Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Heads Roll And Partisans Crow!

steven sotloff
American journalist Steven Sotloff (center) was beheaded by an extremist group.

The agitators of the American junk food media are going to coverage of the second beheading of an American journalist. The agitators have went to their respectable corners to point fingers at not only the man who beheaded Steven Sotloff but President Barack Obama for not doing enough to combat the Islamic State, an extremist group with ties to Iraq and Syria.

Of course, I want you to understand that we here at Journal de la Reyna send our condolences to the family of Steven Sotloff. First and foremost, the American journalists who cover the impacts of war and crisis knew the risks. It's a dangerous job to cover war from the front lines.

The American media doesn't show everything that happens in a war, Sotloff and James Foley done the best they can to inform the public of things outside the beltway and outside the "good v. evil" narrative.

Steven Sotloff and James Foley gave their lives to cover the news. They also knew the risk of being captured by the extremists.

I don't understand why Americans are so disgusted with this. There's more violence towards our own in the United States than overseas. The American military have caused so many causalities towards innocent men, women and children overseas, so I don't understand for one American, thousands died.

The agitators can't stop bitching. With the president and Congress on vacation, the world continues to move.

On GOP Sundays, Senators Diane Feinstein (D-CA), John McCain (R-AZ), Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Representatives Mike Rogers (R-MI) and the arm chair quarterbacks have denounced ISIS and demand Obama to take action.

The United States and United Kingdom does not negotiate with terrorist groups.

Sotloff was kidnapped in March 2013. The video was distributed through S.I.T.E. on August 28.

Monday, September 01, 2014

The Fruits Of Labor!

Oregon people are fighting against unfair work practices.

As the unofficial end of summer comes to an end, the American media and the agitators will return well rested to debate the latest issues facing our country.

Terrorism overseas, immigration reform and now wage hikes.

President Barack Obama is an advocate for raising the minimum wage for working class Americans.

But could the president's plan do more harm than good?

I mean is it worth it for the next hired employee to make $10 an hour to the 14 years of you working for the very same?

Anyway, the Huffington Post and some are focusing on wage theft.

A practice common among business such as Walmart. Where a worker must work off the clock without getting paid. This happens in America and it's an illegal move.

Wage theft is the illegal withholding of wages or the denial of benefits that are rightfully owed to an employee. Wage theft, particularly from low wage legal or illegal immigrant workers, is common in the United States.

Wage theft can be conducted through various means such as: failure to pay overtime, minimum wage violations, employee misclassification, illegal deductions in pay, working off the clock, or not being paid at all. These violated rights have been guaranteed to workers in the United States since 1938 by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Union Of Love!

Two well known celebrities tied the knot over the weekend.

Congratulations to the newly married couple. Gabrielle Union, famed actress married her longtime boyfriend NBA star Dwayne Wade.

Wade is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He has established himself as one of the most well-known and popular players in the league.

Union is an American actress and former model. Among her notable roles is her performance as the cheerleader opposite Kirsten Dunst in the film Bring It On, (2000). In 2000, she played a medical doctor in the CBS drama series City of Angels. In 2003, Union starred opposite Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in the hit film Bad Boys II. Also in 2003, she starred with LL Cool J in Deliver Us from Eva. In 2008, she was featured in the film Cadillac Records with Adrien Brody, Beyoncé Knowles and Jeffrey Wright. In 2012, Union was featured in an ensemble cast of the film version of Think Like a Man.

This is the second marriage for both Union, 41, and Miami Heat shooting guard Wade, 32, who proposed back in December with help from his two children from a previous marriage, sons Zaire and Zion, and his nephew, Dahveon, whom he's raising.

According to Us Magazine, the bride wore a romantic Dennis Basso gown while Wade wore a customized white suit by Dsquared2, his personally designed Wedding Collection bowtie from The Tie Bar and a boutonniére by Floral Fix. John Legend performed at the ceremony before guests enjoyed the reception, where a juke joint straight out of the 1930s was created.

Union took to Instagram to share photos from the celebratory weekend, posting the below picture on Saturday and writing, "Happy... Got my Luther playin... There's a #BeingMaryJane marathon on #BET, my #nebraska #huskers play today... All my loved ones are in town... Today is a good day... I must say I'm feeling blessed and humbled and just freakin happy... Let's go!!! #thewadeunion."

Conservative Outrage Over Obama Taking Vacations (AGAIN)!

No well deserved vacation.

The racist right hates the Obamas. No matter what the president or First Lady Michelle Obama does, the agitators of the media will make some fuss about it.

