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Wittless 40!

Wilson's own story helped him walked. But the witness who claimed that Brown charged at the officer may have lied. The United States Justice Department is still looking into the matter.

Signed sealed and delivered. There's a bombshell and it involves that annoying conservative agitator that I constantly mention and his support for the former Ferguson officer who walked after fatally killing unarmed teen Michael Brown.

The Smoking Gun reports that the St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCullough released a trove of document dumps and it involves Sandra McElroy, previously known as the Witness 40. A divorced mother of five from the St. Louis area, McElroy was one of the witness who claimed that Brown charged at former Ferguson officer Darren Wilson.

The claim that he charged like a football player has stuck with those on the racist right. And to make it clear, the Witness 40 has some issues.

This woman once liken Blacks to apes, monkeys and the all so great NIGGER.

Sandra McElroy acknowledged to TSG that she is “Witness 40.” Voicing concerns for her minor children, McElroy said that she directed them to delete their Facebook accounts, adding that she has done the same. “After I speak with the prosecutor, attorney, and Police if they say its alright I will call you,” she said. McElroy subsequently asked to have an off-the-record conversation, a request to which a TSG reporter agreed.

The Grand Jury ignored Dorian Johnson's account. 
The grand jury witness who testified that she saw Michael Brown pummel a cop before charging at him “like a football player, head down,” is a troubled, bipolar Missouri woman with a criminal past who has a history of making racist remarks and once insinuated herself into another high-profile St. Louis criminal case with claims that police eventually dismissed as a “complete fabrication,” The Smoking Gun has learned.

In interviews with police, FBI agents, and federal and state prosecutors--as well as during two separate appearances before the grand jury that ultimately declined to indict Officer Darren Wilson--the purported eyewitness delivered a preposterous and perjurious account of the fatal encounter in Ferguson.

While the “hands-up” account of Dorian Johnson is often cited by those who demanded Wilson’s indictment, “Witness 40”’s testimony about seeing Brown batter Wilson and then rush the cop like a defensive end has repeatedly been pointed to by Wilson supporters as directly corroborative of the officer’s version of the August 9 confrontation. The “Witness 40” testimony, as Fox News sees it, is proof that the 18-year-old Brown’s killing was justified, and that the Ferguson grand jury got it right.

However, unlike Johnson, “Witness 40”--a 45-year-old St. Louis resident named Sandra McElroy--was nowhere near Canfield Drive on the Saturday afternoon Brown was shot to death.

Though prosecutors have sought to cloak the identity of grand jury witnesses, a TSG investigation has identified McElroy as “Witness 40.” A careful analysis of information contained in the unredacted portions of “Witness 40”’s grand jury testimony helped reporters identify McElroy and then conclusively match up details of her life with those of “Witness 40.”

TSG examined criminal, civil, matrimonial, and bankruptcy court records, as well as online postings and comments to unmask McElroy as “Witness 40,” the fabulist whose grand jury testimony and law enforcement interviews are deserving of multi-count perjury indictments.

McElroy did not reply to an e-mail seeking comment about her testimony. Messages sent yesterday to her three Facebook pages also went unanswered. Also, a message left on a phone number linked to McElroy was not returned.

TSG added that Sandra McElroy did not provide police with a contemporaneous account of the Brown-Wilson confrontation, which she claimed to have watched unfold in front of her as she stood on a nearby sidewalk smoking a cigarette.

Instead, McElroy (seen at left) waited four weeks after the shooting to contact cops. By the time she gave St. Louis police a statement on September 11, a general outline of Wilson’s version of the shooting had already appeared in the press. McElroy’s account of the confrontation dovetailed with Wilson’s reported recollection of the incident.

In the weeks after Brown’s shooting--but before she contacted police--McElroy used her Facebook account to comment on the case. On August 15, she “liked’ a Facebook comment reporting that Johnson had admitted that he and Brown stole cigars before the confrontation with Wilson. On August 17, a Facebook commenter wrote that Johnson and others should be arrested for inciting riots and giving false statements to police in connection with their claims that Brown had his hands up when shot by Wilson. “The report and autopsy are in so YES they were false,” McElroy wrote of the “hands-up” claims. This appears to be an odd comment from someone who claims to have been present during the shooting. In response to the posting of a news report about a rally in support of Wilson, McElroy wrote on August 17, “Prayers, support God Bless Officer Wilson.”

