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Conservatives Go After Travyon Martin Witness Rachel Jeantel!

The racial extremists in the conservative media are going after star witness. They want to make the story about the witness and the victim instead of the idiot who shot the unarmed teen.

Anyone who has viewed Cornbread, Earl & Me starring actor Laurence Fishburne should look at this Trayvon Martin shooting case.

The 1970s blaxploitation movie deals with a police shooting that ends up killing a rising high school basketball star. The movie deals with police corruption, witness intimidation and racial stereotypes.

Nathaniel "Cornbread" Hamilton, a 17-year old high school standout was wearing a hoodie and he was dribbling his basketball in the rain. He didn't know that two local police officers were chasing after a rape suspect. When they lost the suspect, they eventually saw Cornbread. The police involuntarily shot and killed the teen. The impact of the shooting lead to a riot in the streets. And some of the witnesses included two young boys, a local storekeeper and a pimp.

They were in fear of retaliation by corrupt police officers.

The witnesses were intimidated by the police and were telling different sides of the story. When the jury was about to acquit the officers, the star witness a young boy Wilford Robinson stood up and testified against the officers and told the jury that he was intimidated by the police and feared that if he didn't tell his story, more incidents would happen.

The media painted Cornbread like he was a drug dealer and thug. They were trying to say that Cornbread was the person who instigated the shooting.

Today this is the same theme that's happening in America.

The outrageous comments that came from those racist extremists in the conservative movement already assures they're trying to taint the image of the woman who became the key witness in the that idiot's trial.

Rachel Jeantel is the last person to hear Trayvon Martin. She gave her side of the story.

When she took the stand, all of sudden, the conservative/white supremacist bubble was worked up over the fact she is a Big Black Woman. They went right to bat over the fact that she had an "angry Black woman" attitude during her cross examination from the idiot's defense team.

Wondering if That Guy Who Throws Shit To The Wall posted it on his website?

Yes, he did.

I am guessing that Turd Flipper has taken to her Twitchy website to post Jeantel's social networking. Soon the woman will receive death threats and racial intimidation from the deranged White extremists.

I am guessing That Guy Who Helped Obama Win did a segment on his right wing carnival show about this woman's testimony. Yeah, he's already on this. After all, our buddy has taken the opportunity to grant the idiot legal funds if he was going to trial.

I am guessing that Bill-O was probably on talking about it with the Mustached Ambulance Chaser who once thought Al Capone had a vault of gold. After all the Mustached Ambulance Chaser once said that it's the victim's fault for his death because he wore a hoodie. He suggested that Black and Hispanic teens shouldn't wear a hoodie when going through a neighborhood.

Did King Hippo make a comment about this?

I am guessing he did. After all he's the one who always tries to tie President Barack Obama to any Black criminal who is probably one of "his sons".

Oh, he did talk about this. And yes, he probably found a way to blame the president for it.

I am guessing that the Reverend was defending the woman and blasting the members of the right wing agitation machine. Just heard the reverend signed a publishing deal with Cash Money Records.

I love how the racial extremists in the conservative movement rather focus on the witness and the victim instead of the suspect.
The idiot on trial for the death of unarmed teen.
What happen is heresay. I agree to that point. Jeantel didn't see the altercation. She could only hear what was going on. While under oath, the woman explained to the best knowledge that the victim uttered a racial slur about the idiot.

The conservative agitators were basically trying to make the case about the witness being an "ignant black sow" who has no business even telling the jury those made up stories about that idiot.

The first thing they didn't notice about Jeantel, is the age. The woman is 19-years old.

She smokes marijuana, is a confirmed underage alcohol drinker and act like any other reckless teenager.

I know women who are White who drink alcohol underage and smoke weed too. There's plenty of White teenagers who are reckless. But they're not shot by some idiot who was told not to confront them.

Salon Magazine reporter Mary Elizabeth Williams tells the story of the junk food media's obsession with the teenager's social networking websites.
The conservative agitators rather focus on the victim's past than the slug in chest and the fact he was unarmed.
Facebook and Twitter, she’s been known to post photos of her nails and talk about drinking. She is also the last person to have spoken with Trayvon Martin before George Zimmerman shot him to death last year, the woman who was on the phone with him when his fateful encounter unfolded. She is known in the justice system as Witness #8 in Zimmerman’s trial. She is, in fact, the prosecution’s key witness. But you’d be forgiven if you’d gotten the impression recently that she was sitting up there to defend herself.

