Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lifetime Revisits The Cleveland Kidnapping Case!

Lifetime greenlights movie based off the Cleveland kidnapping case.

In May 2013, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight escaped the horrors of a West Cleveland home. The three women were kidnapped by Ariel Castro, a retired bus driver.

He held them captive for nearly 10 years and used them as his sexual fetishes. He would rape and physically abuse the young girls. He would bore a child with Amanda.

The day that Castro dropped his guard, Amanda broke out and warned the neighbors about him.

He was arrested and sentenced to LIFE in the iron college. A few months into his time he hung himself. This tragedy affected these three women. Now as they try to adjust to life, Lifetime is spotlighting this case in a movie.

The Lifetime Movie Network released the trailer for the TV movie Cleveland Abduction.

It's told through the prospective of Michelle Knight. Knight who would later write a memoir of her survival and Lifetime bought the rights to the novel.

The film stars Raymond Cruz ("Breaking Bad") as Ariel Castro and Taryn Manning ("8 Mile," "Orange Is the New Black") as Michelle Knight. The film also stars Pam Grier and Joe Morton.

The movie release will be on April 25.

Also, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus will release their book in late April.

The Cleveland Police, the Cuyahoga County Sheriff and the FBI all are trying to sort out what mistakes were made. The Cleveland Police is already facing heavy scrutiny for the shooting of Tamir Rice, the Anthony Sowell situation and of course numerous accusations of police brutality.

This is a British documentary spotlighting the Cleveland kidnapping case.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mo'ne Davis: I Can Forgive Joey Casselberry For Calling Me A __________!

Mo'ne Davis is willing to walk it off. A college baseball player said some offensive words about her.

Now here's a young woman willing to forgive the unrepentant ignorance of NCAA baseball player.

Joey Casselberry was benched after he called Little League World Series star Mo'ne Davis, a nasty word on the social media.

She is a 14 year old phenom and the news agitators are envisioning big prospects for her.

Casselberry, an attendee of Bloomberg University was kicked off the team and may face disciplinary actions if the school president finds anymore offensive themes.

Casselberry has since apologized and Mo'ne accepted it. But here's the real kicker, she and her coach asked the school president to put him back on the team.

“I know right now he’s really hurt,” Davis told ESPN of her forgiveness. “Everyone deserves a second chance.”
Big dummy got benched after he called a teenager a slut.
The fool went on a social media rant that got him removed from the team derisively referred to Davis as a “slut” and mocked her for losing to Nevada during the World Series. Casselberry apologized over the weekend a now-deleted message: “I please ask you to [f]orgive me and truly understand that I am in no way shape or form a sexist and I am a huge fan of Mo’ne. She was quite an inspiration.”

This school stands firm in this.

He is off the team and there's nothing else we can do about it. The player violated the social media policy, he must face the consequences.

We here at Journal de la Reyna wish Mo'ne well on her journey.

Get The F*** Off The TV, Zimmerman!

The dice are rolling. When will the snake's luck run out?

Just when you thought it was over, here comes this asshole. George Zimmerman's back and he's telling his side of the story. The Orlando Sentinel releases a video of Zimmerman talking with his lawyers about his experience being in the limelight. About three years ago, Zimmerman brought himself into the limelight when he gunned down unarmed teen Trayvon Martin.

Trayvon Martin was leaving a local store in Sanford, FL and heading over to his father's home. He goes through the housing complex where Zimmerman was staying. Zimmerman was apparently a neighborhood watch member. He was in the area and saw Martin walking. He calls the law telling dispatchers that he thinks the guy is suspicious and is up to no good. The dispatchers tell him to stay in his vehicle. He chose not to stay inside his vehicle. He would confront the teen and they get into a scuffle.

A gun goes off and Trayvon Martin is dead. Zimmerman tells the law he was attacked and he was by Martin. The law believe him and lets him go. This touches off the controversial "Stand Your Ground" law. If you're life is threatened by anyone, you can legally use deadly force. After pressure, Florida governor Rick Scott called for a special prosecutor to charge him.