Almost like they're timed for outrage. I mean how much outrage can conservatives take. They are going to have a heart attack (i.e Andrew Breitbart and Rush Limbaugh).

The president went on many golf outings and every time he hits a ball, that annoying conservative agitator on Loserville whines. Every time President Barack Obama takes a vacation to Martha's Vineyard, expect that Midday conservative radio asshole to mock his name.

The vacation time for President Barack Obama always merits criticism from the agitators of both the left and the right.

What this obsession so bad, Obama hasn't taken too many vacations. Thus making it clear that George W. Bush has taken way more vacations than Obama.


Q: Is it true that George W. Bush took more vacation days than Barack Obama?

A: Yes. Before his two-week trip to Martha’s Vineyard in August, Obama’s count was 125 full or partial days and Bush’s total at the same point in his presidency was 407.


Our inbox is chock full of questions about who took more vacation days, Obama or Bush. (The short answer: Bush. The long answer: There’s no such thing as a true non-working vacation for the president.)

The recent barrage from our readers coincides with Obama’s 15-day family vacation on Martha’s Vineyard — he returned to the White House on Aug. 24 – which occurred during major news events including the beheading of a U.S. journalist by Islamic militants and protests in Ferguson, Missouri, after a police officer shot and killed an unarmed 18-year-old black man. The vacation also occurred during the funeral of Maj. Gen. Harold J. Greene, the only general officer killed in Afghanistan.

Obama faced criticism for being on vacation during these times, but those types of complaints are nothing new — either to Obama or presidents in general.

Readers may recall the criticism directed at Bush for the August weeks spent at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. Others may remember Democrats chastising President Dwight Eisenhower for spending time on the golf course.

We last dealt with the who-took-more-vacation question in January 2010, at which point Obama had spent 26 days on “vacation” during his first year in office, fewer than the first year totals for Presidents Bush, George H.W. Bush or Ronald Reagan. Our numbers are all courtesy of CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller, who has covered every president since Gerald Ford and tracks the commander in chief’s travel.

But, as we noted then, presidents never fully escape from the job. Knoller told us he doesn’t consider these days away from the White House real “vacation” days. He said then in an email: “I have long held the view that a US president is never really on vacation. The job — and its awesome powers and responsibilities — is his wherever he is and whatever he’s doing.”

Bush officials called the Crawford ranch the “Western White House” to emphasize the days there involved plenty of official business, and Obama’s recent Martha’s Vineyard break included several presidential statements and two days spent back at the White House in the middle of the “vacation.” Presidents may clear brush or hit the links, but they are never actually off the clock.

Still, much is made of these presidential vacation days — and how to count them. Knoller doesn’t include visits to Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland often used to host foreign leaders. On Aug. 8, the day before Obama left for Martha’s Vineyard, Knoller tweeted that Obama had spent 125 full or partial days on vacation, and at the same point in Bush’s president, he had spent 381 days at his Texas ranch plus 26 days at his parents’ home in Kennebunkport, Maine, for a total of 407.

When we emailed Knoller on Aug. 26, Obama was up to 140 days by his count. Bush’s total for his two terms in office is 533 days, which includes 490 at the ranch and the rest at Kennebunkport. For comparison’s sake, President Bill Clinton’s total is 174 days, and Reagan hit 390 (349 at his ranch and 41 in Palm Springs), according to Knoller.

Adding in Camp David visits would bring Obama’s total to date to 223 (that’s 83 days at Camp David) and Bush’s total for his entire time in office to 1,024 (491 days at the presidential retreat). Note that Obama still has more than two years in office to narrow the gap.

Deciding how to count these “vacation” days can create some confusion. CNN recently listed a count of 879 days for Bush and 150 for Obama, numbers that came from a Washington Post “Outlook” piece on “Five myths on presidential vacations.” (Myth No. 1: “Presidents get vacations.”) The 879 figure, it turns out, is from March 3, 2008, at which point Bush had spent that many days at the ranch and Camp David (but it doesn’t include days in Kennebunkport). The numbers are in a 2008 Washington Post piece and attributed to Knoller.

If readers want to make an apples-to-apples comparison, the best solution is to use Knoller’s figures as of August 8, cited above: Bush, 407; Obama, 125. But the numbers say more about how many days the presidents spent away from the White House than they do about how much time the presidents spent not working.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

One Good Shove Deserves Another!

Don Lemon and officer Dan Page get into a tussle. Page is under investigation for more than shoving the news agitator.

Don Lemon was doing coverage in Ferguson. An officer got into his face and shoved him. Lemon made a complaint to the St. Louis County prosecutor. The prosecutor was going to investigate this as police brutality. The officer who shoved Lemon decided to take an early out.

