Monday, April 28, 2014

Conservatives: That Donald Sterling Dude Is A Democrat!

The First Amendment continues to allow the ignorant to speak. Tell us how you feel about it Mr. Sterling?

That Guy Who Throws Shit To The Wall once again is the gateway to extremism. The conservative agitators have all express outrage along with the liberal agitators over Donald Sterling's outrageous comments about Black people.

But what comes to mind is the fact that for every time a racial event happens or mass killing occurs, the conservative agitators are quick to blame the Democratic Party for this.

Obviously conservatives are generally looked as MOSTLY racist. But sometimes a liberal may say something that cross the line. Liberals are slightly more tolerant of Blacks than conservatives.

Yeah, there are racist Democrats. Obviously a Democrat from West Virginia, Arkansas or Oklahoma will vote for a horse before they vote for Barack Obama.

When Barack Obama was a candidate for president in 2008, he avoided states like Mississippi, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Kentucky. He knew they were going to Hillary Clinton because those states are nearly impossible for a man of color to win. After all he made the comments about "[People being bitter], clinging to guns, religion, [with] antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

He was so right on that!

The National Screwview Online has made the accusations that the guy's political ties.

Tim Cavanaugh wrote that according to his "sources" Donald Sterling is a Democrat, according to campaign-contribution records. Long before this scandal, Sterling had donated to a few Democrats and Republicans.

Most contributions were local at best. I've tried to link up Newsmeat for his political ties. Unfortunately the website is shut down.

Michael Tomasky of The Daily Beast saw what I seen in this political hot potato. He noted that every freaking time an event would occur with race, it's conservatives quick to pounce on the Democrats and its usually the conservatives to say "oh he's a Democrat".

Right off the bat, he took to the social networks to see how the racist right reacted to it. Tomasky saw that the social networks were full of clucking conservatives challenging me to write about the Donald Sterling situation, or daring me to, or wagering that I would maintain a hypocritical silence in the face of this clear “proof” that Democrats are just as racist as Republicans.

Tomasky wrote that there's amazement to how eagerly the right-wing press has pounced on the “fact” that Sterling is a Democrat. To my knowledge, there is no such established fact at this point. This is based on two political contributions he made many moons ago.

Apparently, when the story broke Saturday morning, everyone in the cyberworld somehow glommed onto a 2011 list published at a site called RealGM that listed the political contributions of NBA owners. This list said Sterling had donated to two Democrats, Gray Davis and Bill Bradley, and that these were long ago, going back to “the early 1990s.”

Tomasky noted that this scandal has taken the heat off the misguided conservative support of that right wing militia rancher Cliven Bundy. After all, they were all in unison of Bundy during his stand off with the Bureau of Land Management and the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) agency.

Bundy uttered racial comments about The NEGRO and it was leaked to the press over the past week.

It instantly sunk his support among those conservatives such as That Guy Who Helped Obama Win and his allies on Loserville.

Whenever you hear a Republican call the Democratic Party a platform to racism, let them know this!

If the Democrats were so racist, why on earth would they elect a Black man twice to be their nominee for president?

If the Democrats were such racists, why are conservatives so uptight whenever one of their own is caught sending racist emails or telling insensitive jokes about Blacks or Hispanics?

Let them know that the Republican Party isn't racist. But the Republicans has a whole lot of racists in the party!

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The Blue Light Buzz said...

Anonymous, check your history!

The Republican Party is the current party and is embolden in racism.

If the Democrats were racist why on earth would they nominate a Black man for president?

You're too damn stupid to see that!


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