This earned Zimmerman a courtroom visit. The legislative law helped Zimmerman beat a murder rap. And with new found freedom, he spent some of it in the county lockup after physically assaulting his wife Shellie.

Shellie served him with a restraining order and divorce papers. His other girl has got the restraining order on him. And he's beaten a serious charge of domestic violence that would have netted him 20 in the iron college.

What a lucky son of a bitch!

Now as he's facing the cameras again, he vents off at President Barack Obama for being the reason for his turmoils. He escaped federal civil rights charges after the Justice Department put the breaks on their investigation.

The Raw Story reports that Zimmerman bitched about Obama's meddling in this.

“I feel that now is the perfect time to speak my mind without fear of retaliation by the president, the attorney general, the federal government etc.,” Zimmerman explained. “Initially I was extremely alleviated. Quickly that turned into realization that the Department of Justice finding that there was no basis to pursue [federal] charges was just the beginning of a journey — my personal journey — to correct the wrongs that the federal government did. To ensure that it never happens to any innocent American ever again.”

The former neighborhood watchman insisted that he had a “clean conscience” after he was found to be not guilty.
Sybrina Fulton isn't amused by that asshole's comments about her son. Zimmerman made her an activist and gun control advocate.
“I believe God has his plans, and for me to second-guess them would be hypocritical, almost blasphemous,” he said when asked if he wished the encounter that ended Martin’s life would have turned out differently.

And according to Zimmerman, “Barack Hussein Obama” was the government official who was the most unfair to him “by far.”

“President Obama held his Rose Garden speech stating if I had a son he would look like Trayvon,” he explained. “To me, that was clearly a dereliction of duty pitting Americans against each other solely based on race.”

Trayvon  sparked the BlackLivesMatter movement.
“He took what should have been a clear-cut self-defense matter, and still to this day on the anniversary of the incident he held a ceremony at the White House inviting the Martin-Fulton family and stating that they should take the day to reflect upon the fact that all children’s lives matter,” Zimmerman continued.

“Unfortunately for the president, I’m also my parent’s child and my life matters as well. And for him to make incendiary comments as he did and direct the Department of Justice to pursue a baseless prosecution he by far overstretched, overreached, even broke the law in certain aspects to where you have an innocent American being prosecuted by the federal government, which should never happen.”

Zimmerman argued that instead of “making racially charged comments and pitting American against American,” the president should have told people not to “rush to judgement.”

“Ask for the Martin-Fulton family and their attorneys not to incite violence and asked for calm from the entire community,” he remarked.

Zimmerman concluded by saying that it was “up to God” if he would ever be the person again that he was when he killed Martin.

“It’s up to God and I put it all in his hands and I do have faith that whatever he has planned out for me is what’s best for me. So whatever he’s determined whatever he has planned out for me I am along for the ride and I just hope to be strong enough to see his will be done.”

What Zimmerman created was activism. Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin hasn't stopped. She is determined to keep pressure on lawmakers to repeal these lapse gun laws.

The Republican Party and its friends of the racist right have aided and abetted Zimmerman throughout his turmoils. The extremists have used it as a rally call to make unarmed Black suspects worthy of their deaths. The conservatives have claimed victory in watching an unrepentant asshole walk away from murdering an unarmed teen.

I will say this for Zimmerman, the dice are rolling. Give it sometime. He will screw up again. And when that day will come, he's going to find himself either in the ground taking a dirt nap or catching a case. Maybe then he will finally end up in the iron college.

Ohio Mom Pimp'd Her Daughter For "Boy"!

Mother traded her daughter for "boy".

Mother of the year, April Corcoran and the local dope boy are going up the creek without a paddle.

The mother hailing from Pleasant Plain, Ohio, a town about 35 miles from Cincinnati, traded her 11 year old daughter for heroin.

I will use some drug slang in this. Heroin is also known in drug slang as "Boy", "Smack" "Fix" or "P-Boi".

Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine are planning on laying the smack down on the 31 year old mother and 41 year old Shandell Willingham.

These two could get LIFE in the iron college if they are found guilty of nearly 30 felonies. Some of these felonies could be bumped into federal charges if the U.S. Justice Department gets involved.

I am betting that DeWine is looking to the DOJ for federal charges.

The whole run down came from the junk food media. The mother of the year would travel to Cincinnati to an upscale apartment off Colerain Avenue in Camp Washington. She would often visit her local dope boy for that fix. That fix was starting to get very expensive. So in order to get a little more hits, she would get this idea.

She would give him collateral.

Willingham would get collateral if Corcoran couldn't muster enough to get boy. That collateral would be her daughter who rode along. I am guessing this was a mom who looked at her daughter like she's her best friend. And seeing their best friends, mom would convince her daughter to get a fix in.

See in the human trafficking game, the pimp (or madam) would convince the young girls to be their friends. They would offer them opportunities (i.e. money, gifts, acceptance, or drugs).  They would try to convince young girls that you could make easy money if you just do this "lil' favor for them".

Corcoran's family lives here. They are shocked that she would trade their grandchild for the fix.
This lil' favor would be child prostitution. This would eventually bring the girls into a world of sex, rape, unwanted pregnancy, drug addiction, sexuality transmitted diseases, and eventually a hole that six feet deep.

The Enquirer went to the sleepy town of 160. Many of the residents know April and found this to be quite disturbing.

The curtains were drawn on Corcoran's former Pleasant Plain residence Monday afternoon, although three cars were parked in the driveway. Two pieces of paper were taped to the front door of the home. They read: "No comment," and "talk to lawyer."

Corcoran's home is located on a sizable lot in a sparsely populated rural area. The residence looks out onto acres of farmland. To the immediate left and right of the residence sit two empty homes.

Dope boy busted for sex with minor and dope hustlin'.
Corcoran's nearest neighbors were two houses down in both directions.

James Bogen, Corcoran's court-appointed attorney, said he's been in contact with Corcoran's family.

"They tell me before she became hooked on heroin, she was a very loving and attentive parent," he said. Corcoran had very few interactions with law enforcement and the court system before Monday's indictment.

She has no criminal record in Ohio. In Hamilton County, the only cases against Corcoran include a disagreement with Discover Bank and a traffic ticket. The Warren County Sheriff's Office told The Enquirer that Corcoran had never been in their jail and that they'd had no dealings with her.

Warren County Juvenile and Family Services confirmed they had a closed case with Corcoran, but it was not clear what was the nature of the case. Warren County Juvenile and Family Services is responsible for child welfare, food stamp, child support and many other types of cases.

County officials were reviewing the case to see if it could be released to The Enquirer.

Officials says Willingham raped the child at an apartment complex at 3301 Colerain Ave. in Camp Washington.

However, City Center Properties, the company that manages the property, said they had no record that Willingham was a tenant at the complex.

The Camp Washington neighborhood is a real grimy area. Cincinnati residents are trying to push the problems out. That problem is the drugs, prostitution and vandalism. There are some long and short term fixes toward gentrification but it's happening and the streetcar will pave over these problems.

The inept Congress can't pass a bipartisan human trafficking bill because some dumb ass Republican senator from Texas (uh John Cornyn) slipped the Hyde Amendment into it. This amendment would deny taxpayer money to help women of rape get a termination if they become pregnant.

Congress is so fixated on trying to undermine the progressive agenda of President Barack Obama, even common sense is a partisan event. They are delaying the appointment of Loretta Lynch in this racial and spiteful attempt to have the president drop her as a nominee.

Yeah, by the way. I do know a few people who are addicted to "boy" and "girl".

In drug slang, girl is "crack/cocaine".

This 28 year old woman named Shelia is a known drug addict and prostitute. She was coming from a loving family in Miamisburg, Ohio. She was a kind of shy kid who wanted to fit in. I guess getting hooked up by those "friends" got her addicted to the boy. Now as she slowly deteriorates, she figures that the best way to get a fix would be selling her body.

