Saturday, March 29, 2014

Conservative Outrage Over Stephen Colbert!

Comedy in bad taste?

The Comedy Central satirist and fake anchor of The Colbert Report is facing criticism over an apparent knock at Asian Americans. One in particular is a conservative agitator who doesn't even acknowledge her heritage as a Filipino-American.

The turd flipper and her blog finally found racism. There's a movement online to cancel the comedian's show.

The hastag #CancelColbert is springing up on the social networks because apparently Stephen Colbert said something that pissed off the Asian American community.

Let's take a look at the controversy.

Suey Park is the creator of the Cancel Colbert movement. She is a well known internet activist and her impact has got the junk food media involved. The feud is ongoing because she felt that even though he's entertaining the audience, his mention of Asian stereotypes have crossed the line.

This seem to grab the attention of the conservative agitator who is known throw racial slurs and insults in the direction of those she disagrees with. The turd flipper continues to be the gadfly of the racist right.

Colbert then addressed the firestorm from his personal Twitter account, and the official "The Colbert Report" account later clarified that Comedy Central, not Colbert or anyone who works for his show, managed that account.

The official Colbert Report tweeted also

Any thoughts on this controversy?

Do you believe the turd flipper is just meddling or Stephen Colbert is a flaming liberal racist as she calls him?

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