Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hannity Goes Berserk On Jon Stewart!

That Guy Who Helped Obama Win is tired of being mocked by comedian. So now he's launched a feud against Comedy Central's host Jon Stewart.

That Guy Who Helped Obama Win is a certified asshole. The conservative agitator is so obsessed with taking down President Barack Obama it actually backfires.

I've explained it too many times that he's nothing more than a well paid agitator who relishes in division and hate.

Do you know that picking a fight with Jon Stewart will result in a bitter defeat?

It's not Jon Stewart's fault that he caught this punk ass conservative agitator lying to his audience yet again.

He's just telling the damn truth about that stupid right wing militia rancher. That rancher refuses to follow federal law and respect property. He making a mountain out of a mole hill. He's being a total asshole.

He and those who support him are WHITE EXTREMIST!

That annoying conservative agitator is stringing the possibility of a domestic terrorist attack.

Mediaite reports that That Guy Who Helped Obama Win went after Jon Stewart Tuesday night for mocking him over his support of Cliven Bundy and hypocrisy therewith. That annoying conservative agitator mused that Stewart is “kind of obsessed” with him, and called the late night comic the “chief apologist for the Obama administration.”
Obviously Jon Stewart catches the hypocrisy that comes out of that asshole's mouth.
The annoying conservative agitator insisted his main problem is with government overreach in Nevada, turning the tables on Stewart to wonder where he stands on Bundy, wildly speculating what Stewart’s true feelings on the situation could be. And beyond that, that conservative agitator rehashed his old foes.

“Did Jon Stewart ask Barack Obama about his friendship [with] this unapologetic domestic terrorist Bill Ayers [and Jeremiah Wright]?” says That Guy Who Helped Obama Win.

The annoying conservative agitator called Stewart a “comedic hack” and randomly brought up the inclusion of Cat Stevens (who supported a fatwa on Salman Rushdie) at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear hosted by Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

National Review‘s Kevin Williamson called Stewart a “half-bright late night television comedian” with a “vulgar and extensive audience,” telling the conservative agitator, “I’m sort of embarrassed with the country and myself that we have to sit here and talk about Jon Stewart.”

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