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Meek Mill Is Serving Drake Turkey Instead Of Beef!

Like Drake said, trigger fingers turn into Twitter fingers. These clowns got bodied by a singing Nigga. Now these clowns are back in the studio to respond to the "Back to Back" diss.

Is it too late?

The Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill hooked up with the Houston rap duo Sauce Twinz to release the single "Winnin'". It's going after their arch rival, Drake.

Meek went to social media in July to blast the Canadian entertainer for having an alleged ghostwriter on his albums. He basically said that Drake can't be the greatest rapper if he has a ghostwriter writing his lyrics.

Drake has nailed Meek Mill to the wall and left him stuck. Drake hit him so hard, it's almost an embarrassment for Meek to respond back.

But since the streets were demanding Meek step his flow up, he had no choice. This was an awkward collaboration to say at least, but it managed to get junk food media attention.

But the lyrics as followed.

(Intro: Sauce Walka)
Oh yeah, you want some, TSF DC niggas
Meek it’s that time man we gotta move these fake niggas out the way man
The real is back, we winnin’

(Hook: Sauce Walka)
Oh yeah, I had to bomb on these niggas
I went Osama on niggas
I copped the Wraith out the dealer
I bought my bitch a Chinchilla
These niggas fake and we realer
Leave ’em outside in the winter
Bitch niggas hate on the winner
I’m winnin’ and winnin’ on niggas
I’m winning, I’m winning, I’m winning
I’m winning on niggas
I’m winning, I’m winning, I’m winning
I’m spending on niggas
I copped the Wraith out the dealer
I bought my bitch a Chinchilla
Fake niggas hate on the winner
Well fuck it, I’m winnin’ on niggas

(Verse 1: Meek Mill)
H-Town, H-Town
Young rich nigga, I just stay down
All these birdies like A-Town
Got her with her ass up face down, face down
Face down, face down
FILA like my playground
Go to club, drink, get chased ’round
I’m in Fifth Ward, me and J now
You givin’ cash to these bitches
I give a splash to these bitches
I’m never trippin’, my chick got more ass than these bitches
Prolly more cash than these niggas
I’m in my zone like I’m fuckin’
I’m gone get money, fuck bitches
Ballin’ in Houston, with back to back rings
Like I was Olajuwon, call me (Hakeem)
I know what these bitches want
I know what these bitches need
She gone go and fuck a corney nigga for some money
Run it back to me
I’m in Houston with some Philly niggas
In the trenchs with the Jeeps
Junior brought my nigga E
Sippin’ dirty, me and three

(Hook: Sauce Walka)
Oh yeah, I had to bomb on these niggas
I went Osama on niggas
I copped the Wraith out the dealer
I bought my bitch a Chinchilla
These niggas fake and we realer
Leave ’em outside in the winter
Bitch niggas hate on the winner
I’m winnin’ and winnin’ on niggas
I’m winning, I’m winning, I’m winning
I’m winning on niggas
I’m winning, I’m winning, I’m winning
I’m spending on niggas
I copped the Wraith out the dealer
I bought my bitch a Chinchilla
Fake niggas hate on the winner
Well fuck it, I’m winnin’ on niggas

(Verse 2: Sauce Walka)
I bought the house out the bitch
She put the rocks on my wrist
I just bought a new bitch from the dealer
And she put the rest on my whip
I keep the Glock on my hip
My bitch keep a gun in that Birkin bag
Niggas hatin’ and it’s really sad
But we’re spilling sauce that’s the devil’s swag
Jewelry worth half a milli
Drippin’ sauce out in Philly
I’m with Fat Reese out in H-Town
Ain’t no fuck niggas near me
Bought my (?)
Wearin’ gold like a king
Now we eatin’, stackin’ lobsters but I still remember (?)
Hot dogs and the peas
Sleepin’ by the dope fiends
Why they hatin’ on me?
Cause we made it out the streets
I’m what these rap niggas wanna be
I can never be a wannabe
I’m spilling’ this flavor it’s all on me
I’m winnin’ and spillin’ all in these streets

