Friday, January 20, 2017

I Hate Ignorance!

Concern troll gets an answer to the Evanston Police and Lawrence Crosby controversy.

So Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States. Okay, fine. I guess you idiots will give this asshole the chance. Unfortunately I won't. I want to treat him and Mike Pence like they've treated Barack Obama. For the next four or eight years, I will be unrepentant.

I will not support this reality television star as my president. I refuse to respect this asshole and I won't bend over backwards like the people who voted for him.

So mind you I am honest about what I say. I don't have to apologize for it. Understand.

Now I posted this week about the issue with Lawrence Crosby who was roughed up by the Evanston Police after a woman called them. The woman clearly stated that she was "racially profiling" him.

I bluntly said. "Blake Murphy, expect death threats. You're going to get them for trying to be a 'hero.'"

"Your reactionary decision to follow a motorist because you suspect criminal activity was not only dangerous, but extremely stupid," I said. "You give the information to the law and let them handle it."

That brought this troll to question my posting. So in order to respond back to this troll, I want to look at the comments piece by piece and respond back with the answer.

Remember people, do not feed the trolls. Delete the comments and move on. Don't worry what a troll thinks. They can't change your mind. I am certainly not going to change theirs. As long as they are reading what me and S. Baldwin are posting on World News Today, I am pretty damn satisfied.

Get your reading glasses together. You have to look really hard at the word vomit.

This article is a hate crime! You are encouraging people to attack Blake Murphy. Your argument is apparently that white people cannot report apparent crimes to the police if they involve a black person.

The race is not the issue in the woman's 911 call. She reasonably thought that someone was breaking into a vehicle, regardless of their skin color. She did say that "I didn't mean to racial profile the guy," but that was after she had seen the police beat down an innocent and arrest him on trumped up charges. She knew that he was being railroaded and was upset. Is she racist? There is no conclusive evidence on the tape to go either way. She may feel that her identifying his race in her earlier call would be viewed that way, as it had been in the edited tape of George Zimmerman's 911 call (largely due to NBC's "re-editing" of the tape).

You could argue that it was foolish of her to follow his vehicle, and it probably was. However, the 911 operator did not tell her to stop doing so. By the same token it was probably foolish of Mr. Crosby to get out of his vehicle, but, again, the police are supposed to know how to handle these situations correctly.

The fault in this lies solely in the response of the police. They could have instructed Mrs. Murphy to stop following the car. They could have given coherent instructions to Mr. Crosby and avoided most, if not all, physical contact with him. Really, though, the most reprehensible part is the cover up and charges afterwards even when the correct situation had been determined. Is there racism in how the police handled things? It would definitely seem so.

You need to exam yourself and see why you feel such hate for someone who is trying to be a good citizen and keep someone's car from getting stolen.

This person by the name SrAgri responded with the comments.

Okay, thanks for commenting.

The first thing you said was this article is a hate crime. In what matter am I encouraging crimes against anyone's race, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, political, economical, and financial standings?

I don't condone hate crimes against anyone. So that's the first thing you got wrong here.

You claim that I believe White people should never report crime to the police if the suspect is Black. No I am not saying that. First thing, you do not approach a person committing a crime. You do not follow a person who commits a crime. And if you have a description of the suspect, let the police handle it. I will not put my life in danger to save property.

Crime isn't based on color. It's an equal opportunity offender. So you're wrong on that one.

When Murphy said "I don't really feel like I'm racially profiling", that's an example of it. I don't assume that a person breaking into a car is actually breaking into a car. I know the reactionary have called the law on a man who had a CPR dummy inside his vehicle. The law broke his window because someone claimed that an older woman was trapped inside. I seen reactionary call the law on people who leave stuffed animals or dolls inside a vehicle. So for you to claim that the woman didn't racially profile Crosby, you're wrong on that one as well.

You actually have to pop the door locks out of older model vehicles. For a vehicle like Crosby's, you might have to have OnStar and special tools. It's highly unlikely for him to break into a vehicle like his based on technology that makes it harder for criminals to get into it. That's why newer model cars have keyless entry. It eliminates the driver from losing a set of keys or having unauthorized motorists inside their vehicles. The only way a criminal gets into a vehicle is the person leaving their keys inside an unlocked vehicle or having the engine running when they're in a business "for a minute".

Bringing up George Zimmerman. That's what Joe Madison used to call the diversion tactic. NBC was sued by Zimmerman on a claim that they purposely edited a tape where it only seems like Zimmerman was only considered about the race of Trayvon Martin. The case was thrown out on the grounds of the audio was fair use and it wasn't a copyright of Zimmerman. The producer who made the video was fired out the cannon. No different than Fox News running misleading audio from individuals. Or perhaps the James O'Keefe undercover sting operation videos. They have been a subject of controversy. I don't see you getting all upset over people like O'Keefe deliberately editing videos. He paid the price by being arrested and sued by the people who he went after.

