Friday, October 24, 2014

Former South Carolina GOP Chair Still Actin' A Fool!

Republican scumbag goes to the social networks to make racially offensive comments.

Here's a dose of the Republican Party. This is the party that is so hoping to take control of Congress.

Here's a former South Carolina Republican Chair. His name is Todd Kincannon

What's your thoughts on this?

Is this what America wants in charge of Congress?

I guess so, because the Democrats are spineless and they're not doing their best to take the narrative away from them.

But who's to say?

Only a few weeks away!




Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Inept GOP Will Take Control Of The Senate!

President Barack Obama and these two old geezers. One is the majority leader! The Republicans WILL LIKELY take control of the Congress this coming session,

U.S. Senate Race outlook is looking good for the inept Republican Party.

It's time to give you the rundown of what's going on! In a few weeks, you may see democracy in action. The lousy House of Representatives will continue to be in the hold of Republicans. But the razor thin Democratic majority in the Senate will soon come to an end. The Democrats are already down about their chances of holding control. The president's so toxic this year, the Republicans and their racist right allies have been very motivated to send the Democrats back to the minority.

Again my predictions are stated as so, the Republicans will have 52 seats and the Democrats will have 48. The Republicans will take back the majority in Congress.

America get ready for two more years of gridlock and partisan antics from the president and the Republicans.

But this time the Republicans will be trying to impeach the president over Obamacare, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, the IRS, Black Panthers, Trayvon Martin, Beau Bergdahl, ISIS, Ebola, and the executive orders.

The Most Important Races In This Election.

Alaska - Lean Republican (held by Democrat)
Arkansas - Lean Republican (held by Democrat)
Colorado - Toss Up (held by Democrat)
Georgia - Toss Up (held by Republican/retiring)
Iowa - Toss Up (held by Democrat/retiring)
Kansas - Leans Republican (held by Republican)
Kentucky - Lean Republican (held by Republican)
Louisiana - Toss Up (held by Democrat)
New Hampshire - Toss Up (held by Democrat)
North Carolina - Leans Democratic (held by Democrat)

Safe Republican

Alabama - Republican running
Idaho - Republican running
Maine - Republican running
Mississippi - Republican running
Montana - Democrat retired
Nebraska - Republican retired
Oklahoma - Republican running/Republican retired
South Carolina - Both Republicans
South Dakota - Democrat retired
Tennessee - Republican running
Texas - Republican running
West Virginia - Democrat retired
Wyoming - Republican running

Safe Democrat

Delaware - Democrat running
Hawaii - Democrat running
Michigan - Democrat retiring
Minnesota - Democrat running
Virginia - Democrat running
New Mexico - Democrat running
New Jersey - Democrat running
Oregon - Democrat running
Rhode Island - Democrat running




Leaks In The Ferg Case!

Someone's leaking information to taint the case.

The controversial situation in Ferguson, Missouri continues. There's a leak.

Someone is saying that someone who knows someone who knows Ferguson officer Darren Wilson is likely not going to be charged with the brutal killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown.

The junk food media were talking about the events that led to the ongoing unrest in the St. Louis suburb. The media has talked and talked about how the officer fired from his vehicle. The leaks are trying to sway the notion that Brown tried to reach for the service weapon.

After all he took six to bring him down.

Anyway, the perception of this is ginning up a narrative that Wilson was in the right when he aimed his service weapon at Brown.

Of course they're leaking the fact that THC was found in the system of Michael Brown.

The junk food media is doing so much stuff to make it seem like Brown was the instigator and Wilson was doing his job.

The Arsons continue in East Dayton Neighborhood

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Websites Are Shutting Down Comment Sections Thanks To Drudge!

Without racial stories. how could this guy stay in business?

The annoying agitator of the viral shithole often links some racially based stories to appease the racist right. And as usual the ugly word vomit spews onto the comment section page.

Many controversial stories are often posted via this shithole, the agitators from the conservative media take the bone and run with it in their mouths.

Insert either Obama or a racial slur and they'll really have a party.

Now websites are going to put an end to the "WILD WEST" of ignorance.

Yes, it cuts both ways. The irrational left and the racist right both have their vile ignorance spread down the comments page. I mean it's at this point a serious discussion can't be engaged without properly knocking someone's intelligence, or baseless name calling.

Nowadays, most websites are shutting down comment sections. Some are even thinking of enforcing mandatory enrollments to their profiles.

Popular Science, YouTube, Mediaite, Chicago Sun-Times, Huffington Post, Politico and even Facebook have decided to put an end to the unruly behavior of those in the comment section.

I think if it's possible with S. Baldwin and Mark Schmidt, I would think it's time to advocate civility in the comment section.

Not stifling freedom of speech, people. You can be the obnoxious commentator. But does it mean that we can read this nonsense?

Again, let me say that we're not in the business of reading word vomit. I don't care what you think of me or anyone who contributes to Journal de la Reyna. We're here with an honest opinion of issues facing our community, the government and the junk food media.

Sometimes in my mindset, by calling the president a "socialist" its a newer way of saying NIGGER without mentioning the word. Conservative strategists know how to get the ball running on labeling an opponent "the other". That's why you have a network that promotes 24/7 Republican bullcrap!

Seriously, conservatives believe that being called racist is the attempt by the left to silence them from speaking the "facts" about "us Black folk" stealing from "da White man".

