Sunday, May 01, 2016

Bern'n Down The House!

Bernie Sanders is hopeful even though most say it's "over" for him.

Bernie Sanders is on the bubble. He vows to fight all the way to Democratic convention. But he is really struggling in the final leg of the race for the nomination.

Sanders heads to GOP Sundays to explain the reason to why he fired out the cannon paid staffers and marked his last stand in California. Like Ted Cruz, Sanders warns the public that Hillary Clinton is bad for America.

The plan may have backfired. It gave Clinton room to paint Sanders as a obstructionist to President Barack Obama's policies. Clinton is willing to embrace Obama's accomplishments. The Republicans want to paint Clinton as a "third term" as Obama and Bill Clinton, her husband and former president.

Hillary Clinton trounced him in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware. Clinton is leading in the competitive races in Indiana, Montana and California. These states were the last hopes for Bernie Sanders to at least steal the thunder from Clinton.

What happened?

Sanders lit a fire with young voters. Now it's fizzling out!

Sanders had ambitions that inspired people. It was drowned out by Donald Trump. Trump's rhetoric stole the limelight.

Sanders is a true progressive. He is the most honest politician in this race. Unfortunately he's has the least name recognition after John Kasich. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton are the most talked about and most negative.

Clinton by no means is a perfect candidate. But the most rational of the five candidates running is the only thing she got. She, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are dishonest. They are extremely polarizing and it's likely if one of these three candidates win, Congress will be the biggest thorn in their back.

Republicans claim victory. They turned a relatively strong candidate into a weak nominee. They wanted a Republican who can build bridges. What they got is Donald Trump, a candidate who blows up bridges.

Sanders was too practical and promising. He can't fulfill these goals given he's a member of one of the most unproductive Congresses ever to exist.

Which "Ring" Ted?

Lying Ted fights with Iron Mike.

Desperation for Lyin' Ted.

On GOP Sundays, Ted Cruz is asked about his struggling campaign, his running mate and the potential for his political rival becoming the nominee.

Of course, Cruz goes right into his scripted attacks and deceptive lies. Not laying out one single thing that could help his supporters and the rest of us.

Cruz touts around the endorsements from Indiana's governor Mike Pence. Pence said that he'll vote for Cruz on Tuesday. He believes that the right candidate is the Texas senator. But he also said that he's fond of Trump and the passion of voters in his state.

Cruz brought Carly Fiorina out the dustbin to help him as a running mate. He made the announcement on Tuesday and many in the junk food media said that the former HP executive and perennial candidate was a bad move. She struggled and didn't take off. Cruz brushed off the criticisms and said that Barack Obama picked Joe Biden and Biden ran twice for president. Fiorina said that it's key to have people rally around Cruz because if they nominate Trump, the Republican Party will be destroyed.
Tyson considers Trump a friend.
And now he throws Iron Mike into the mix. Ted Cruz decided to get into the ring with Mike Tyson. Cruz is hammering Trump on the endorsement from Tyson.

Mike Tyson was served in a rape case of Desiree Washington in the 1990s. The former boxer spent time in the iron college for it.

Cruz decided to play the race card by bringing up the "scary Black guy". Tyson was reckless during the 1990s.

The former boxer is a friend of Trump. He said that Trump would be a "great president".

Trump believes the victim was playing games and set Tyson up. Trump defended Tyson in the 1990s when he was being accused of the violent act.

Cruz think it's pathetic for Trump to embrace a "convicted rapist".

The Texas senator hopes to win the state of Indiana to stop Donald Trump from winning the nomination. He is so far struggling in the polls and Republicans are starting to warm to the bombastic reality star and business mogul.

Again I don't condone Mike Tyson's antics. Tyson will forever be labeled a rapist. He is a TIER II sex offender.

The Cruz campaign using Tyson as a weapon is "dog whistle".

By no means, I will support or vote for Donald J. Trump.

Trump has tapped into the anger of White Americans frustrated with a Black president. The Republican will cause friction with global allies and embarrass our country.

