Monday, May 26, 2014

Buzz Kill!

No love for Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. The entertainers got a dose of reality today.

Two stories for your Monday. 

Two rappers who had once feuded over a woman both got a dose of reality.

Entertainer Wiz Khalifa was busted in Texas for the green.

The New York Post decides to act like a bunch of dicks towards Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

After exiting a plane in El Paso, Texas, marijuana advocate and rapper Cameron Thomaz (aka Wiz Khalifa) was busted in the terminal for a few ounces.

The entertainer managed to get a selfie while being detained (and later released). 

Blacc Hollywood is coming this year. The mixtape 28 Grams is expected to be released on the DatPiff this week. 

Wiz Khalifa is a rapper and producer who hails from Pittsburgh. He is married to fashion model Amber Rose.

Rose was the former fiance of rapper/producer Kanye West.

Now the New York Post decides to send their congratulations in a not so nice way towards Kimye.

The conservative publication is notorious for racial attacks and just plain hateful bullshit decides to get a dig at the weekend marriage of the two celebrity agitators.


This is open disrespect towards these two. Sure they may be annoying agitators, but this is just tasteless journalism. This is the type of stuff you find in the Onion.

It's been reported that Jay-Z and Beyonce may have not made the guest list. 

Most Americans believe that this could be a "sham" marriage. This is Kim Kardashian's third marriage. This is Kanye West's first. The two have a child together.

The Kardashians are the most hated celebrities here in America. But the New York Post is one of the worst newspapers in the world. It's owned by NewsCorp, the sponsors of Loserville and the Republican Party.

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S Baldwin said...

NY Post is a racist news rag. The people there always have racist animus toward POC. They're very hostile toward women in general as well.

Let's cut down the chase and call it what it is. The Post hate Kim and Kanye because they're popular and in an IR marriage. The readers of NYP also hate interracial relationships, especially between Black and Mixed Black men and Non-Black women.



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