Thursday, May 28, 2015

I Don't Like Being Called Piyush! I'm Bobby! Bobby Jindal, Damn It!

The Alfred P Newman of Republican governors is thinking about jumping into the clown car.

The guy who once told the junk food media that the Republican Party can't be the party of stupid is thinking about running into the clown car, face first.

Piyush "Bobby" Jindal is the current governor of Louisiana. He is an Indian-American politico who is also the Vice Chairman of the Republican Governors Association. He is one of the youngest governors in office. He and South Carolina Republican governor Nikki Haley are the two youngest elected governors. Haley is also Indian-American.

Jindal is 43 years old and he's determined to be in the 40s club of U.S. Presidents.

Is Bobby Jindal a dumb person?


He's quite intelligent. He married with three children. He is son of immigrants. He studied at the best universities. But unfortunately he's "dumb down" himself to appeal to that rigid old and bigoted base.

Jindal formed a exploratory committee and has fired shots at Stallmigo Rand Paul (R-KY) the CEO of Planter's Peanuts. Jindal claims that Paul's thoughts on Americans being dragged to war is a form of "apologizing for America".

He couldn't help but aim at President Barack Obama for being a weak leader on the economy and terrorism. He is pissed that Hillary Clinton refuses to acknowledge her role in the beaten horse we call Benghazi.

Some may question his birth certificate. He's Brown so it's going to be a hard sell to White extremists who believe that having Carson and Jindal running is a disaster.

He's got to make sure his base don't confuse him as a practicing Muslim or Hindu. Jindal is a Catholic parishioner.

He's got to make sure everyone calls him by the name "Bobby" and not a foreign sounding name like Piyush.

He's got to gather his buddies in the establishment to at least chip a million in. After all the Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson is giving Republicans a check if they can say that all "Mooslims are scary" and "Obama's anti-Semitic" towards Israel.

Jindal will be another one of the many minorities running for the red nose. I mean you got already in the game Stallmigos Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) who are Hispanic. You got Ben Carson, who is Black. You got Carly Fiorina who is a woman. Now if he declares his bid, he'll be the first Republican of Asian decent to run for the White House.

Jindal was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to immigrants from India. Prior to entering politics, Jindal studied for a Bachelor of Science in biology and public policy at Brown University from 1988 to 1991 and then a Master of Letters in political science from New College, Oxford, as a Rhodes Scholar. He worked for McKinsey & Company and interned for Representative Jim McCrery of Louisiana.
Jindal talks a mean game about the president. Jindal claims that President Barack Obama is weak on the economy, domestic policies and terrorism. He won't say it to Obama's face though. He's too busy trying to dumb down himself so he can win voters.
In 1996, Governor Murphy Foster appointed Jindal Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, and in 1999 he was appointed President of the University of Louisiana System. In 2001, Jindal was appointed as the principal adviser to Tommy Thompson, the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services by President George W. Bush.

He first ran for governor in 2003 and won a plurality in the nonpartisan blanket primary but lost in the general election to Democrat Kathleen Blanco. He then won a seat in the United States House of Representatives in the 2004 elections. The second Indian American in Congress, he was re-elected in 2006. He ran for Governor again in 2007 and secured an outright majority in the first round of balloting; in doing so, he became the first Indian American governor in the United States.

He was re-elected in a landslide in 2011.

Jindal is a total buttface. He looks Mad Magazine's mascot Alfred P. Newman.

So what's your thoughts on this clown?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cops Got Fired Out The Cannon For.... Well You Know!

You won't believe it! These are two cops with a suspect. The suspect is wearing antlers. 

Spreading racist emails, taking inappropriate pictures, doing unprofessional things on social media all the while wearing the badge is not an coincidence. It's a matter of common practice.

Will that annoying conservative agitator talk about this on his right wing carnival?

Nope. It doesn't fit the narrative to blame President Barack Obama. The president is passionately talking about the case for unity among the police and the communities they serve.

Psst...Obama's Black.

The president can testify to it. He was profiled by the police when he was a nobody. And for him to talk about the disparaging interactions between the Black community and the law, the conservatives claim it's anti-cop and racist.

This picture is of two former Chicago cops posing with a suspect. They decided wanted to share a funny picture with fellow officers. They decided to put antlers on the suspect and pose as two Elmer Fudds.

Real laugh riot.

The Chicago Sun-Times report that ex-cops Jerome Finnigan and Timothy McDermott were fired out the cannon after they were posing with this unidentified drug suspect.