By the way, Trayvon Martin was the teen who was shot in Sanford, Florida by Zimmerman and it launched the Black Lives Matter movement. It became a polarizing issue for the fact that the junk food media was obsessed with Martin's past instead of the shooter's past. Zimmerman is forever tarnished by the celebrity. He can't live a normal life because he openly bragged about murdering an unarmed child. Regardless of what Martin did, he didn't have a gun and for you to bring that up is an example of the four Ds.

Joe Madison used to say that concern trolls often work on Diversion, Distraction, Distortion and Deception. You are an example of what he's talking about.

I am not arguing whether following the suspect was a smart move. I am bluntly saying that it was stupid. Regardless, the 911 caller doesn't sit in the passenger seat. They don't know where the person is located. They ping the phone and alert the police to the nearest area where the phone's data is on. Most phones active or inactive allow you to make a 911 call.

Crosby came out his vehicle with his hands up. So you're saying you rather see him dragged out his car or shot. Regardless of what he would have done, either he would have tasted the pavement or the hot lead from the officer's service weapon. For a Black person, getting a wallet, putting your hands in the glove compartment or even being a cell phone could mean a threat to a cop's life. The cops see threat regardless of what he done.

He has a dash camera in his vehicle and he could use that in his lawsuit against the Evanston Police.

Evanston Police didn't hold these officers accountable. So given in a few years, one of them would use deadly force against another person of color. I promise you that it will happen soon.

I don't need to examine myself. I am pretty damn confident. I'm a father now and I don't need to be lectured by the likes of you or any other troll here.

So do me and S. Baldwin a favor. Go to my last posting in November and read it very carefully.

I reject racism and extremism. I reject Donald Trump and conservatism. I am unabashedly opposed to Trump and the Republican Party.

Anything else you got!

Please recycle your garbage before you step up to the plate.

White Extremist Served A Side Of Knuckle Style Chili!

The piped piper of hate got served a side of knuckle style chili.

As so we begin the four years of the most divisive POS to ever lead our nation. Fuhrer Donald J. Trump and vice fuhrer Mike Pence will be blamed for everything that happens.

Understand, conservatives, you can't blame Barack Obama anymore what happens after today.

So be prepared for a polarizing four years.

White extremist Richard Spencer tasted some knuckle style chili while giving an interview to the junk food media.

Some asshole served him a side order and rocked his bells.

The alleged attacker will be caught and face aggravated assault and battery. He could spend at least a year in the iron college. Spencer is a piped piper of extremism. He could sic his minions on the attacker if they find his name in the public records.

The junk food media is trying to rationalize White extremism. They label this bullshit the "alt-right".

And for good measure, watch Tila Tequila getting slapped in the face with poop at the Gathering of the Juggalos.

iLoveMakonnen: I'm Proud To Be Myself And You Guys Accepting It!

Rapper iLoveMakonnen comes out the closet. Mainstream rapper/singer announced he's gay on social media.

Atlanta rapper/singer iLoveMakonnen comes out as gay. The rapper joins a growing list of entertainers in the hip-hop industry making waves in the LGBT community. And on top of that, he's getting mad props for doing so.

The rapper took a moment away from music to focus on acting. But it didn't leave him off the social media to announce to his fans that he's now happy in his skin.

Now being gay in the hip-hop community could be suicide for a career.

Those "oh so straight" rappers in the streets believe that being gay in hip-hop isn't cool.

Take for example internet troll Joe Budden.

Joe Budden is a part of the Slaughterhouse rap group.

ILoveMakonnen was briefly signed to Drake's OVO Sound. He had the smash hit Tuesday and it had a feature from Drizzy himself. He also had released an EP with features from Gucci Mane, Wiz Khalifa and production from Metro Boomin', Sonny Digital , Southside Sizzle, TM88 and Dun Deal.

Rappers who are mainstream who are bisexual or gay.

Nicki Minaj
DJ Mister Cee
Frank Ocean
Queen Latifah
Azealia Banks
Young M.A.
Keith Murray
Queen Penn

Let's pay tribute to iLoveMakonnen by playing his hit single "Tuesday" with Drake.

The Fuhrer's Inauguration!

And so it begins. 

I will not watch it or listen to it on radio. I don't give a fuck about the ceremony. All I got to say to Donald John Trump, Sr., and Michael Richard Pence is.........


That is all. And yes, fuck their families too!

Anyway, you can livestream the event throughout the night and during the day.

The 58th Inauguration of the 45th President of the United States will officially begin at 7am on most national television networks. At 12pm, the billionaire will take the oath of office and begin his term.

Again, who says I should get over it? I am not going to give the respect to a man who shows no respect towards Barack Obama, women, and the country.

Watch it here. If you're interested....

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Definition Of Irony!

Boy saying to Fox News agitator "screw the president." Conservatives get outraged.

Hey conservatives, expect more.

You spent eight years demonizing Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Democrats, progressives and people of color. I think the most divisive person to ever be in the White House isn't Obama.

It's the guy who will take over for the next four years.