After meeting with St. Louis police, McElroy continued monitoring the case and posting online. Commenting on a September 12 Riverfront Times story reporting that Ferguson city officials had yet to meet with Brown’s family, McElroy wrote, “But haven’t you heard the news, There great great great grandpa may or may not have been owned by one of our great great great grandpas 200 yrs ago. (Sarcasm).” On September 13, McElroy went on a pro-Wilson Facebook page and posted a graphic that included a photo of Brown lying dead in the street. A type overlay read, “Michael Brown already received justice. So please, stop asking for it.” The following week McElroy responded to a Facebook post about the criminal record of Wilson’s late mother. “As a teenager Mike Brown strong armed a store used drugs hit a police officer and received Justis,” she stated.

On October 22, McElroy went to the FBI field office in St. Louis and was interviewed by an agent and two Department of Justice prosecutors. The day before that taped meeting, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch published a lengthy story detailing exactly what Wilson told police investigators about the Ferguson shooting.

McElroy provided the federal investigators with an account that neatly tracked with Wilson’s version of the fatal confrontation. She claimed to have seen Brown and Johnson walking in the street before Wilson encountered them while seated in his patrol car. She said that the duo shoved the cruiser’s door closed as Wilson sought to exit the vehicle, then watched as Brown leaned into the car and began raining punches on the cop. McElroy claimed that she heard gunfire from inside the car, which prompted Brown and Johnson to speed off. As Brown ran, McElroy said, he pulled up his sagging pants, from which “his rear end was hanging out.”
Stop calling Blacks NIGGERS. Start calling them people. Witness 40.
But instead of continuing to flee, Brown stopped and turned around to face Wilson, McElroy said. The unarmed teenager, she recalled, gave Wilson a “What are you going to do about it look,” and then “bent down in a football position…and began to charge at the officer.” Brown, she added, “looked like he was on something.” As Brown rushed Wilson, McElroy said, the cop began firing. The “grunting” teenager, McElroy recalled, was hit with a volley of shots, the last of which drove Brown “face first” into the roadway.

McElroy’s tale was met with skepticism by the investigators, who reminded her that it was a crime to lie to federal agents. When questioned about inconsistencies in her story, McElroy was resolute about her vivid, blow-by-blow description of the deadly Brown-Wilson confrontation. “I know what I seen,” she said. “I know you don’t believe me.”

This is the trove of information from over a 1000 of pages of testimony the grand jury used to not indict the Ferguson officer.

U.S. Talking With Cuba!

Break the ice. In a historical move, President Barack Obama is set to announce that the United States is going to lift the ban on Cuba.

The Cold War is over. It's been announced that the United States will repair relations with Cuba.

Certainly it's going to piss off the racist right. After all, it's something that's been in the works for years. Their sworn enemy has shaken hands with Raul Castro some time ago when Nelson Mandela passed away.

This is the biggest shift of diplomacy in 50 years.

American officials say the U.S. and Cuba will start talks to normalize full diplomatic relations as part of the most significant shift in U.S. policy toward the communist island in decades.

Officials say the U.S. is also looking to open an embassy in Havana in the coming months. The moves are part of an agreement between the U.S. and Cuba that also includes the release of American Alan Gross and three Cubans jailed in Florida for spying.
Alan Gross the American accused of spying in Cuba was released.
Gross has been released from Cuba after five years in prison, a senior Obama administration official tells the AP. The official says Gross has departed Cuba on a US government plane bound for the United States. He was released on humanitarian grounds by the Cuban government at the request of the United States, per the official. ABC News reports that his release comes as part of a "landmark humanitarian prisoner exchange" that Obama will announce today, and an overhaul in US-Cuba relations born from more than a year of "secret back-channel talks at the highest levels of both governments." Obama is set to speak at noon today, reports CNN.

The AP reports the three Cubans released in exchange for Gross are part of the so-called Cuban Five—a group of men who were part of the "Wasp Network" sent by Cuba's then-President Fidel Castro to spy in South Florida. The men, who are hailed as heroes in Cuba, were convicted in 2001 in Miami on charges including conspiracy and failure to register as foreign agents in the US. Two of the Cuban Five were previously released after finishing their sentences. Today's news comes two weeks after Gross' wife said her husband was "literally wasting away" in prison, having lost more than 100 pounds—as well as five teeth—over the years. Gross was in 2011 convicted of espionage and sentenced to 15 years for bringing telecommunications gear into Cuba while working for USAID as a subcontractor.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) said the agreement includes normalizing banking and trade ties with Cuba.

There's speculation that the Florida senator is considering a run for the White House.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What Republicans Need To Know Before They Open Their Goddamn Mouths!