Finnigan had already been fired out the cannon: In 2011, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison for leading a team of cops in robberies and home invasions. This may have inspired Chicago PD on NBC.

McDermott is fighting to wear the badge. He got a 5-4 decision in his cannon firing. The minority believe that it was a funny picture. The majority believe it's time to clean up the force.

This makes Chicago PD look like a bunch of idiots. Terrible.

racist tweetracist tweet 2racist tweet 3

Even in my community an idiot sheriff's deputy got his online fixation. He was on Twitter and had shared some inappropriate thoughts of the Baltimore riots in the wake of Freddie Gray's death.

Clark County Ohio sheriff Gene Kelly said that this deputy is fired out the cannon.

Zach Davis got fired out the cannon.
Ex-deputy Zach Davis was caught online posting his thoughts on the rioting in Baltimore.

Davis said that the Baltimore riots were a "real life Planet of the Apes". And to make it worse, he said that rioters are “ignorant young people” who deserve “every stereotype they've ever been labeled.”

When confronted with his post, Davis confessed and was immediately fired out the cannon.

Kelly said that Davis "did not believe he was racist" for publishing such comments.

The letter sent to the sheriff's office expressed concerns over the "insensitivity, hostility, and maliciousness" reflected in the tweets, and stated that such derogatory statements are unacceptable under any circumstances but especially troubling coming from a deputy who "holds the power of the state."

"Davis’s tweets are offensive, inappropriate, and inhumane for the way they treat the black citizens of Baltimore, striping them of their humanity and rendering them 'apes' who should be 'slayed' to be taught a lesson," the letter reads.

Davis joined the force in April. Kelly said he has met with the local NAACP president, who supports his decision.

"I’ve done everything I can do to try and correct this problem," Kelly said. "It hurts us and this community and there’s no place for it."

Now all deputies in Clark County will have to go through sensitivity training. They will now be forced to limit their social media connections and associations.

The power of Facebook and Twitter. Whenever you post something online, it's there forever.

Understand no one is safe from being fired out the cannon. But if you take steps to prevent your business from being out there, make it private and don't jeopardize your job by talking about it.

Tracy Morgan: Walmart F**k Up My Career!

I'll be back. 

Last year, famed comedian Tracy Morgan was on the Turnpike in New Jersey in his tour van. It was a dark night and traffic was light. There was construction on the turnpike and the van slows down.

All of sudden, this semi-truck slams right into the van. It crushes the van like a tin can. In the vehicle was Tracy, his manager, his mentor James McNair and bodyguard.
Bad wreck left Tracy Morgan hurt badly.
While his manager and bodyguard escape severe injuries, Tracy was hurt badly. He suffered a broken leg, broken ribs, a broken nose, and brain swelling. It traumatized him. He's slowly regaining his walking but is forever ruined by this experience.

So today in federal court, Morgan brought the truck driver's employer to court. The company that employed the driver is the world's largest retail store. Yup, Walmart.

Kevin Roper mugshot in county lockup.
Walmart reached a settlement with Morgan after last year's deadly crash.

The driver Kevin Roper was fired out the cannon. He got served with vehicular homicide and failure to control. He's awaiting trial. If found guilty, Roper gets 30 in the iron college.

Walmart CEO Greg Foran also released a statement today to offer his sympathies to everyone involved in the accident. “While we know there is nothing that can change what happened, Walmart has been committed to doing what’s right,” he sad. “We are pleased to have reached an amicable settlement that ends this litigation. We are deeply sorry that one of our trucks was involved.”

Of course, Foran had a lot of sympathies to give. This two employees were shot by a crazed gunman. Marcell Willis, a U.S. Air Force officer went into in a Grand Forks Walmart and opened fire on two workers. He didn't know them or had any issue with them.. One worker was killed in this another is fighting for life.

World News Today send our prayers to Tracy Morgan. We also send our condolences to James McNair, Gregory Weiland and Lisa Braun. These were the victims in the Grand Forks Walmart shooting.

Rick Sanboredom Is Back In The Clown Car!

And this candidate will self destruct.... Rick Santorum is running again.

I wasn't even thinking about him. And like so many Republicans jumping into the clown car, Rick Santorum is once again going to be the last man out.

So Go Go Gadget Santorum....

In Pennsylvania, the former senator once again believes he can win the nomination and carry forth his rigid ass to the White House. He wants to drive that raggedy truck across the many counties of Iowa in hopes to win the Caucus again.

