and could not agree whether the light was yellow or red. One of the factors that sparked the riot was the arrival of a private ambulance, which was later discovered to be on the orders of a police officer who was worried for the Jewish driver's safety, removed him from the scene while Cato lay pinned under his car.

During a protest the Rev. said, "If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house".

So as Mattera goes into confrontation he first asked the Rev. that in spite of the "lifetime ban" of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, why isn't he banned from Obama News?

As Rev. Perm was walking to the event, Mattera continues hounding him with questions.

If Mattera really wanted to debate Rev. Perm why don't he go on PoliticsNation?

See he's too much of a punk to do that. And his videos aren't but distortions of truth.

As Wikipedia explains it, Rev. Perm is controversial but yet effective. Rev. Perm's supporters praise "his ability and willingness to defy the power structure that is seen as the cause of their suffering" and consider him "a man who is willing to tell it like it is". Former Mayor of New York City Ed Koch, a one-time foe, said that Rev. Perm deserves the respect he enjoys among Black Americans: "He is willing to go to jail for them, and he is there when they need him."

His critics describe him as "a political radical who is to blame, in part, for the deterioration of race relations".

Sociologist Orlando Patterson has referred to him as a racial arsonist, while liberal columnist Derrick Z. Jackson has called him the black equivalent of Richard Nixon and Pat Robertson. Rev. Perm sees much of the criticism as a sign of his effectiveness. "In many ways, what they consider criticism is complimenting my job," he said. "An activist's job is to make public civil rights issues until there can be a climate for change."

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