(Hook: Sauce Walka)
Oh yeah, I had to bomb on these niggas
I went Osama on niggas
I copped the Wraith out the dealer
I bought my bitch a Chinchilla
These niggas fake and we realer
Leave ’em outside in the winter
Bitch niggas hate on the winner
I’m winnin’ and winnin’ on niggas
I’m winning, I’m winning, I’m winning
I’m winning on niggas
I’m winning, I’m winning, I’m winning
I’m spending on niggas
I copped the Wraith out the dealer
I bought my bitch a Chinchilla
Fake niggas hate on the winner
Well fuck it, I’m winnin’ on niggas

What A Time To Be Dumb As Fuck.
(Verse 3: Sancho Saucey)
Sauce God, I’m above a boss
Grab the sun and threw it in my mouth
Chop sticks all in my O’s
Big (?) then I can wrap her off
Pull up to your studio with creatures
Got my tigers with me, they gon’ eat ya
But I ain’t askin’ for no fuckin’ feature
I’m just sendin’ shots, baby that’s on Jesus
Big (?) pimpin’ that’s on diva
Sauce gang baby, I’m the leader
Chasin’ fast cash, I’m a cheetah
Stop the beat bitch, I need a breather
All the bitches do what I say
They caught me simon, all my diamonds smilin’
I just took a bitch to the island
I just put 17 in her vagina
I got bad bitches down in China
Chung-Lee I’m a street fighter
Sauce Twinz goin’ back to back
Tryna steal my sauce? I ain’t havin’ that
I’m quick to shootin’ like Action Jack
Sauce killa free my nigga Dre
Spillin’ sauce what we had to do
Savin’ the city like Dennis Gru

(Hook: Sauce Walka)
Oh yeah, I had to bomb on these niggas
I went Osama on niggas
I copped the Wraith out the dealer
I bought my bitch a Chinchilla
These niggas fake and we realer
Leave ’em outside in the winter
Bitch niggas hate on the winner
I’m winnin’ and winnin’ on niggas
I’m winning, I’m winning, I’m winning
I’m winning on niggas
I’m winning, I’m winning, I’m winning
I’m spending on niggas
I copped the Wraith out the dealer
I bought my bitch a Chinchilla
Fake niggas hate on the winner
Well fuck it, I’m winnin’ on niggas
Meek Mill aimed a shot at Drake and Future. They will likely respond back.
Okay, let me put it in layman's terms for the readers here at World News Today.

Meek Mill says that he's still banging Nick Minaj. He said that Drake ain't hurting his money. The run back to me comment is a dig at Drake and Nicki Minaj's rap label. There's a civil war within Cash Money/Young Money. Lil' Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj are blasting the label for inept management. Meek was teasing that Roman Pink is thinking about becoming a Dreamchaser. He said that he's not a corny rapper like Drake. I am guessing he's taking a shot at Future as well. The "giving the cash to the bitches" remark sounds like a dig at Future. On What A Time To Be Alive, Future said Meek is trying to to be a battle rapper, while he's assuring himself as a trap rapper. He said that Meek's feud with Drake is jibber jabber.

Sauce Walka says that he's representing Houston flow. He said that Drake stole the flow. He threatened Drake with physical violence if he comes back to the city. He called Drake a wannabe.

Sanchez Saucey had the most interesting of the lyrics. He basically said that he may pull up on Drake when they let their guard down. He said that Sauce Twinz are the streets and they don't give a fuck about radio play. He called Drake a bitch and he would do better sucking for beat.

On the response from Drake. Let's hear the song 30 for 30 from What A Time To Be Alive.

Okay, I am going to be pretty honest with you on the song from Sauce Twinz and Meek Mill.

It's not bad. But it's not strong enough. I mean if you're going to take on a mainstream rapper who dominates the charts with hits, you better come with a hit.

Adele's 25 and Justin Bieber Purpose are out this week. These albums may have dethorned Drake's If You're Reading This Its Too Late. Adele's album became one of fastest selling albums this year.

