Thursday, November 01, 2012

Conservatives Harping On Benghazi Tragedy!

Scott Taylor, a former Navy Seal appears in anti-Obama videos. He makes up one of the many mysterious faces in a national advertising campaign sponsored by anonymous donors who support conservative causes.
We're entering the last four days before the national election. As we come to the climax of the U.S. presidential elections, Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are statistically tied! With plenty of swing states and the potential for a game changer, Mitt Romney and the president are going to make their last case for the remaining Americans who would have the chance to pull the lever!

Republicans are going to push this Benghazi scandal all the way to November. The SuperPacs already release an advertising blitz on the airwaves in Florida, Wisconsin, Virginia, Ohio and Colorado. These states are swinging back to the president and conservatives are expressing concern.

Concerns of the Republican Party is the fact that Mitt Romney isn't hammering the president on the Libyan attacks in which it killed four Americans.

Here's a video of SpecialOps SuperPac.

Conservative agitator Sean Hannity continues his Obama obsession. He puts on the father of victim Tyrone Woods and his family to make the case that the president and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are emerged in a "cover up".

Now if Sean Hannity was so invested in tragedy, why isn't he focused on the September 11, 2001 attacks in which then president George W. Bush's national security adviser Condoleezza Rice take the fall for the nation's worst tragedy ever! Or what about the fact that FEMA director Michael Brown delayed resources to those people in New Orleans?

Of course it's the Democrats fault for the disasters under George W. Bush.

But when you got people cornering Republicans like Congressman Jason Chafettz of Utah acknowledging that he and his fellow members voting on cutting back security for embassies. They wanted to have private security contractors instead of using military resources. Those resources were going to the "surge" in Afghanistan.

All this is President Barack Obama's fault!

So what does it mean in my opinion. Another lame attempt to politicize a tragedy in order to score points.

How come Sean Hannity isn't interviewing the people who survived the attack in Libya?

How come the conservatives embrace a bigot who sparked outrage overseas with a video mocking Islam?

How come Egypt and Tunisia embassies issued statements to leaders condemning the violence?

They didn't apologize for the attacks! They were protecting themselves from potential riots!

T.J. Walker explains this in a video from YouTube.

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