I believe that Tyson is trying to redeem himself. The past events that forever tarnished his legacy. The felonious assault on Robin Givens, the DUIs, the driving reckless charges, the weed and blow, blowing money fast, the beatdown of motorists in Maryland, the tattoo on his face, the rape charge, failing the teaching of Islam, having his daughter dying on a treadmill and biting off Evander Holyfield's ear are ugly reminders of Tyson's past.
Ted Cruz's feud with Hannity over for now! He and Carly Fiorina did a taping for the annoying conservative agitator at a rally in Indianapolis. Hannity like an asshole put the interview on Friday. His program on Fridays are pre-taped and barely bringing in viewers. That's why his ass was demoted to 10pm.
I do not condone any actions of Mike Tyson. He's admits that alcohol, drugs and fame drove him to these situations. He admits he's bipolar. Those are not reasonable excuses for the former boxer.

Rape sticks like a sore thumb.

Like having the endorsement from David Duke, Trump's political rivals will use it against him.

Although Cruz is playing all the cards from the bottom deck, his accusations towards Trump are reminders of how sexism is very much a part of his campaign.

He may trumpet the endorsements of Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter and Kirstie Alley. But these woman think that concerns of sexism are imaginary thoughts by feminist lesbians.




By the way, Trump also got another controversial endorsement. He got the backing of former Indiana Hoosiers coach Bobby Knight. He would be the coach who had temper tantrums at his basketball team and throw chairs on the court.

And Ted Cruz made a stupid mistake while in Bloomington. He said that basketball hoops are "rings". That's a mistake that may come back to bite him in the.....well you know!

Conservative Outrage Over Larry Wilmore's "My N***a" Obama!

I guess they didn't get it. On the conservative Craiglist, you see CNN's Don Lemon raising the third digit at the harsh jokes Larry Wilmore threw at the network and especially him.

“America's finest black journalists in the house. Don Lemon is here, too!”

Wilmore is the host of Comedy Central's The Nightly Show. He talks passionately about issues in Black America with a twist.

Wilmore sealed the deal. Brutally honest and right to the point. The White House Correspondents' Dinner was the final event that President Barack Obama will attend.

In his final year, the president gets one more opportunity to jab the press.

And then the comedian gets an opportunity to go after the president and the press.

Cue the conservative outrage.

Okay, Larry Wilmore was good. I mean he was really good! He brutally hit the junk food media so hard there were jeers from some. He had the most hard line jokes on Fox News, CNN and MSNBC.
Wilmore goes after conservatives when they complain about President Barack Obama using the race card.
When the comedian said that's "my Nigga" Obama, the audience gasped and of course conservatives lashed out as usual. They also got riled up over the joke where he called Ben Carson a jiggaboo.

“Your hair is so white, it tried to punch me at a Trump rally,” Wilmore joked. “The president’s hair is so white it keeps saying ‘All Lives Matter.’” Then, he added, “All I’m saying is that in less than eight years, Mr. President, you've busted two time-honored stereotypes, black does crack, and apparently once you go black, it looks like we are going back. Thanks, Ben Carson.”

He made fun of Wolf Blitzer's The Situation Room and how the CNN projection board and clock was too much.

He made fun of Fox News and their obsession with trying stifle #BlackLivesMatter. He also clowned on the network for being riled up over Black leaders and Harriet Tubman being on the $20 bill.
Obama drops the mic like a boss.
He made fun of MSNBC having Black hosts shafted around. In the wake of Melissa Harris-Perry and Al Sharpton drama, he mentions Chris Hayes and Lawrence O'Donnell's frustration with the network pre-empting their shows.

You know that Todd Sternes went ballistic over this. Breitbart went nuts. Conservatives were screaming racism when Wilmore went there.

I mean going there is a part of comedy.

Wilmore skerred Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. He didn't have much to say about John Kasich.


Wilmore saying NIGGA wasn't racism. Wilmore isn't racist.

Conservatives aren't funny. Well Donald Trump is funny because he's extremely stupid and ignorant.

Wilmore ends the ceremony on a high note. If you missed the ball, you can view it again on the White House website or YouTube.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Larry Wilmore Will Host The Nerd Prom!

Larry Wilmore hosts the WHCD.

For all that are interested in the events of tonight, you may see the White House Correspondents' Dinner tonight. Most of the cable news agitators will cover tonight's event.

This will be President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama's last appearance at the annual ball of journalists, celebrities and lawmakers.

Larry Wilmore of The Nightly Show will be the host of tonight's event.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the Democratic candidate for president will be there in attendance. The others declined attending.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his running mate Carly Fiorina declined attendance.

Wilmore who is the senior Black host and commentator on The Nightly Show and The Daily Show will be skerring Trump.