Ohio Family Murdered By Neighbor!

An Ohio family was gunned down by a deranged terrorist. John and Christy Anderson and their son Landon were murdered in cold blood. Their daughter Makyleigh is fighting for her life.

Another mass shooting in the United States. It was done by a deranged terrorist who had an obsession with weapons. He was an anti-government conspiracy theorist who believed President Barack Obama was a Muslim sympathizer.

This was the typical "NICE GUY" who had an odd obsession with firearms. The victims had once invited the suspect to dinner and kept an eye on each other's property.

The man suspected of shooting a family had threaten mass shooting six years ago.

Berry Kirk shouldn't have any access to firearms. But unfortunately, Ohio has lapse gun laws and those with mental issues were given the right to have them.

Kirk got upset with an employee at the Ohio governor's office in 2009 over an entitlement claim.

He said that he "wanted to make a big boom and start shooting people". This was obtained by the Associated Press under a freedom of information act.

This terrorist was also charged with telephone harassment of a woman. He was given probation for the action.

This terrorist was charged for vandalism and domestic violence. Those charges were dropped. The terrorist had many traffic violations.

The Columbus Police and FBI are trying to piece together the motive to why this terrorist shot up a family of four. Three of the victims died and the young victim is fighting for her life.
The law put down this terrorist. He had access to firearms despite making terrorist threats.
The terrorist may have involved in a feud with the neighbors. Kirk finally decided to put an end to their lives.

John Anderson II and his wife Christy were high school sweethearts. They were raising a son and daughter. John wanted to start a business with his brother while working at a stucco company. Christy was a homemaker who was taking her GED classes and college courses for dreams of becoming an X-ray technician.

They had a son name Landon and daughter Makyleigh.

John, Christy and Landon were murdered by this cold blooded killer. Makyleigh is fighting for her life. If she survives the injuries, she will be awaken to the news that her mom, dad and brother are gone.

John turned his back on the terrorist after an altercation.The terrorist decided to make himself known as a threat.

Christy runs to the aid of her husband. The terrorist would shoot her at point blank range. As Makyleigh dials 9-1-1 and tried to shield Landon, she was shot. Landon was shot after Makyleigh was injured.

The family suffered numerous gun shots.

The Columbus Police quickly put down this terrorist after he was aiming at the witnesses. The police were patrolling the area when they hear automatic gun fire.

The terrorist would die of his injuries. Now the Anderson family is coming to conclusions that this guy should have arrest for making threats toward John and Christy.

World News Today send our condolences to John, Christy and Landon Anderson. We pray for a speedy recovery for Makyleigh.

White Extremists Target #BlackLivesMatter Activists!

Three White extremists were arrested after they opened fire on #BlackLivesMatter Protesters.

Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings says that the biggest threat to the United States are White men. The mayor of one of the largest cities in the country said that White men are shooting up churches, movie theaters and schools. He said that vilifying refugees proves the Islamic State's point that America is waging a war against Muslims.

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) said that he would have more fear of White extremists than Syrian refugees. He said that Muslims are not the problem here.

This is coming from two White men. They are Democrats and they're telling the truth.

The conservatives were outraged over these comments. They automatically accused the politicos of playing the "race card" and playing down the threat of terrorism.

Republicans played down the threat of terrorism on September 11th. How come they get a pass on it?

Anyway, the Department of Homeland Security had this document drop back in 2009. They said that the rise of right wing extremism will LIKELY increase now that we have a Black president.

The declassified memo said that White male resentment will fuel anti-government rhetoric, a rise in firearm stockpiling, and threats on non-White Americans.
Jamar Clark was killed in police custody. Many residents demand reform.
We haven't had a major terrorist attack on the United States since the September 11, 2001 attacks.

We have had more mass shootings in the United States. The FBI and U.S. Justice Department have broken up plots by White extremists. It's not getting much notice because "concerned" Americans are so scared of Muslims.

