Friday, August 29, 2014

Cop Lets His Dog Deface The Michael Brown Mural!

Ferguson cop allows his dog urinate on a memorial of Michael Brown.

The law has strong resentment to the negativity its getting. According to witness, the Ferguson police allowed Michael Brown's lifeless body stay fresh in the open for four hours.

Others said that an officer along with his K-9 partner were near a memorial of the slain teen. The officer allowed his dog to urinate on the memorial. We don't know if that's confirmed or not, but I can tell you that three things gave me pause.

A St. Louis County officer said that the protesters were a bunch of animals. That drove the racist right into a frenzy. They were in agreement of what that disgusting lack of professionalism.

St. Louis Police shot and killed a man who they believed had a knife. According to witnesses, the man who had mental issues was accused of stealing products from a convenience store. He was being recorded by one witness. The St. Louis Police arrive and saw the man. They gave him two warnings and soon a few shots and he was killed.

A Ferguson officer had shoved CNN's Don Lemon and threatened to arrest him. The officer was placed on leave after the agitator reported the actions.

Mother Jones reporter Mark Follman said that in his piece, he recounts the tension growing in Ferguson. An officer on the street let the dog he was controlling urinate on the memorial site.
The incident was related to me separately by three state and local officials who worked with the community in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. One confirmed that he interviewed an eyewitness, a young woman, and pressed her on what exactly she saw. “She said that the officer just let the dog pee on it,” that official told me. “She was very distraught about it.” The identity of the officer who handled the dog and the agency he was with remain unclear.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jon Stewart Slams Loserville Over Its Ferguson Coverage!

Stewart goes hard on the junk food media and their coverage of Ferguson. One network in particular got his attention.

The Daily Show goes on vacation in August. Usually, Jon Stewart still has his crew keeps him updated on the latest events for the month.

What happened?

Ebola. Two humanitarian doctors were cured after being exposed to the deadly virus. That sparked weeks of talk about the situation.

Immigration reform. The lawmakers are on vacation and they still haven't pass immigration reform. President Barack Obama will issue an executive order giving him some power to handle the crisis. Immigrant children are coming the United States to flee civil war.

The president's golf outing during the beheading of James Foley. An American journalist was beheaded by ISIS terrorists. The terrorist in the video beheads Foley and sparked outcry from the world. The president spoke somber statements of Foley and wanted those responsible to be brought to justice. After a few hours, he was back on Martha's Vineyard playing golf. That sparked controversy.

John Crawford III. The young man was killed by two Beavercreek, Ohio police. He was playing with an air rifle and the police shot him without giving proper commands. That triggered controversy.
Stewart is getting really annoyed with this guy. He believes that annoying conservative agitator ruins traditional news.
Eric Garner. The man who was accused by the New York Police Department of selling loose cigarettes. As they tried to arrest Garner, they put him in a chokehold. He would suffer cardiac arrest.

Burger King and Tim Horton's are combining themselves into one company. Burger King is temped to move to Tim Horton's corporate headquarters in Canada and it sparked outcry from lawmakers and fans of the fast food chains.

These are issues that Jon Stewart covered since his return.

All of these issues were mentioned by that annoying conservative agitator and his network Loserville.

Guess where Jon Stewart went after?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Sean Hannity Word Vomit!

The most annoying conservative agitator has a tendency to repeat himself on statements. You can actually play a drinking game based off his rants!

The second most watched and listened agitator is a prize experiment for liberals and conservatives. They all agree that he's a well paid agitator. I agree with them as well. But in fact, I think that he's not only an agitator but a serial name dropper. The man  has a crazy obsession with dropping the president's name more than he can drop an actual sentence.

That annoying agitator has tendency to repeat himself over and over again. It's probably because he's either got hyperactivity or traces of bipolar disorder.

Obama (Barack, Obamacare, Michelle)
Great American
Radicalism (in regards to liberalism)
Radical Islam
Ground and Pound
MSNBC (or NBC News)
Ed Schultz
That Thrill Up His Leg (Chris Matthews statements on Obama)
Louis Farrakhan
Muslim Brotherhood
ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria)
Martha's Vineyard
Jeremiah Wright
Bill Ayers
Bernadine Dohorn
Benjamin Netanyahu
Joe Biden
Nancy Pelosi
Harry Reid
47 Million On Food Stamps
Ronald Reagan
Drill (for oil)
Under This President...