In 2011, Trump attended the event at the peak of his feud with the president over his birth certificate.
Obama will likely go after Donald Trump, Fox News, The Drudge Report and CNN.
Obama hammered Trump for that one. Seth Meyers was mocking Trump, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and father Ron Paul for their stupid ambitions of running for president. The president was laughing and having a good time. He also was being fed information about a major break in the fight against terrorism.

To add insult to Trump, on the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice, NBC News interrupted the program to announce that U.S. forces caught Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. This will be fifth anniversary of the successful raid that lead to the capture of the al Qaeda leader.

The cast of black-ish, Modern Family, Scandal, House of Cards, The Daily Show, and Empire will be in attendance.

I will give you the livestream if you're interested in watching the event. You can visit the official White House live feed for all events that features the Obamas, Vice President Joe Biden and Press Secretary Josh Ernest.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Drake: Cop The Views!

Views is on sale.

Drake released the highly anticipated album VIEWS (formerly Views from the 6). The release on Universal Republic Records is the most talked about album this week.

Drake released it through APPLE Music and it's expected to go platinum as well. The album has 20 tracks and it has features from Jay-Z, Kanye West, PartyNEXTDoor, the late Pimp C and long time collaborator Future.

Drake announced another tour with Future. Could there be a sophomore to What a Time to Be Alive?

On the album cover, you see Drake sitting on Toronto's CN Tower.

The album came out at 11:59pm Thursday and many fans went and cop it. The songs were previewed on OVO Radio throughout the day.

Drake teamed up with APPLE Music to have his music exclusively released.

Another thing that is noted about the album. There is no members of Young Money or Cash Money on this album.

So in other words, get the VIEWS.

Expect his album to go platinum.
Here's one of the singles from VIEWS that Apple released to YouTube. You might have to go to iTunes or APPLE Music to view videos posted by Drake and Future.

Joy Reid Back On MSNBC!

Joy Ann Reid is back on MSNBC.
Looks like Melissa Harris-Perry ended up with pie on her face. Her friend Joy Reid now holds the spot for weekend programming on MSNBC. She will replace Harris Perry for the 10am-12pm slot.

Joy Reid was hosting a show during the 3pm-4pm weekdays slot. Reid had previously hosted the weekday daytime show, The Reid Report which was canceled in September. She was bumped for Brian Williams, the disgraced NBC News anchor who hosted The Nightly News. Reid didn't get mad she lost her gig. She went forth and earned praise for her coverage of the primaries and was rewarded with a time slot again.

Phil Griffin loved how Joy handled the program during the primaries.

When Melissa Harris-Perry made her infamous letter saying that Nerdland (known as Melissa Harris-Perry) was being canned for political coverage, I was shocked. MSNBC fired her out the cannon after the rant went viral.

I was thinking that MSNBC was sidelining one of the best talents on the liberal leaning network.

Joy was thankful to MSNBC and her former. She vowed to continue the discussions that Melissa Harris-Perry brought to the forefront.

Joy Reid filled in for Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes and Lawrence O'Donnell during their time off.

Congratulations to Joy Ann Reid. World News Today wishes her well on her journey.

John Boehner: Ted Cruz Is A Miserable Son Of A Bitch! He's Lucifer In The Flesh!

Former weeper calls Ted Cruz "Lucifer".

The hit Fox series Lucifer is greenlighted for a Fall return. The series debuted in Winter and managed to fill the void that Minority Report failed at. Lucifer will follow Gotham on Mondays.

Over at Stanford University, former House Weeper John Boehner had no love for Ted Cruz and his struggling campaign.

On tape, the former speaker said that he would never support that "miserable son of a bitch". He said that he's pretty cool with Donald Trump. He said of his friend John Kasich, that he has no real reason to be in this race.

"I have Democrat friends and Republican friends," the former House speaker said during a frank on-stage discussion at Stanford University Wednesday. "I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life."
Boehner clowning on Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina.
Boehner, who retired from Congress at the end of October, also let loose on the two other GOP candidates in the race.

Boehner called Cruz, "Lucifer in the flesh".

When asked about the comments Cruz and running mate Carly Fiorina said that Boehner is one of the reasons why government wasn't working. He's giving credence to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Boehner lives in West Chester, Ohio. He was the Congressman from the 8th Congressional district.

West Chester is in Butler County. That county went to Trump in a 2:1 ratio.

Boehner is no friend of Cruz. He blames Cruz for dragging Congress into the crapper.


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