It seems like the proof is in the pudding. There are over 1,100 active hate groups in the United States.

The hate groups are inspired by the internet. The conservative Craigslist and that right wing network are fueling tensions. Besides those two entities, you have Alex Jones and his kookspiracy networks.

You also have the conservative agitators on television/AM radio, the internet and comment section.

All of these groups spark the flame.

There was a shooting in Minneapolis. The police gunned down Jamar Clark. According to witnesses, Jamar was handcuffed at the time. The law says that he struggled for the firearm.

Regardless of what happened, it became a national story. Many in the #BlackLivesMatter movement have called for the release of video showing the incident.

They planned a shut down of one of the Minneapolis Police stations.

It's attracted the attention of Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN). He was very upset over the fact the law had a firearm pointed a protesters. One of those protesters was his son.

The Jamar Clark controversy is timed along the Laquan McDonald and Tamir Rice issues. There's been over 600 fatal police shootings in the United States this year.

This is sparking feverish pitch for body cameras, more training, better community relations, and accountability for officers using deadly force. It has become the premise of #BlackLivesMatter.

That is often ignored by the noise of the conservatives. They use false equivalencies such as Black on whatever crime and gun violence in the Black community as a deflection. They pretend to be "concerned" about the safety of Black America.

That right wing network puts on the showboating Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke to debate these fatal police shootings. Clarke, a Democrat (actually an independent who supports Republican) has been more incline to hold police officers accountable for reckless calls. He says that the use of force is justified. He along with Mark Fuhrman will not listen to the concerns of the activists.

Clarke has been often criticized in his own community for being too focused on his political ambitions than focusing on the rise of crime in his county.

There were counter protesters who were heckling the #BlackLivesMatter protesters. They were armed and they've showed up constantly threatening the protesters. The were motivated by a certain White extremist network. They wanted to film the encounter with the protesters.

This hasn't gotten much junk food media attention. It probably had some play on Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell. It was mention by Cenk Uyger of The Young Turks.
The suspects were trying to troll #BlackLivesMatter on social media. They came up on the group filming them. The protesters asked them to leave and they tried to chase them off. They end up pulling out their firearms and start shooting.
Three men with ties to White extremists were arrested after they fired upon #BlackLivesMatter activists Monday night. There were six people injured in the shooting. Some in social media claim that these individuals were using "self-defense".

They will be charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder. The U.S. Justice Department may intervene. These men may face hate crime charges. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Allen Lawrence “Lance” Scarsella III, 23, was arrested in Bloomington. Sources said Nathan Gustavsson, 21, of Hermantown, and Daniel Macey, 26, of Pine City, were taken into custody after they turned themselves in. All three suspects are white.

These men are innocent until proven guilty.

The charges alone could carry LIFE in the iron college. If the federal government charges these individuals for a hate crime, they may earn an additional 20 years on the tab.

One man who was a Hispanic was detained but later released after they found that he had nothing to do with the shooting.

Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau is facing heat. The protesters are calling for a cannon firing because she's not taking on police corruption and abuse of power.

The protesters said that the fight isn't over. They vow to hold Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges and Minnesota's Democratic governor Mark Dayton accountable. The protesters will continue the push for police reform.

World News Today send our prayers to the victims of this senseless tragedy. We also send our condolences to the family of Jamar Clark.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Chicago Cop Indicted For The Murder Of Laquan McDonald! [NSFW]

The city is preparing for a major backlash. Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel and the police commissioner Gerry McCarthy urge the citizens to not rush to judgement. They urge the residents not use protest as a backdrop for unrest and violence.

The shooting of 17-year old Laquan McDonald became the shiny coin the junk food media is preparing to chase. Last October's shooting by the now fired Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke was much talked about in the Chicago junk food media.
Laquan McDonald was gunned down in cold blood by a cop. The cop is charged with murder.
It became a focal issue for the national agitators after a federal judge ordered the release of a graphic video showing Van Dyke shot Laquan numerous times without giving a since ounce of remorse.

