Saturday, March 22, 2014

Right Wing Alert: Sally Kern Equates Disagreeing With Her With 'Stoning' God

Sally Kern Equates Disagreeing With Her With 'Stoning' God

                                            Sally Kern, Oklahoma's right wing's favorite Daughter.

Here are several of her right-wing fanaticism at the Oklahoma legislature.  Here's a video wanting the OK Legislature to protect students creating imaginary weapons, guns included:

All of this proves to me is that Oklahoma needs to enter the 21st century, not back to the Dark Ages or Jim Crow!

At least the good people of North Carolina rose up to protest the right-wing Dark Ages policies of Gov. Pat McCrory.  The Tar Heels ain't having any of that nonsense! They will not go back to the days of Jessie Helms.  No way!

How come the people of Oklahoma aren't protesting against Governor Mary Fallin, Rep. Sally Kern, RamZPaul, Sen. Inhofe, etc.?  When are they going to get a comeuppance?

Georgia, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Alabama had their Moral Mondays.  Why not Oklahoma?  Why not my home state, Ohio?  We, too, have a governor that is just as repressive as Fallin and McCrory.  

What are your thoughts?

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