Conservatives believe racism solely lies within the Democratic Party. They often accuse Barack Obama (the nation's first Black president), Michelle Obama (First Lady of The United States), Al Sharpton (Rev. Perm), Jesse Jackson (Cut His Nuts Off Jackson) and Eric Holder (U.S. Attorney General) as the reasons for racism in America.

If you didn't know, our country's demographics have shifted again. For the first time since 2012, a child birth per year will be majority interracial. So in other words, this country is going to be a whole lot browner.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Some Street Near West Kardashian!

Compton rapper Tyga is allegedly dating Kylie Jenner, the step-sister of Kim Kardashian.

Tyga's is on the verge of being "fired" from Cash Money Records. The Compton based rapper is pissed that YMCMB (Young Money/Cash Money Billionaires) president Money Maine put the brakes on his album.

He took to the social networks to blast the Cash Money label. The reason for this feud is the fact that Lil' Wayne (founder of Young Money) is concerned over the relationship with one of the Kardashians.

Tyga worked with Drake, Nicki Minaj and Birdman (Co-founder of Cash Money) on albums during his rise to fame.

Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson is one of the many West Coast acts that's driving the stans back to the Best Buys and Sam Goody's. He along with IAMSU!, Ty Dolla Sign and Y.G. get heavy airplay on hip-pop stations across the country.
Tyga and his former girlfriend Blac Chyna. The two were modeling with a Glock. 
Signed to the label in 2011, Tyga released Careless World and Hotel California on the label through Republic Records. Now his newest album The Gold Album: The 18th Dynasty is slated to be released this year.

But according to the rapper, it's a wrap. Cash Money pulled the album back from its November release and now he wants out.

Tyga made a tweet referring to Kanye West, Mike Dean and his own producer Jess Jackson with a hash-tag The Gold Album, Kanye West is serving as the executive producer for the album.

Tyga was also featured on Chris Brown's single "Loyal", he was featured on the video version, the song since then peaked at number nine on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Tyga released 40 Mill which is produced by Kanye West on October 14, 2014 the single was given positive feedback from the media.
Lil' Wayne and Tyga.
The rapper is allegedly dating Kylie Jenner, a member of the royal family of celebrity agitation, The Kardashians. He broke it off with video vixen Blac Chyna.

Hollywood Life reports that the Young Money CEO, Lil' Wayne is totally pissed over this. He feels that if Tyga is moving on young girls, then he may be onward to his daughter Reginae.

“[Lil Wayne] thinks that it’s disgraceful that Tyga is [possibly] dating Kylie, who is the same age as [his oldest] daughter Reginae. Reginae and Kylie are actually friends,” a source told the site.

“Wayne thinks it’s a bad example for his daughter, who is in the [music] business, and surrounded by rappers,” the source added.

“Tyga’s been recording music with Kylie, he’s hoping to make her a star, but Wayne won’t release any of Tyga’s features on her tracks. Wayne basically put a VETO on Kylie and Tyga’s singing/rapping careers,” the insider said. “Tyga is upset and trying to leave, he thinks that Lil Wayne is holding up his music, which is true.”

Of course, Lil Wayne, 32, may be overreacting because Tyga denies he’s dating Kylie.

Voter To Obama: Don't Mess With My Girlfriend!

Aia Cooper (left) and her boyfriend Mike Jones playfully mock President Barack Obama at a local voting precinct in Chicago. The president encourages Americans to early vote.

As I listened to the midday agitator of the racist right, he was talking about President Barack Obama being in Chicago. He was early voting, a common theme of his campaign. When he was voting at his local precinct when allegedly poll workers told him to "VOTE DEMOCRAT".

Then of course, Obama was talking to a resident and her boyfriend. The boyfriend playfully mocking the president to "not mess with his girlfriend".

Aia Cooper was not expected.

As he walked past the president’s voting booth, Mike Jones, Cooper’s boyfriend, told Obama, “don’t touch my girlfriend.”

“I said, I know you’re Mr. President, but don’t touch my girlfriend,” Jones said afterward.

Yep, Jones teased the president.

“I didn't know what to say. I was just shaking. I said ‘Oh boy, this is the president. What am I supposed to do?” Cooper said.

The president expressed mock annoyance.

“There’s an example of a brother just embarrassing me for no reason, just for no reason whatsoever.”

Mr. Obama predicted what Cooper would say later to her friends.

“‘I can’t believe Mike — he’s such a fool. I was just mortified. Fortunately, the president was nice about it. So it’s alright,’” Obama said.

Jones says that, “It was so silent in there and everyone was just taking pictures I figured I had to say something to make people laugh.”

It was President Obama who got the last laugh as he gave Cooper a hug and kissed her on the cheek.

“Give me a kiss and give him something to talk about. Now, he’s really jealous.”

No jealousy, just an everlasting memory.

Mike and Aia say they didn't know the president was going to be there on the same day they were planning to vote. One day, they’ll tell their grandkids about it.

Now that shithole website posted it and the sponges of the racist right soak it and ran with it.

Of course how is that news?

Anything that makes the president look bad is good news for the agitators of the racist right and their friends in the Republican Party.

If Mike Brown and Aia Cooper went out to vote early, why don't you?

Take a stand against conservative misinformation and the ignorance of the racist right!





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