Monday, January 27, 2014

Hip-Hop Tea Party Republican Trey Redel Resigns!

This blows. Controversial lawmaker resigns after he was arrested in 2013 for cocaine possession.

The tearjerker forced the Republican congressman from Florida to resign.

Besides it's not looking good for the Republicans.

Potential perennial loser Mike Huckabee was being a total sexist asshat.

King Hippo was acting a sexist asshat when it came to attacking Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie starts off his second term with a hug scandal.

Former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell and his wife are under federal indictment for bribery.

Dinesh D'Souza, the conservative writer and filmmaker is facing federal indictment for election fraud.

House Speaker John Boehner's appearance on The Tonight Show this month was a total disaster. It assured attacks from the left.

Yeah, this has been a month of bad news for the Republicans. But who's fault is it?

President Barack Obama says the racist right.

Now onto the hip-hop influenced, coke snorting, partying Trey Radel of Florida. He's going to blame Obama for his resignation. Thiis so-called "hip-hop" Republican was busted a few months ago for having the blow in his system. Instead of getting time in the iron college, he got probation and treatment.

Radel was a Tea Party endorsed Republican who once was a former radio deejay and talk radio host.

He's married with a son. This is his first term as a lawmaker.

He's one of those famed Republicans who goes on Loserville saying that Americans should have to get drug tested for gubmint benefits.

I guess he's not going to have the luxury of being a lawmaker anymore.

He resigns today.

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