Jeantel does not fit the comfortable image of the grieving girl. As Rachel Samara wrote Wednesday in Global Grind, “A predominantly white jury is not going to like Rachel Jeantel,” a girl “who has no media training and who is fully entrenched in a hostile environment.” There is confusion over whether or not she was Martin’s girlfriend, which eradicates her chances of being depicted as a devastated young quasi-widow. On the stand, she has been blunt, hostile and at times seemingly confused. Online, she has a documented history that includes partying. She is not thin or blond or demure. So there goes her credibility.
Idiot's family includes father, mother and wife on the right. Wife and idiot were charged with perjury earlier this year.
This week, the Smoking Gun carefully picked through her social media history, uncovering such bombshells as a recent image of what she described as her “court nails.” She has posted photos of liquor bottles and declared that “wowww I need a drink” and tweeted “party time let get high” [sic]. The Smoking Gun also reports that she’s posted “a sexually suggestive series of photos,” “made references to Martin’s death, referred to acquaintances as ‘bitch’ and ‘nigga,’ and wrote about having ‘jackass lawyers on my ass.’” She has in recent days deleted several dozen of her more damning tweets. And so Smoking Gun commentators have, in their turn, declared that she’s not just a “thug” but “proof the gene pool NEEDS more chlorine!” … “and maybe some arsenic too.” Funnily enough, there’s no mention on the site that on Monday she also posted, “I’m a friend god damn it,” or that she loves Jill Scott and Janet Jackson.

Here is what is true about Jeantel. She has publicly admitted to underage drinking and getting high. She is a poor speller (at least on social media). Her way with words is not calculated to win favor – she has testified that Martin told her “a creepy-ass cracker” was following him. She has responded to the defense’s line of questioning with an icy “You got it?” and “That’s retarded, sir.” The Daily News describes her diction as “often difficult-to-understand” and says it’s “cringe-worthy” and “humiliating” that she couldn’t read a letter out loud on the stand because she says, “I don’t read cursive.” Jeantel has also admitted to law enforcement that she lied about her initial claim that she didn’t attend Martin’s funeral because she was hospitalized at the time; she now says that she felt too “guilty” to face his parents and “didn’t want to see the body.” She admits that at the beginning of the investigation, she said she was under 18, because she didn’t want to get involved. She is unpolished and emotional.
Sybrina Fulton and Tracey Martin. The parents of slain teenager Trayvon Martin.
So is she a reliable witness? That’s yet to be determined. And watching her struggling to articulate “the sound of wet grass” to the jury, you can see not just her frustration but defense lawyer Don West’s undisguised exasperation. But when outlets like MSN gleefully seize upon the fact that she’s posting photographs of her nails, they invite exactly the kind of troubling and deeply offensive conclusions about what a “bitch,” what “ghetto trash,” what an “ugly ho” “buffalo” she is, that they have been racking up ad nauseam.

Of course it’s the job of the defense to question her and cast doubt on her testimony. And of course it is significant that her version of events has varied. There’s a lot at stake. George Zimmerman decided Trayvon Martin’s fate on Feb. 26, 2012, and now a jury will decide his. A jury that, by the way, is part of a justice system that is not supposed to exclusively serve the best educated and most articulate of our citizenry. So now would be a good time to point out that Jeantel’s weight, her nails, her sex, her color – these things have precisely jack to do with her account of what happened the night Travyon Martin died. Justice is supposed to serve teenagers too, and people who party and who don’t hide it when they’re angry or flustered, and women who can’t read cursive. It’s supposed to serve people whose dialogue wasn’t written for them by David E. Kelley. Remember that. Remember that Rachel Jeantel is not the one on trial.

But according to the racial extremists in the junk food media, it's her on trial and not the idiot.

But that's why it's fair to say they're not on a jury. The trial by media nonsense happens because of perception of the victim or suspect. The media takes sides and the commentators (I meant agitators) rile up their audience with bravado and "what I would of done" rhetoric.

Instead of letting the jury hear all the facts, the agitators will try to paint the jury as the bad guys, the star witness as a stereotype or the suspect as a stereotype.

They use their freedom of speech to incite people.

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