Monday, March 31, 2014

Pop Singer's Bodyguard Smacks Up Fan!

Lil' Wayne signs Christina Milian to the YMCMB label.

The Cash Money/Young Money empire is growing. The label helped Lil' Wayne, Birdman, Drake, Tyga and Nicki Minaj into the mainstream with catchy hooks and mainstream album releases.

Some of the veteran acts have decided to save their careers, hop on the label that's making money.

The Game, Busta Rhymes, reality star Paris Hilton and pop singer Christina Milian have decided to saved their washed up careers, they would join the Cash Money label.

Now I'm all for protecting the lives of high profile celebrities. But is Christina Milian a high profile celebrity?

I mean she released three albums on her previous label Island Def Jam. And of the four, one album managed to make her mainstream buzz.

Nowadays she's now a mom. She temporarily gave up the singing and acting to raise her child.

Having a child with confirmed cheater and former Def Jam act Terius Mash (known professionally as The Dream), Milian filed for divorce after rumors of the entertainer cheating on her.

After having a chance to rebound by appearing on Dancing With The Stars, the pop singer announced that she's getting back into the studio with her new crew.

Today, she gets her street cred for allowing her bodyguard smack away a crazed fan. Although the video shows the bodyguard open palm the broad, the video shows that it may land him and Milian in the courtroom if the woman decides to take them to court.

The woman (wearing only a bra and shorts) went after a bodyguard protecting Christina ... and the bodyguard swatted her away with an open palm to the face.

We have no idea who the woman is or why she was upset -- but the video's intense.

Christina was in a great mood on her way into Hooray Henry's ... but the short-tempered security guard definitely led her out in a hurry.

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