Protesters with the Hands Up Don't Shot pose. Conservatives are trying to undermine the protesters by saying the act "pathetic" and "discredited".

This is the perfect year for the Republicans. They won control of Congress. The party gained more than expected this year. With a new House and Senate majority in the coming year, they have the power to get things done. Their archenemy's last two years begins. We'll see how they handle the pressure.

So far they've alienated a whole lot of people in their path to victory. The party chief Reince Priebus managed to control the situation. He feared that Republican nominee would doom their chances.


Cause they would open their mouths and vomit out nonsense.

One thing that comes to mind, with this new Republican controlled Congress, would these individuals work for the good or act like their constituents who hide behind the keyboards.

Here's a few things that I want to say to the condescending Republican. You know, the internet troll, your friend, your co-worker, your spouse or your family member who supports Republicans or conservative causes. Let's get a few things straight, you don't know much about me but I certainly know a lot about you.

The memes.

Conservatives always run this nonsense that Democrats and progressives are the real racists. I do agree that there are White liberals who have resent towards Black America. Those White liberals smile in your face and shake your hand, but talk about you behind your back and promise Black America with winks and nods. At least they will stomach a Black president.

But for a conservative, it's pretty much out in the open. In subtle or not so subtle ways, White and Black conservatives have this theme to say they're not racist.

They claim that Black people got better treatment under President Barack Obama. If I, being a Black man got better treatment under the first Black president, I guess I am living high on hog. I guess I am living in a suburban home with my wife and kids. I guess I got this great job that pays me a six figure salary.

I got the Cadillac and the big mansions. I got it all. Nope.

I am still struggling day to day working at a low level job. I am hoping that things get better. I am fearful of the institutional racism that exist in the workforce. Great talents are often shunned because of perception. Perception is the common theme of American racism. I can be in street clothes or in a business suit, regardless I'm a NIGGER to the White conservative male.

Which one makes that woman cling on her purse or tuck her blouse?

Understand that Black unemployment under White presidents has never improved. Black unemployment is now an issue when we have our first Black president. C'mon you got to be that stupid to place all the blame on Barack Obama for Black unemployment.

I agree that Obama deserves blame for the current Black unemployment. But Black unemployment has been stagnant for the last 60 years.

After all out of 320 million people, there's at least 14 million people who are likely racist and there's 14 million people still looking for jobs. So I guess there's a similarity towards that.

In one breathe a Republican or conservative would say that the president is so focused on race but in a few moments they would say that Black lives haven't improved under a Black president.

The president works with all the people. Last time I check, he won the election with a strong voter turnout. And it's proven that in the United States, a first. Barack Hussein Obama II is the first Black president. There's nothing wrong about that. He is the first non-White leader of the United States.

The last presidents were White.

There were 42 presidents before Barack Obama. They were White men.

Are you saying tell me that Whites got better treatment when there were White presidents?

You say that electing the first Black president proves that racism is over!

Not a chance.

The moment Obama came into the White House, the death threats towards him increased heavily.

The rally calls of opposition started from those upset over the past two presidential elections  (i.e. Republican lawmakers, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, WorldNetDaily, Drudge Report). It led to the grassroots activism of the Tea Party (which I regard as an insurgency).

I never heard of some of these anti-Black websites until I got called a NIGGER online by a conservative who supported one of those failed Republican presidential candidates. Yeah I been called a NIGGER more online than in person. I know that those who view Black negatively hide behind the bandwidth bridge. These people believe the president is inferior in their minds. No matter what he does, they call him a NIGGER.

Who the fuck creates websites devoted to attacking Black America, Barack Obama and those who aren't White?

There are so many anti-Black websites since Obama won. It's a majority of them are extremely conservative and conspiratorial.

If you're telling me that racism is over, why are all stories gin up about unarmed citizens being killed by law enforcement is not a race issue? You have a website that looks almost like Craigslist and it has selective local stories that makes Blacks look like enemies.

Black lives haven't improved since the Reconstruction. Conservatives claim that Republicans freed the slaves. I guess Republicans are saying that Black America owes them.

I haven't seen a Black man on the cover of People Magazine, Don't get me wrong, I don't have no problem with White people at all. Regardless of everything, we're human beings.

I have no issues with billionaires, entertainers, athletes, activists, law enforcement, politicians and those in the media who are White. They live in this country along with everyone else.

Crime is universal. It doesn't discriminate against race, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, political or social class.

Black on whatever crime is a common talking point among White and Black conservatives. It's kicked up a notch since we have the first Black president. Every event isn't given national exposure.