Okay, here's your challenge. If you listen to three hours of his radio program or one hour of his television program, you listen carefully. I can tell you in the first few seconds of his monologue, I will bet you, he'll slip Obama in a sentence.

Get a few cups of your favorite beverage or alcohol and start listening. Have fun.

Also be careful if you are to drink alcoholic beverages. DO NOT DRIVE WHILE IMPAIRED.

PLAYER 1                            PLAYER 2                         PLAYER 3

McConnell: Give Us The Keys And We'll Drive It Over The Cliff!

The Kentucky Turtle speaks to a crowd about more gridlock if he become the head of the terrarium. 

Embattled Republican leader opens his mouth again giving his challenger ammunition.

The pork and barrel continues to spill into the state of Kentucky. The turtle and Rand Paul, the two Republican Stallmigos have relatively done nothing other than become a huge headache to President Barack Obama.

He was sucking on the toes of David and Charles Koch. The embattled politico was telling a dinner audience that he's willing to do anything to get that sugar from those billionaire libertarian activists.
David and Charles Koch are billionaire philanthropists who donate to the Republican Party and sometimes the Democratic Party. The liberals view them as vile and evil billionaires.
The New York Times report that a liberal blog got wind of the conversation. McConnell told the mid-June gathering in Dana Point, Calif., that if the Republicans gained control of the Senate and retained control of the House in November, Congress could use the budget process to force the president to roll back his priorities.

“In the House and Senate, we own the budget,” he said, explaining that the initial blueprint on taxes and spending does not require the president’s signature. “So what does that mean? That means that we can pass the spending bill. And I assure you that in the spending bill, we will be pushing back against this bureaucracy by doing what’s called placing riders in the bill. No money can be spent to do this or to do that. We’re going to go after them on health care, on financial services, on the Environmental Protection Agency, across the board. All across the federal government, we’re going to go after it.”

The channel released audio of three other Republicans in tough Senate races — Representative Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Representative Cory Gardner of Colorado and Joni Ernst, a state senator in Iowa — all of whom praised Charles G. and David H. Koch and the millions of dollars they have provided to help Republican candidates.

To a large extent, Mr. McConnell’s promises are more bluster for the Republican donor base than a foolproof plan. Through a budget procedure called reconciliation, Republicans could clear a path to tax legislation or changes to entitlement programs that could pass later in the year with simple majorities in the House and the Senate.

But unless a Republican majority plans to end the filibuster on legislation as Democrats ended it on some presidential nominees, spending bills with “riders” would need 60 votes in the Senate. If the Republicans win control of the Senate, their majority is almost certain to be short of 60.

Republicans said the recordings were insignificant. Josh Holmes, a senior McConnell campaign aide, said the senator was in no way suggesting a strategy to shut down the government unless Mr. Obama capitulates.

Nonetheless, the audio recordings are likely to become fodder for the campaigns in Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa and Kentucky. Democrats, most notably Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, have tried to demonize contributions by the Koch brothers as corruptive to the political system.

The Grimes campaign responded quickly, saying, “Shockingly, Mitch McConnell will do and say anything it takes to secure his grip on personal power, including promising to hurt Kentuckians to benefit billionaires.”
Allison Lunsford Grimes is a formidable challenger in the closely watched U.S. Senate race in Kentucky.
Ms. Ernst and Mr. Gardner made a pitch to donors that their support was about more than the Senate races. If they win in November, it would lay the groundwork for turning Iowa and Colorado Republican in the 2016 presidential race, they said. Mr. Obama won both states twice.

“If we win Colorado, we overturn the narrative the Democrats are trying to build about the interior Rocky Mountain states, that you can’t win statewide in the Rocky Mountain West anymore,” Mr. Gardner said. “We can defeat that notion. We can flip it upside down in Colorado by winning in 2014, making the pathway for whoever our nominee is in 2016.”