The video is released and its bound to create some turmoil for the Chicago police.

Already there has been over 400 fatal gun shootings in the city alone. Many of the residents have such distrust for the law, they won't relinquish any information in spite of the rise in criminal activity.

The indictment of Van Dyke may give Laquan's family a chance to face the killer in the court of law.

Van Dyke is innocent until proven guilty. He is currently in special custody at the Cook County Lockup. Van Dyke is on suicide watch and couldn't get a "get out of free card" at this time.

The prosecutors concluded that Van Dyke concocted a story saying that Laquan lunged at him with a small pocket knife. He said that he shot Laquan in self-defense.

In the video, Laquan was running in the street. He was being cornered by the law. He turns away from them and that's when Van Dyke put the slugs in him.

The video is disturbing.
16 shots as described in the diagram. 
As many of you know, #BlackLivesMatter have been actively demanding for police reform and accountability in fatal police encounters with unarmed citizens. This is often ignored by the noise.

Usually the noise would be a concern troll who brings up false equivalencies about Black on whatever violence or gun violence in the Black community. Obviously the so-called People's sheriff David Clarke would spend more time on camera than actually doing his job. He will join the biggest concern troll on that right wing network to attack Laqaun.

I've listened to the annoying conservative agitator and that coon Kevin Jackson today debate that token liberal Tamara Holder. These nitwits were blubbering over Black crime and how the president isn't doing enough.
Van Dyke's mug in the Cook County lockup.
Like with terrorism, the conservatives seem to be fixated on how things are said instead of done.

That annoying conservative agitator continues to play this "name calling word vomit". He calls Emmanuel, "Dead Fish Rombo" and made the ridiculous claim that President Barack Obama doesn't talk about the gun violence in Chicago.

Those nitwits were obsessed with the allegations of Laquan having PCP in his system. What the fuck does that have to do with the video showing Van Dyke shooting Laquan at point blank range?

On that nightly disaster show, he debates the attorneys for Michael Brown, that racist dick Bo Dietl and coon Jackson. They were trying to bring up the numerous shootings and violent crime in the city.

The number one threat in the United States is gun violence.

To the conservatives, any mention of gun control is always applied to Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims. For the conservatives and National Rifle Association, gun rights are meant for Whites, cops and "patriots".

The right wing network spotted the Catholic pastor Michael Pfleger. That annoying conservative agitator was telling the reporter to corner him. That annoying conservative agitator has a compulsive obsession with attacking Chicago activists Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers.

The president has been actively talking about issues in his hometown. It's unfortunate that the conservative agitators and that Black coon Kevin Jackson are so deaf in their third ear.

Donald Trump also got into the fray by tweeting to his million supporters that Black crime is more a threat in America than gun crime.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Laquan McDonald. 

New Orleans Good Samaritan Shot By Robber!

Tulane University medical student Peter Gold is fighting for his life after he stopped a mugger. The mugger shot him and left him for dead.

In the city of New Orleans, the law is pleased that a perennial resident of the iron college is caught.

The junk food media turned its attention to the tragic shooting of a good samaritan. The Turlane University medical student, 25 year old Peter Gold gets shot in the stomach by this ignorant piece of shit for doing a good deed.

Peter witness an unknown woman being robbed by 21 year old Euric Cain.

Cain was wearing a hoodie and ran up on a drunken woman and tried to jack her up. Peter was driving nearby when he saw Cain try to take her to his ride. Peter hit the brakes, put the vehicle in reverse and then turned into the one way street to confront the suspect.

Most in law enforcement recommend you don't approach a suspect if they're armed. Peter knew the risk but he thought he could scare the suspect into running off.
Euric Cain was the guy on surveillance. 
Cain was not happy about the confrontation. He lets the woman go and runs up on Peter. He demands Peter give up his properties. Peter complied. When Cain found that Peter didn't carry a lot, he would shoot Peter in the stomach with a semi automatic firearm.

Cain wanted to put Peter down. He aims and fires. But nothing comes out. He tries again. Nothing happens. Cain reacts to the firearm jamming. He took off running leaving Peter bleeding to death.