I am pretty sure that eventually the fix will either earn her a trip to the iron college or a place in the ground.

Who knows?

But I can only hope that she would get the help she needs or just continue to be a hard head and let the world roll over her.

She and this woman I previously dated named Jennifer are some of the tragedies unfolding in America. You may know someone who is addicted to pain medication, household materials, crack/cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. They find these drugs as an outlet from the rejection.

We here at Journal de la Reyna send our prayers to the victim of this senseless tragedy. I send my prayers to Shelia and Jennifer. It's not easy to overcome drugs. This is not a local problem. It's an international problem and it's a loss...

Monday, March 23, 2015

High Five For The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare)!

A moment in history could be stripped away if the Supreme Court rules against the Affordable Care Act. It celebrates five years and the Republicans are even more determined to repeal the law.

This is a big f--king deal, says Vice President Joe Biden when he was caught on the hot mic.

As the Supreme Court decides on the Affordable Care Act, the signature law of Barack Obama's presidency celebrates five years in action.

The Supreme Court could rule on the rule that deals with healthcare incentives. About 2/3 of the country haven't participated in healthcare incentives.

King v. Burwell is closed watched by observers. If the Justices side with the plaintiffs, then over 10 million people could lose their healthcare coverage. The conservative wing includes Chief Justice John Roberts, Anton Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Anthony Kennedy.

The liberal wing includes Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, Stephen Breyer, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Most of these decisions came down on 5-4 decisions with Kennedy or Roberts being the swing.

The challengers argue that the text of the ACA only allows for subsidies on state-run exchanges, and that the regulation as implemented by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), providing for subsidies on state-run exchanges as well as federal exchanges, exceeded the authority Congress granted to it. All of the "v. Burwell" cases were originally titled "v. Sebelius" until Kathleen Sebelius was replaced by Sylvia Mathews Burwell as United States Secretary of Health and Human Services. The Competitive Enterprise Institute is providing support for the challengers, including financial support for the King plaintiffs' challenge.

Timothy Jost, a health law professor at the Washington and Lee University School of Law, has written that if the challenge is successful, approximately 5 million Americans who obtained coverage through federal exchanges could lose their tax credits and, in all likelihood, their health insurance coverage. According to Jost, the individual mandate, employer mandate, and tax credits for employers to provide health-insurance coverage might also be overturned in states with federal exchanges. However, insurers would likely still be required to cover all applicants regardless of pre-existing conditions, which could destabilize the insurance market in states with federal exchanges and lead to rapid rises in premiums and the possible collapse of the insurance market in those states.

The Urban Institute estimated that a decision in favor of King would result in 8.2 million more uninsured people in 34 states.

Only 14 states have set up their own exchanges.

If the mandates and subsidies are struck down in the other 36 states, many think that the economic foundation of the ACA would be undermined, putting the entirety of the legislation at risk.

Supporters of the plaintiffs, as well as some politicians, argue that the effects of striking down the mandates and subsidies would be mitigated by government action (including the possibility of states setting up their own exchanges in response to a ruling in favor of the plaintiffs).

The highly contested law has been the Republican Party's fixation for the last six years. They've tried and failed to repeal the law. They've tried to repeal the law over 55 times.

It's funny though. For every attempt to repeal the law, Obamacare, as its called by the junk food media continues to enroll millions of Americans. They couldn't repeal in Congress, so they've taken it to court and hope the Justices could strike it down.

This obsession with repealing Obamacare is one of the themes of Stallmigo Ted Cruz (R-TX).

He is the first declared clown for the Republican nomination.

By law, you must enroll for health insurance or face a penalty on your taxes. The federal government offers reasonable health insurance through their exchanges. The Healthcare Marketplace is officially on after a year of delay. It's operational and offering the best coverage for those who can't afford the national brands.

Will Someone Please Put A Cork In Stephen A. Smith's Mouth!

Put a cork in it! The Republicans can't fix the stupidity that plagues their party.