St. Louis County officer Dan Page made some inflammatory comments while a member of the Oath Keepers, a far right group that supports law enforcement.

Page made comments that drew some ire. He was talking about President Barack Obama, LGBT, Muslims, the Black community and of course his oath as an officer.

He is a 35-year veteran with the St. Louis County police. The video that got him in more trouble was his agitating speech on America's diversity. And after this revelation, he was suspended indefinitely. This video has been making rounds on YouTube.

This month was really polarizing. From this point on, never look at August as the dull month.

Things happen during the time the president and Congress go on their respective vacations.

The junk food media agitators worked overtime in jumping over the rioting and looting in Ferguson.
Speaking at an Oath Keepers gathering in a school gymnasium, Dan Page recites his vitriol.
They put the cameras in the 3% of the population acting like a bunch of idiots. Sure they're burning their community and throwing rocks at the law. The cops were going all out with military vehicles, shooting them with rubber bullets, tear gas, and of course allowing their K-9 partners urinate on the memorial dedicated to Michael Brown.

Loserville is all in defense of the reclusive Darren Wilson, the officer who put six in the body of Brown. Wilson is getting major donations from the racist right. The insurgency has always maintained that "we don't rush conclusions". Oh by the way, Brown strong armed robbed a man of a few smokes.

In their case, they're trying to say that Brown deserved his own death. They even goes as far to label him a thug and potential murderer. There are some on the racist right demanding to look into any history as a minor in the court system. They couldn't find nothing on Brown other than him giving the finger and rapping on a microphone. Nothing incriminating.

The officer's comments has gone viral. This may spark more protest in Ferguson.

The St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar saying that the comments Page made in the surfaced video, "deeply disturbed me immediately."

Will Loserville defend an officer who said some nasty things about those he swore to protect?

Was Darren Wilson in attendance of this?

Take discretion in viewing these videos.


Sam I'm Not!

Michael Sam got cut from history.

This was one of the most controversial moves by the NFC team. The St. Louis Rams decided that history will have to wait.

They decided to cut Michael Sam from the team. Despite praise for picking the first openly gay football player to the NFL, the Rams didn't think Sam had the potential.

That means that Sam (if still interested) will be a free agent and hopefully he'll get on a major team,

I am guessing today the LGBT community will probably pissed over this.

Sam took the official social networking website to post his thanks to the Rams for at least going one step forward.

The first openly gay NFL player was a great thought on television and in the papers. But the NFL still has the mentality that you have to be either a wife beater. You got to be speeding in your ride. You have to have an obsession with firearms and be a known a gun enthusiast. You could be a potential murderer.

Hell, you can have marijuana in your system or steroids and still have at least three games on suspension.

But if you're a gay player, you can't get much other than the bench.

I don't care if the guy is gay. If the dude can throw a ball and take a sack, then give the guy a chance to show it on the field.

Big Snoop Does Whiteface!

Snoop Dogg picks up a new trick. Conservative uproar.

Will the conservative agitators get mad that veteran rapper and entertainer Big Snoop dons their looks?

Yup, they would. The former editor of Breitfart News decided to find some reason to attack it.

Ben Shapiro's Truth Revolt already making noise about the entertainer's new look.

Snoop Dogg's White Face Gimmick - Media Is Silent

All in big caption the conservative agitator is worried that the "liberal" media isn't looking at the attempt by a BLACK THUG donning a White look. 

Look at the image of the entertainer as a White man.

Shapiro who is most famously known for carrying the water for the late Andrew Breitbart before striking out on his own. He and Joel Pollack were trying to tie the president to a Harvard professor Derrick Bell. Bell was a "controversial" professor who studied in Black American studies. According to the agitators, Bell's teachings to a Harvard Law Review graduate like Obama sparked his "radical" leanings.

Big Snoop endorsed the legalization of marijuana in 2012. He also thrown his support to President Barack Obama and pissed off the conservative agitators. 

This whiteface issue was started by the Wayans Brothers and then the hapless Nick Cannon. Now Snoop Dogg and of course, conservatives are pissed about the media not getting pissed at it.

Unfortunately the media isn't silent about it, Shapiro. You're covering it. We're covering it. The media is covering it. To be honest, it's not blackface. It's not like Snoop Dogg devoted his whole life to trashing White folks. Unfortunately, you and O'Loofus have devoted time to trashing him and the Black community.

You just don't like Snoop Dogg and those who associated with the entertainer.

Below there's another picture of the entertainer in his new face.

What's your thoughts on Big Snoop's "Todd" impression?

Was it funny or offensive?


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