Peter was rushed to the hospital where he is being treated for his injuries. His family can't confirm the condition of Peter but he said that its "guarded".

The New Orleans Police and U.S. Marshals were determined to grab this guy.

Cain was just arrested earlier this month for possession of a stolen cellphone during a carjacking.

He was out on bail when he committed this criminal act.
No remorse for his actions.
Cain faces attempted first-degree murder, second-degree kidnapping and weapons while on disability charges. There was a reward for $12,500 for the capture of Cain.

"Now he will likely spend the rest of his life in the jail, as he should," New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu said in a press conference.

New Orleans Chief of Police Michael Harrison said that Cain was an idiot. People knew where stayed. He was hiding under the covers of his underage girlfriend's bed. The girlfriend wanted to be a ride or die chick.

Now she faces charges for hiding a federal suspect.

Representatives from Tulane University told the junk food media that Peter was a four year medical student.

Friends say that Peter was the type of person who is willing to help others when there's a problem.

They say that Peter is a hero in their eyes.

Side chick faces charges for hiding a federal suspect in her bedroom. Nictoria Washington faces adult time in the iron college.
Now that the suspect was a Black man, I automatically assume the Blame Game. The conservative agitators and White extremists would automatically blame President Barack Obama and #BlackLivesMatter for the shooting.

So this leads us to another poll on the Blame Game.

Now that the New Orleans Police captured the suspect in the shooting of Peter Gold, who really deserves the blame?

free polls

Cain is innocent until proven guilty. The charge of kidnapping automatically carries LIFE in the iron college.

World News Today sends our prayers to Peter Gold. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Indiana Pastor's Wife Killed! Murderer Caught!

Amanda Blackburn (right) was killed by a robbery suspect. The husband was a local pastor of a church in Indianapolis. 

The death of a preacher's wife caught the nation's attention.

Amanda Blackburn was three month pregnant when she was sexually assaulted and shot by this 18-year old Larry Taylor. Amanda was shot in cold-blood in front of her son.

Taylor along with three of his friends were involved in a burglary ring. They were targeting houses in the city of Indianapolis. They broke into homes and were stealing car keys, a laptop, and an iPhone from a home. They found a surveillance camera in the home and disconnected it. That right there was the first mistake they've made. By touching the surveillance camera, they were filmed by the camera and they left DNA on the wiring.

Taylor who had that "I don't give a fuck" mentality wanted to kill the occupant in the home because he was caught on camera. The suspects convinced him not to do it.

So they took off in a stolen ride and went into another home. They ended up robbing the home of a television, a laptop and jewelry. Then they decided to target another home. The home of Amanda and her husband Devey Blackburn the pastor of Resonate Church.

The law conducted the investigation. The suspects turned on Taylor. They said that Taylor hit Amanda in the mouth with his piece. He stayed behind as the other two used her ATM card to get money. Amanda made the fatal mistake of trying to reason with a cold blooded killer. She allegedly charged at Taylor, and he shot her at point blank range. Then he decided to put the final bullet in her head. He took joy in watching her bleed to death.

Taylor didn't know Amanda. It was just an unfortunate circumstance where a robbery was witnessed by a good samaritan and the robber wanted to leave no witnesses.

Davey returns from the gym to find his wife (the rock of his life) lying in a pool of blood. Davey made his whole life to helping the youth in the community. He and Amanda moved to the Indianapolis area a few years back to spread the gospel to the young, frustrated and abandoned.

Amanda was rushed to the hospital where she would die the next day.

Amanda was 28 at the time of her death. She was three months pregnant with her daughter. She leaves behind a son Weston and her husband Pastor Davey. Her unborn daughter Evie Grace was killed.

The law vowed to find these guys. They knew that these knuckleheads would slip up.
Larry Taylor and Jalen Watson are held on first degree murder charges. They are innocent until proven guilty. They could face the gas house if found guilty.
Their arrests ends 10 days on the run after the law vowed to put these killers in the lockup.