Anytime there's a protest of injustice in the Black community, they would sell the oranges instead of the apples. The condescending would bemoan about Black on whatever crime for every unarmed Black killing by law enforcement.

I am sorry I don't need lectures from those who never been in a situation. I've been profiled by law enforcement. It was a detestable moment. I am not even a criminal.

But the condescending would see me a "thug" because I own a firearm, had a minor traffic offense and sometimes wearing my clothing that may seem to represent the hip-hop culture.

I really hate hearing Republicans and conservatives sell these apple and orange issues. I mean as much as I hate Democrats and liberals trying to jumble every issue to any issue, the Republicans and conservatives do it in a way that makes them look like condescending bigots.

This is devoted to Fred101 and anyone else who sells the oranges. You can't fit every issue in a one hour news program, 30 minute news program, an internet blog or comment section.

I admit that I don't cover every crime in America. If I would do that, I would have to spend tireless nights focusing on crime in nearly 468,000 communities in the United States.

The condescending would see me a "thug" because I own a firearm, had a minor traffic offense and sometimes wearing my hat turned back.

This is a passionate issue. Each side has a right to talk about it. Unfortunately I don't have to read any of the crap you condescending losers post on Journal de la Reyna.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Michael Brown's Friend Side Of The Story Ignored By Grand Jury!

Dorian Johnson's testimony was shelved. 

The document dump in the wake of a grand jury decision to not indict the officer in the shooting of Michael Brown. It continues along with the protests.

The friend of Michael Brown, Dorian Johnson still to this day gets death threats. He was being smeared by the racist right as a criminal. Despite Johnson and Brown both having no criminal records, the racist right will never believe a THUG's account.

It's a shame that Dorian is judged by the junk food media for being an "accomplice" to a "robbery".

The hair, tattoos, and his demeanor are the only things that the racist right focuses on.

St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch said the newly released records were inadvertently excluded from the thousands of pages of other documents made public Nov. 24, when a grand jury decided not to charge Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson for killing Brown.

The freshly publicized documents include a transcript of an interview of Brown's friend Dorian Johnson conducted by the FBI and county police just four days after the Aug. 9 confrontation in which the white officer shot the black 18-year-old. Previously released forensic evidence showed that Brown was not shot in the back but was struck by bullets in the head, chest and arm.

Johnson's account to investigators was generally similar to his later grand jury testimony, in which he portrayed Wilson as the aggressor during a struggle that began at the officer's vehicle and led to a brief chase before Brown's fatal shooting.

In both his original interview and his Sept. 10 grand jury testimony, which was previously released, Johnson said that Wilson reached out of his vehicle window toward Brown's throat or shirt. During the ensuing struggle, Johnson said he never saw Brown touch Wilson's gun.

Wilson told grand jurors that Brown grabbed ahold of his weapon and twisted it toward the officer's leg. The officer eventually fired his gun from inside the vehicle. Forensic evidence showed that Brown's hand was shot at close range. Brown and Johnson then ran.

In his August interview, Johnson initially was adamant that he had seen Johnson get shot in the back while running.

"It definitely struck him in his back," Johnson said, later adding: "It caused him to stop."

Asked by a detective how he knew Brown had been shot in the back, Johnson replied: "If it would've missed him, or if he wouldn't have felt it, I believe he would've kept runnin."

Under further questioning, Johnson later acknowledged that he didn't see a bullet hit Brown's back, but he remained adamant that Brown's back was toward Wilson when he fired a shot.

By almost all witness accounts, Brown turned at some point to face the officer.

Johnson described Brown's hands as being raised, one higher than the other. Wilson told grand jurors that one of Brown's hands was clenched in a fist and the other at his waist as Brown began charging back at Wilson.

As with the previously released grand jury documents, the witness transcripts released Saturday varied in their accounts of Brown's hands. One witness said Brown's "hands kinda went up." Another said Brown's hands were up briefly but he then ran toward Wilson. Another said Brown threw up his hands and said something that sounded like, "Don't kill me."

Among the documents released Saturday was a witness list, with all of the names of the witnesses whited out. It shows that 62 people testified before the grand jury between Aug. 20 and Nov. 21, including some who appeared multiple times. Some of the people interviewed by federal authorities did not testify before the grand jury.

McCulloch apologized in a written statement for any confusion that may have occurred by failing to initially release all of the interview transcripts. He said he believes he has now released all of the grand jury evidence, except for photos of Brown's body and anything that could lead to witnesses being identified.

There were major protests over the weekend. Rev. Perm and his National Action Network organized a march to Washington in protest of police brutality.