The sports agitator has let his mouth slip once again. This time he's putting on his political analysis hat and the righties are eating it up.

He has his nerve. This is the very guy who advocates for physical assault on a woman if she doesn't shut up. He's a real Black leader....yup, a REAL Black leader.

Anyway, Smith says that all THE BLACKS should vote for once Republican.

What I dream is that for one election, just one, every black person in America vote Republican....
Black folks in America are telling one party, ‘We don’t give a damn about you.’ They’re telling the other party, ‘You’ve got our vote.’ Therefore, you have labeled yourself ‘disenfranchised’ because one party knows they’ve got you under their thumb. The other party knows they’ll never get you and nobody comes to address your interest.
He wants Black America to stop thinking of the Republican Party being the enemy.

He thinks that the lesser of evil, them spineless Democrats took advantage of Black America.

Yeah, those once powerful Democrats put that Black man in the White House. Now they're scared to death of being associated with the Black man. They pretend to be your friends, but they'll stab you in the back as well.

The Republican Party isn't my friend. They don't hide their hatred. They relish in it. They can't get it through their "shit for brain" skulls that the grievances of income inequality, police brutality, and institutional racism is real.

They undermine Black America. They are the party that is stuck in the past.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ted Cruz: I'm The Realest Clown Running!

A relatively unaccomplished lawmaker who gets favorable press coverage is going to formally announce his intentions to jump into the clown car.

It's speculated that the controversial insurgent Texas senator may formally declare his intentions to run for president. The controversial stallmigo will be the first openly declared candidate.

The Canadian born politico, Ted (aka Rafel Edward) Cruz is favorite among conservatives and the junk food media. He will head to Virginia. Cruz will be at Liberty University to formally announce his intentions.

He is 44 years old and currently lives in Houston and Washington, DC.  He was born in December 1970. He is the most recognizable face of the Republican Party.

The conservative agitators are hoping for this inept (legislatively unaccomplished) lawmaker to be the fire starter to wake up an uninspiring field. The Republicans believe they can win the White House, despite them being morally bankrupted and extremely isolated.

The Republican Party is 90% WHITE and 10% OTHER.

Could Cruz make a difference?

He will be the first high profile Hispanic to announce his intention. If elected, he could be the first Hispanic president.

Since Cruz was born in Canada, commentators for the Austin American-Statesman and the Los Angeles Times, have speculated about Cruz's legal status as a natural-born citizen. Because he was a U.S. citizen at birth (since his mother was a U.S. citizen who lived in the U.S. for more than 10 years as required by the Nationality Act of 1940), most commentators believe Cruz is eligible to serve as President of the United States.

Cruz spoke at the Freedom Summit, an event organized by Americans for Prosperity, and Citizens United.

The event was attended by several potential presidential candidates. In his speech, Cruz mentioned that Latinos, young people and single mothers, are the people most affected by the recession, and that the Republican Party should make outreach efforts to these constituents. He also said that the words "growth and opportunity” should be tattooed on the hands of every Republican politician.

Cruz is married to Heidi Nelson and has two daughters. Cruz met his wife while working on the George W. Bush presidential campaign of 2000. Cruz's wife is currently head of the Southwest Region in the Investment Management Division of Goldman, Sachs & Co. and previously worked in the White House for Condoleezza Rice and in New York as an investment banker.

As a child, his mother told Cruz that she would have to make an affirmative act to claim Canadian citizenship for him, so his family assumed that he did not hold Canadian citizenship.

In August 2013, after the Dallas Morning News pointed out that Cruz had dual Canadian-American citizenship, he applied to formally renounce his Canadian citizenship and ceased being a citizen of Canada.

Cruz will launch a presidential bid outright rather than form an exploratory committee, said senior advisers with direct knowledge of his plans, who spoke on condition of anonymity because an official announcement had not been made yet. They say he is done exploring and is now ready to become the first Republican presidential candidate.

Question: Would Latinos and Black voters see Cruz as a minority candidate or another White man in the Republican Party?


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