Ms. Ernst said: “We are setting the stage for Iowa as the first-in-the-nation’s caucus that all of our presidential hopefuls come, come to. We’re setting the stage in 2014 with a Republican victory, so that likelihood is in 2016 we can go red as a state and assist any Republican nominee from Iowa. So we’re setting the stage for the presidency.”

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Burger King And Tim Horton's Merge!

You're right next door.

The Canadian doughnut and coffee chain is being bought by the fast food giant in a bid to climb back from slumping sells. The slumping sells and the potential to move to Canada has the American junk food media wondering why would the company do such a thing!

Burger King dropped to the third most popular chain. McDonald's and Wendy's happen to continue to build their stock without having another anchor on their sacks.

I've always thought that Tim Horton's was a subsidiary of Wendy's. I guess I was wrong.

Okay, BK decided to shelve out $11.3 billion to buy the doughnut chain and may relocate to Canada.

The Washington Post reports that the newly merged company would become the world's third-biggest "quick service restaurant company," with more than 18,000 restaurants in 100 countries, said Burger King and Hortons in a statement Monday. The deal would create a business capable of rivaling Yum Brands, which owns Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, and is valued at more than $30 billion. But while Yum Brands operates from Louisville, KY, the new Burger King and Tim Hortons parent company would likely station itself in the Ontario province of Canada.
Bow to the King!
On the surface, the reason for a headquarter shift across the country's northern border is simple: lower corporate taxes.

As we have have noted before, when a company reincorporates abroad, as the practice is known, what it's really doing is shifting its corporate citizenship; and when a company shifts its corporate citizenship, what it's really doing is trying to pay less in taxes. The nominal corporate tax rate in the U.S., which combines national, state, and city-level tax rates, is nearly 40 percent—the highest across all 34 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) member countries. Canada's, by comparison, is just over 26 percent.

Burger King would hardly be the first large American corporation to move its headquarters—more than 70 U.S. companies have reincorporated overseas since the early 1980s. The practice has been especially popular lately—more than half of those inversions have come since 2003, or almost double the amount that did in the twenty years prior, according to data from Congressional Research Service (CRS).

The Post added Burger King has been itching to gain a greater share of the coveted American breakfast market. Breakfast sales at fast food chains have swelled to more than $50 billion. They're also the industry's fastest growing segment—breakfast was responsible for 90 percent of the industry's growth between 2007 and 2012. Tim Hortons offers a particularly strong entry into both the U.S. and Canadian breakfast markets—the coffee chain has more than twice as many stores per capita in Canada than McDonald's has in the U.S..

Tim Hortons has also been been looking to grow internationally, a process which Burger King's global footprint might be able to help expedite. "A key driver of these discussions is the potential to leverage Burger King's worldwide footprint and experience in global development to accelerate Tim Hortons growth in international markets," the companies said in their statement.

Still, the reality that one of America's largest food companies is mulling a move to Canada--and in doing so, a move away from U.S. corporate tax rates--might not sit so well with some consumers. Shifty but legal tax maneuvers have proven unkind to food companies in the past. Starbucks saw its sales fall in the United Kingdom for the first time after it became clear the company was using complex accounting methods to lower its local tax payments.

Have it your way, eh!

What's your thoughts on Burger King merging with Tim Horton's?

Do you believe Burger King is right in its possible move to Canada?


Jackie Robinson West All-Stars Debunks Racist Right's Hating On Chicago!

The best does come from Chicago.

The Chicago area is proud to have the Jackie Robinson West as their Little League team. The team managed to take home the U.S. World Series Championship. But unfortunately, the team lost in the World Series of Little League against perennial winners South Korea.

The miracle team has motivated Chicago despite the constant violence plaguing its urban areas.

The racist right isn't talking about Chicago's miracle. They're obsessed with the negativity of Black on Black violence. They only care about trying to make the narrative that BLACKS are natural born criminals and OBAMA supports his own race over everyone else.

This is a frequent theme among the racist right. The team is getting major star power. Like a Hollywood movie, their image and namesake are flying off the shelves.

According to the Chicago Business Journal, The Jackie Robinson West All Stars over the past two weeks have treated Chicagoans to a storyline worthy of a Hollywood script.

