Monday, March 03, 2014

Limbaugh: That "MAGIC" Word Gave 12 Years A Slave The Win!

The conservative agitator attacks 12 Years A Slave.

More fan fiction from the country's most listened and most controversial agitator.

A reason to why President Barack Obama won reelection, this conservative agitator continues to send the Republican Party back to the minority. Hopefully he'll continue the party's march to political disaster.

The conservative agitator during his radio show today was criticizing the Academy Awards win for the graphic movie 12 Years A Slave. The agitator makes a note to the critically acclaimed movie having the word "slave" in it.

“If it was the only thing that movie won, it was gonna win best picture. There was no way. It didn’t matter if it was good or bad. I haven’t seen it. It was going to win. It had the magic word in the title. Slave.”

This adds to the list of racially insensitive comments this agitator vomited onto the radio.

The reason to why he made the comment comes from his viewing of That Guy Who Throws Shit To The Wall's website. King Hippo and That Guy Who Helped Obama Win both rely on this website to get their talking points.

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