The racist right sought to undermine this event. Breitfart and Loserville ran this video of protesters chanting "What do we want! Dead Cops! When do we want it! Now!"

The folks over at Loserville tried to deceptively edit the chants alongside Rev. Perm's call to peace.

The mothers of Trayvon Martin, Jonathon Crawford, Darrien Hunt, Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Tamir Rice were in attendance. Benjamin Crump the attorney for Martin, Brown and now Rice is hoping this rally could change how law enforcement use deadly force against unarmed suspects.


Beavercreek Cops Tried To Sweat John Crawford's Girlfriend!

Questioning: Beavercreek police officer Rodney Curd, right, is seen in the footage harshly questioning Tasha Thomas, the girlfriend of John Crawford III, who was shot dead by police in August
Beavercreek detective aggressively questions girlfriend of Jonathan Crawford III.

There's a video circulating online showing Jonathan Crawford III's girlfriend being grilled by a detective for the Beavercreek police.

Beavercreek, Ohio is a suburb of Dayton. It's located six miles from the Dayton central business district. It's one of the most conservative communities in Ohio. This year, the city came under heavy criticism after an officer involved deadly shooting involving Sean Williams, the officer who put the slugs in Crawford. He along with Sergeant David Darkow both responded to the event on a call of an active shooter.

Crawford was in Walmart buying groceries with his girlfriend. He picked up an opened air rifle and was walking through the aisle. While on the phone he was talking to the mother of his children. He didn't even notice the officers. The officers ordered him to drop the weapon. They claim he didn't reply so Williams shot him from a distance. Crawford was hit twice. He would die on route to hospital.

Crawford's girlfriend Tasha Thomas was in tears after being interviewed by the Rodney Curd, the detective assigned to case.

Officer Curd: 'You and John went into Walmart, at some point as I understand it, John produced a gun. You were with him just moments before that, weren't you?'
Tasha Thomas: Yes, sir
Curd: OK, Tell me where he got the gun from.
Thomas: Sir I don't know - I honestly don't know.
Curd: And the truth is you knew at some point he did carry a gun, isn't it?
Thomas: No sir, I didn't know. I swear I didn't know.
Curd: You see, I'm having trouble with this.
Thomas: [Through tears] Please, give me a lie detector test!

This was being done  a few hours after the shooting. This video was released by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine under the FOIA.

Officer Sean Williams is currently on administrative leave and desk duty after he put the slugs in Crawford after a caller tipped off the police to a man being in a Walmart with a rifle aiming at people. The grand jury found that Williams acted in the right in the shooting and he wasn't charged.

The U.S. Justice Department is investigating if Williams used excessive force.

Williams reacted in the best interest. However, he didn't use proper judgement.

Michael Wright the attorney for Crawford's family has filed a lawsuit against Beavercreek, Walmart, Williams and Darkow. The chief of police for Beavercreek is facing pressure to "retire" in the wake of this controversy.

Another lawsuit is being issued against the city of Beavercreek. Angie Williams was a shopper in the area Walmart. She witnessed the shooting. That gave her a heart attack and she dies on her way to the hospital. Angie is not related to the officer.

Beavercreek also garnered attention after the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority fought the city for establishing bus stops near the Mall at Fairfield Commons and Soin Medical Center.

Beavercreek city leaders rejected the bus service for ten years. The Department of Justice and Federal Highway Administration warned the city that if they reject the bus one more time, they lose federal funding.

The Historic National Road in Ohio (Tadmor ~ Taylorsville)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cee U Later!

Legendary DJ, Mister Cee leaves Hot 97.

Nearly 20 years on New York's Hot 97, Mister Cee finished the job. He jump ship to join the Hudson Valley's urban contemporary Radio 103.9 FM to do the mixes.


“I would love to continue to be on radio if the opportunity arises. I would love to do radio whether it’s on-air or [other] programming. I would love to take a shot at being a program director or a music director at a radio station. I would love to continue to be in the music industry in any form. If an offer came to me in regards to working at a record label, depending on the situation, I would love to. Music is in my blood. I’m still going to DJ parties. I’m still booked up to DJ parties.” (XXL Mag)

Mister Cee was best known as the guy who helped Notorious B.I.G. get signed to Sean "Diddy" Combs' Bad Boy Records in the early 1990s.

Mister Cee was also known for the stroll. He would pick up prostitutes. Namely he would pick up not only women but transgender prostitutes. He got busted three times for soliciting for them.

He went to the public to admit that he's bisexual after being forced out by a crossdresser who tried to exploit him for profit.


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