In the midst of another summer filled with daily headlines of violence, the nation's newly crowned top Little League Baseball team puts Chicago in the best light it's seen in a long time.

And among other benefits, including a call from President Barack Obama and a parade in their honor, the deserving team of 11- and 12-year-olds is in line for a nice check for their program, thanks to sales of celebratory T-shirts.

More than 4,500 yellow Jackie Robinson West "Great Lakes Champions" T-shirts have been sold since Aug. 10 out of the Dick's Sporting Goods location in the South Loop, the only place they've been available for purchase.

All of the proceeds from those sales, after covering production costs, will go directly to the JRW program. At $20 a shirt, that likely will total tens of thousands of dollars.

"It's been a great story," said Brian Dibbert, community marketing manager for about half of the 20 Dick's locations in the Chicago area.

Mr. Dibbert would not estimate the amount that the baseball program will receive but said the sales forged new territory for Little League T-shirt sales, an effort the company started last year.

Dick's expanded from selling similar shirts in two markets that qualified for the Little League World Series to four markets this year, but Mr. Dibbert said momentum of the Chicago sales was unprecedented.

The South Loop store started with 300 shirts after the team qualified for the World Series tournament. Those sold out in a matter of days.

The next shipment — 500 shirts — were gone in a couple of hours, followed by another order of 250 shirts that flew off the shelves.

"It was just the perfect storm," Mr. Dibbert said of the timing of the team's run. "Chicago likes to rally around a winner."

And there's more to come. Dick's has a shipment of of 7,000 Jackie Robinson West All Stars "National Champions" shirts on its way, which will be available tomorrow at the same location and offer the same proceeds to the team.

Those sales will provide a nice send-off as the nation's eyes start to turn away from Jackie Robinson West and the pinnacle of Little League Baseball.

But the story — and the shirts — should live on as a symbol of pride and a reminder of a brief moment in time when a group of the South Side's best young baseball players gave their entire city a reason to cheer.

Well wishes to The Jackie Robinson West team on their future successes. Hope the best for them.

Monday, August 25, 2014

MIchael Brown Funeral!

The funeral of Michael Brown was today. Engaged in this funeral is his family, his friends and the junk food media. They are covering the funeral live and of course for some networks, it's Benghazi or the White man getting attacked by a Black person. But for the racist right, it's another dead NIGGER.

As his family prays for peace, the young man is being laid to rest. After two weeks of unrest in Ferguson, Missouri.

Filmmaker Spike Lee, Jesse Jackson and numerous others were in attendance.

Brown's funeral was hosted at the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church, in St. Louis on Monday, August 25 at 10:00 a.m. Brown will be interred at St. Peter's Cemetery in St. Louis County.

The Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity offered to pay the entire costs for the memorial and funeral services.

At a rally held the day before, Brown's family asked that supporters suspend their protests for one day out of respect for the funeral proceedings. "All I want tomorrow is peace while we lay our son to rest. Please, that's all I ask," Brown's father said.

Three White House officials attended Brown's funeral, including Broderick Johnson, head of the White House's "My Brother's Keeper Task Force"; Marlon Marshall, who attended high school with Brown's mother; and Heather Foster, who works in the Office of Public Engagement.
Michael Brown, Sr. mourns the death of his son.
The service was attended by thousands of people, including 2,500 filling the sanctuary, and others in an overflow auditorium which was also full. An estimated 2,000 additional people were on church property for the funeral. Al Sharpton, delivered one of two eulogies for Brown.

Eric Davis, one of Brown's cousins, said at the funeral, “[s]how up at the voting booths. Let your voices be heard, and let everyone know that we have had enough of all of this.”

The hate continues.
The racist right continues to attack Brown. Today's racist right radio programs had that Black extremist asshole Jesse Lee Peterson run his mouth. He got the nerve to say that Brown was a thug and the Black people were savages.

That annoying conservative agitator and Loudmouth Bill Cunningham had this Black extremist on their programs to promote this extremist.

Michael Brown, Sr. and  Lesley McSpadden urged the junk food media to go beyond the pale. For once they wanted a bit of peace and quiet as they bury their son.

As soon as I get the video of that Black extremist, I will post it online for you to listen.

More developments continue on the situation in Ferguson.


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