The AP reports that the former Pennsylvania senator may have exceeded his own expectations by scoring a second-place finish in the race for the Republican presidential nomination four years ago. Yet as he enters a more powerful and diverse 2016 field, he may struggle even to qualify for the debate stage in his second run.

"I am proud to stand here, among you and for you, the American workers who have sacrificed so much, to announce that I am running for president of the United States," the 57-year-old senator said, flanked by factory workers and six of his seven children in a cinderblock warehouse near his western Pennsylvania hometown.

"The last race, we changed the debate. This race, with your help and God's grace, we can change this nation."

Santorum opens this political season as a heavy underdog in a race expected to feature more than a dozen high-profile Republicans — most of them newcomers to presidential politics. He is among the nation's most prominent social conservatives, having dedicated much of his political career to opposing same-sex marriage and abortion rights, while advocating for conservative Christian family values.

He mentioned cultural issues briefly on Wednesday in remarks designed to broaden his appeal to working-class Americans. "As president, I will stand for the principle that every life matters — the poor, the disabled and the unborn," said Santorum, a Catholic.
The biggest dork (or I meant dick) to run for higher office.
Santorum proven to be a formidable challenger to perennial loser Mitt Romney. He was the last official "not Romney" candidate. He's a staunch conservative with seven children.

He ultimately won 11 states in the GOP's 2012 primary election after an unexpected and narrow victory in the opening contest in Iowa, where he emerged as a conservative favorite after touring the state's 99 counties in a pickup truck.

His road to relevancy this time won't be easy.

"It's going to be much more competitive," said Foster Friess, a prominent donor who was standing near the podium during Wednesday's announcement.

Santorum has acknowledged his challenges in 2016, but says his experience could pay dividends the second time around. Most of the GOP's recent presidential nominees, Mitt Romney and President Ronald Reagan among them, needed more than one campaign to win the nomination.

Let it be known that this clown is a bible thumper. He wants to put the Bible back in the government.

He faces considerable competition for his party's social conservatives in particular. The list of Republicans already courting religious voters includes former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a Baptist pastor who won the Iowa caucuses in 2008, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Texas Stallmigo Ted Cruz. And like Santorum, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is a Catholic.

He thinks gays are icky and wants to ban them from any establishment that serves Christians.

If he was to take on terrorism, he will annihilate Muslims and those icky dictators.

He doesn't want to make "The Blah" people live better. He believes "The Blah" people are living comfortably on food stamps and welfare.
He believes the border down south should be fenced and barb wired. He doesn't want them illegals coming into the country. After all, the Islamic State built a base in Mexico and they're only a few miles from El Paso.

He called Obama a "snob" for wanting everyone to go to college. Even though the president didn't say that, he stuck to his guns. And Santorum also had called the president the anti-war "ni-ugh"

Santorum has acknowledged his challenges in 2016, but says his experience could pay dividends the second time around. Most of the GOP's recent presidential nominees, Mitt Romney and President Ronald Reagan among them, needed more than one campaign to win the nomination.

Santorum is a perennial candidate like Hillary Clinton, Mike Huckabee and potential runner Rick Perry.

Each of them failed to beat Barack Obama.

What gives them the notion that they'll survive the primaries?

Inspect Gadget would make a better candidate for the Republican nomination. Gadget would be a better choice than this bible thumping turd.

So if you're looking for entertainment, look forward to hearing the many stupid comments coming out of Santorum.

Who They Gonna Blame Now That People Died In Separate Shootings In Baltimore?

The death of many in Baltimore still happens. Yet, conservative pretend that it's every day and the president allows it.

Of course we blame the shooter. But in this gotcha media, the conservative agitators would rather focus on the president, Rev. Perm, the mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and state prosecutor Marilyn Mosby.

World News Today has just learned that nine people died in separate shootings in the city of Baltimore and surrounding communities. We send our condolences to those lost in these senseless tragedies.

There was spike in violence in the city. Over the Memorial Day weekend, the violence was bad.

The conservative agitators decided to find some reason to go after the mayor, the state prosecutor and President Barack Obama for this.

They claim that since six Baltimore officers were arrested in the death of Freddie Gray, the city has went into utter chaos. The agitators claim that the cops aren't going to their jobs.

The country's worst cable news host once again digs to the bottom of the barrel. On his right wing carnival, that annoying conservative agitator claims that he interviewed a Baltimore cop who "knows" about the Freddie Gray controversy. Of course, when the cop appears on camera, he's hidden his face, and had his voice altered.

