Monday, March 31, 2014

O'Reilly's Feud With Barbara Lee Continues!

O'Loofus found his new Ludacris. This one is a Democratic representative from California.

Looks like it's O'Loofus back to his old ways. The conservative agitator now picks fights with lawmakers who he believes are "race hustlers". Instead of promoting that vile garbage he calls rap music, the kingmaker of cable agitation now sets his sights on California congresswoman Democrat Barbara Lee.

O'Loofus and his network Loserville have made it their goal to undermine President Barack Obama and help the inept Republicans take full control of the Congress. The Republicans if proven are posed to recapture the U.S. Senate. 

The Republicans are hoping that they can win enough votes (i.e. Angry White Folks) to rebound after a devastating loss in the 2012 presidential elections.

It's bad enough they had to run on this "I won't work with Obama meme", but they've tied their whole campaign around the Affordable Healthcare Act. They are so fixated on Obamacare and will continue these wasted votes long after today's deadline for enrollment.

O'Loofus is so tired of Black leaders singling him and many other conservative agitators as "racist".

Last week Wisconsin Republican congressman and former vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan made comments on Bill "If We Abort Black Babies Then Crime Will Go Down" Bennett's program derailing on intercity folks not working and wanting "da gubmint sugar daddy" to help them.

Lee didn't find that comment amusing and sent out a press release saying that Ryan should apologize for his statements. 
Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) would love to debate O'Loofus. Unfotunately he's such a punk. He'll never allow her on his show because he'll have to take blood pressure meds to keep him from shouting.
To "us Black folk", you don't have to blow the whistle to get our ears ringing. You just have to be a stupid ass Republican. The privileged Ryan and his former running mate perennial loser Mitt Romney continue to be anchors around the necks of potential losers for the 2016 presidential elections. 

For you see Republicans like Ryan, Romney and O'Loofus are typical old White men who fear change. 

They would never set foot in a Black neighborhood. 

They would never experience the joys of Black culture.

They would get their generalizations from those in the news media (i.e O'Loofus' employer Loserville).

They inspire bigots to openly attack others because of race, gender, sexuality, religion, political and economic standings. 

They put in the heads of mush mouths (i.e. Romeo Rose), that Blacks are criminals. Blacks are whiners. Blacks take from the White man. Blacks vote for Obama because he's like them. You know the usual word vomit that keeps them continuously in the red when it comes to minority outreach.

O'Loofus had Ryan defend his comments. Ryan cautiously walked back some of his comments and said that Lee was a "personal friend" and "he was a big boy about the criticism".

O'Loofus wasn't. He had the nerve to call her a race hustler, a liar, a pinhead and a member of the PC crew who wants to throw race in every aspect of an event that happens in America.

Lee didn't waste time knocking the agitator. Saturday on Media Matters Radio on SiriusXM, the California congresswoman stated that (Loserville, O'Loofus, That Guy Who Helped Obama Win and Megyn The Outrage Princess) are the right's decoders. O'Loofus is using coded words, she declared.

She said, “We need to hear more from people of conscience,” and admitted that when people like O’Loofus rail against people like herself, “some people could be intimidated” and feel they shouldn't speak out. Lee insisted on the importance of moving past “anger and hostility” and engaging in a real dialogue.

She basically saying "put me on the show". I'll debate your accusations. 

She was a single mother who lived on food stamps before she would run for Congress. She would participate with Ohio Democratic congressman Tim Ryan and Minnesota Democratic congressman Keith Ellison for the Food Stamp Challenge.

Many lawmakers can tell you that the safety net is very important. Without that safety net, you would see those who need the safety net kill you to survive.

Here's an audio from Media Matters Radio.

And of course O'Loofus attacking Lee after she respond the first time to his racial bias.

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