Taylor and 21 year old Jalen Watson are held in the Marion County Lockup on murder charges. They are cooperating with the third suspect. Name wasn't released at the time of posting. Even though the other two weren't involved in the shooting, these suspects are charged because they were involved in a criminal act that resulted in a murder.

They are innocent until proven guilty.

Pastor Davey wants to hate them. But he turned to Jesus Christ to learn forgiveness. He said that he choose love and not hate against the suspects.

Indianapolis Metro Police Department's gang and violent crime unit aided by the U.S. Marshals apprehended the suspects after they traced the usages of credit cards and DNA.

The moment I've heard gang unit, automatically assume Black suspect. Matter of fact, I expected that the conservatives and White extremist will automatically blame #BlackLivesMatter and Barack Obama for this.

Of course it merits a poll on The Blame Game.

Now that the Indianapolis Metro Police captured the suspects in the murder of Amanda Blackburn, who really takes the blame?
Quiz Maker

Now that you made the choice, I want to make it clear, that the suspects deserve the blame. Not President Barack Obama, #BlackLivesMatter, or the NRA.

It's unfortunate that gun crime is the NUMBER ONE THREAT in the United States. This is one of many incidents where firearms were used in the death of innocents. If the Republicans and Democrats lawmakers would look at gun crime as terrorism, they would see this type of stuff happen every freaking day in their states and districts. 

These two could face the gas house if they're found guilty.

World News Today send our condolences to the family of Amanda Blackburn.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Youngstown State Hit With The Daesh-fiti!

A rock can't be moved. Students at Youngstown State are shocked that someone defaced a rock with the infamous extremist group. The FBI is investigating the vandals involved in this.

The law is probably going to step up patrols around the campus of the Ohio university.

Youngstown State University was hit with graffiti supporting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Terrorism became the new [political football] for political agitators to flex the only muscle they've got in the arsenal. Their tongues are not a strong weapon but they use them very well. The words of utter fear and distrust seem to be the Republican Party's key to stroking White resentment.

There was a rock on the campus decorated with the colors of the French Republic. The rock was defaced with a painted Islamic State flag. It also praised the attackers and vow that America's next.

The Mohaning County Sheriff, the FBI and Ohio State Patrol are investigating the incident.

On the rock, "France deserves destruction," "YSU supports ISIS," and "We are coming for you." Students quickly spray-painted the rock white and covered it with patriotic and peace-related messages, but the impact was still felt on campus. "It definitely sent, like, a terror around, and then there was a shooting threat last week, so it's just like one after the other," says student David Ottney. Another student tweeted, "Whoever did this to the rock needs [to be] expelled. ISIS is not some joke. Terrorism is not a joke."
United We Stand.
Mohamed Mishmish, an international student, talked about his writing of a peace message on the rock: "I came here today to write 'peace' in Arabic to show that if there should be anything defaced in Arabic on this rock, it should be peace-condoning and not in the name of terrorism," he says. According to the school's Facebook Page, police are investigating, the FBI has been contacted, and "there is no credible threat to the campus at this time." Classes were still in session today, reports the junk food media. The rock has been used for decades as a place to write messages about campus organizations and events.

Many across the world includes me and S. Baldwin have condolences to the victims of the Paris attacks. A group of terrorist from Belgium sneaked into France and plotted a mass shooting and suicide bombing in the heart of Paris.

These terrorists wanted to engage in this mass causality event sparked by the Charlie Hebdo Mohammad cartoons and France's role in the fight against the Islamic State.

There were 130 innocent lives killed. The terrorists managed to die in their attempts to disrupt the lives of Parisians.

The mastermind and some of his family were killed in a raid over the past weekend.

Interpol, the FBI, and other law agencies are determined to find Salah Abdeslam, the surviving member involved in the terrorist attacks.

The United States has issued a worldwide travel alert in the wake of the attacks. The State Department has warned Americans to be vigilant when traveling this Thanksgiving week.


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