Are you going to believe this cop? Was he there?

Or perhaps was he one of the arresting officers who his indicted on involuntary homicide?

Since he claims he's a cop for the city, did the cop violate the Baltimore Metro Police code of conduct by appearing on a "carnival" of utter right wing stupidity without proper clearance?

Will Gawker out this cop?

The Blame Game: Once again whenever a tragedy occurs in America, the partisan agitators refuse to blame the shooter, the stabber and the criminal. The agitators (especially conservatives) point their fingers at others. Those who have an opinion about a controversy.

I mean since when is it illegal to say something about police brutality?

I mean don't conservatives want more guns on the street. They run around screaming about the 2nd Amendment and how their freedoms are being stripped.

Since when did the gun supporting agitators become gun control advocates?

It pisses me off that some in the media never call out the conservative agitators for being hypocrites.

They can say that these agitators aren't relevant to the real issues. They can boycott and protest them.

But they never take the time to honestly tell them how does this issue matter when we have so many other issues.

Yeah, there was deadly violence with gun crime. But over the Memorial Day weekend, there were people who died in car accidents. There were people who died in drownings. There were people who died in heat related events. There were people who died in the floods down south.

None of this stuff got their attention. After all they can't blame Obama for these events.

Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge and Colin Flaherty are notorious race baiters. They will be mentioned in the final postings.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Madman Shoots Up Walmart!

Grand Forks police are trying to figure out why an Air Force officer opened fire in a Walmart.

There's a 21-year old U.S. Air Force officer Marcell Willis who went bonkers at a Walmart. He was the shooter in a deadly incident in Northth Dakota. He came into a Grand Forks Walmart and lit it up. He ended up killing one employee, wounding another before he turned the gun on himself. He put the bullet in his head and let it pop.

Willis died and the employee who's name hasn't been released are dead.

World News Today send our condolences to those lost in this senseless tragedy.

According to the law, they have no possible connection between the shooter and the victims.

Tuesday morning, Willis just went into the store and started popping off.

The Air Force and Walmart express sadness and shock at how this tragedy occurred.
Marcell Willis opened fire on employees at a Grand Forks Walmart.
The Blame Game: Who they gonna blame for this shooting?

Of course the rational should always blame the shooter. But to the partisan agitators they'll immediately blame President Barack Obama and those who support the #BlackLivesMatter Movement.

The conservative agitators will never accuse the Republican state governor, the state legislature or the National Rifle Association as factors. After all, who listens to them?

Who watches them?

Who makes them $$$$?

Any Black criminal is guilty according to conservatives. Forget innocent until proven guilty, the conservatives think that Blacks should be locked up regardless.

Automatically they believe that the shooter was either a Black racist or a radical Muslim.

Wouldn't matter about mental illness or personal grudges. Anytime an event happens and its done by a person of color, the agitators have to pinpoint the race, religion or political affiliations of the criminal.

Twitter Twat Suspended!

Controversial blogger got banned from at least one social media forum.

Charles C. Johnson (aka Chuck Johnson) is a notorious race-baiter. He is the founder of conservative blog GotNews. He is allied with agitators such as the conservative Craigslist, racial asshat Colin Flaherty and numerous other bigots.

He spends his time in the social media trolling. He wants to prove the point that liberals lie.

He wants to prove that unarmed Black suspects being killed by law enforcement deserved it. After all, you seen the Facebook page of the deceased Michael Brown and he's giving you the finger. Proof of a violent thug.

Note that THUG is being used instead of NIGGER. The conservatives are using every event in which a crime is committed by a Black male as an excuse to denounce #BlackLivesMatter.

Johnson is a part of this.

Today, Mediaite can claim a victory in the battle against racism. They report that Chuck is banned.

Chuck was trying to troll Ferguson activist DeRay McKesson. He threatened to publish the information about McKesson.

McKesson wrote an email to Twitter and called upon others to effectively throw Chuck off the social media. It was successful. For the time being, Chuck is off the social network.

Chuck has been suspended from the site several times before, largely for releasing news figures’ personal information, such as the Dallas nurses Amber Vinson and Nina Pham who contracted ebola. Many have derided Johnson as a serial harasser and called upon Twitter to remove him from the service, his main megaphone along with his would-be news site

He tried to regain his account and created phony profiles. Alas, Twitter suspended them.


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