Expect more disrespect. Expect more anarchy!

They will never be peace as long as the fuhrer Donald J. Trump is in power.

Democrats better fight Trump. They better treat him like the Republicans treated Obama.

I warn Democrats that going "soft" isn't the way of winning. If Republicans complained and their allies amplified the message, they got their voters out. Let's fight dirty, rotten and nasty!

You liberal agitators better start acting like that old fart Rush Limbaugh and Sean "Softball" Hannity.

Rachel Maddow, Al Sharpton, Stephanie Miller, Joe Madison, Lawrence O'Donnell, Alan Colmes, Leslie Marshall, Thom Hartmann, Ed Schultz, Van Jones, Keith Olbermann, John Fugelsang, Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes, Joy Reid and Bill Press better stop being pacifists.

Get on the bullhorn and start rallying your base to these Republican town halls and events. Shout them down like the Tea Party did the Democratic lawmakers.

I can't wait til the lawmakers have their town halls. I can imagine that progressives will start a "revolution". I hope a Democratic lawmaker disrespect the fuhrer during his "Fate of the Union" speech.

And let's stop treating Fox News as a news channel. Fuck these assholes. The network is an orgy room of old white male perverts.

The softball, perverts like Bill O'Reilly and Tucker Carlson rant and rave for ratings. Why don't these so-called progressives start ranting and raving?

Fox News agitator Geoff Jenkins confronts a 11 year old boy. The boy expresses his frustrations with the system and he made his feelings known on live television.

Hey, Carter.

If you stay in college you could be a progressive agitator and have your show canceled or low rated.

If you drop out of college, you make money like Sean "Softball" Hannity, internet creeper Matt Drudge, white extremist twink Milo Yannopoulos and old fart Rush Limbaugh. They make money swaying their base with ignorance.

Progressives need less college and more blue collar in their ranks. I'm not saying drop out of college, but think like a blue collar. These blue collar people are reactionary and totally ignorant to facts.

Lie and lie until it actually becomes a campaign issue. The kookster Alex Jones and the fuhrer managed to get the birther issue rolling. Fox News and conservative blogs got the Muslim smears running. The junk food media is giving White extremism a new name. It's called the "alt-right" and they are riding this canard to mainstream.

And at 12pm on Friday, you will have Donald John Trump, Sr. and Michael Richard Pence will become your leaders. I offer only a few words for the two and their families.....


I am aware of the Deplorable Ball and the lackluster Trump Inauguration Concerts. I am going to cover this in simple terms.


More commentary on the boy saying "screw the president".

El Chapo's American Tail!

The U.S. has custody of the legendary drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzeman Loera.

The ballad of El Chapo.

The Mexican drug lord who managed to elude authorities through elaborate tunnels and makeshift vehicles was caught last January. The drug lord who put the fear of god in those who weren't down with the Sinaloa. The man was charming and very nice in the public. But if you crossed him, you're head may be in a duffle bag.

He managed to escape the iron college numerous times. Some inside men and his crew were ordered to make tunnels underneath the areas where El Chapo was resting his head. When the officers let their guard down, he would slip into the tunnel and disappear into the night.

His first breakout was in 2001 where he ended up going out with the laundry. He would evade authorities for 13 years. When he was recaptured, he would break out again in 2015 through an elaborate tunnel in through the shower. He was caught in 2016.

He fought to stay in Mexico. The federal judges in Mexico said, "You got to head to the States."

President Barack Obama's last deed on the list is the extradition of Joaquin Guzman Loera to the United States. He feared this moment would come. His lawyers couldn't save him from the fate of the American court system.

El Chapo is heading to New York City to face drug trafficking charges. He will also face conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, terrorism and weapons charges.

On top of that, if he is convicted of these charges, he will head to Florence, Colorado. That's where Supermax ADX is located. The federal time out is the country's most toughest. You can't escape this one with a tunnel. They have the whole facility surrounded. Air, water and land are monitored.

The water that runs to the facility is monitored as well. They watch everything you do. The most dangerous individuals bunk there. Many of them are terrorists, gangsters, state and federal interns who escaped,

El Chapo was caught by the U.S. Marshals and Mexican authorities. He did an interview with Sean Penn. When Penn was given access to meet the reclusive leader, the U.S. were watching him.

President Enrique Pena Nieto agreed to the extradition. Mexico will allow its citizens to face charges in the United States only if the Death Card is pulled out the deck.

So it's likely if convicted, he will get LIFE in the federal time out of Florence ADX Supermax.

Guzeman is innocent until proven guilty.

Anita Baker: Silence Is Golden!

The Songstress is retiring from the music biz.

She brought me joy.

The Detroit born singer said on social media, it's a wrap.

Anita Baker, the famed R&B, jazz singer announced on Twitter that she is retiring from the music business. Her label Blue Note was completely unaware that she was not giving them the best she got.

It all went down last week when she posted a cryptic message to her fans.

She will celebrate her birthday this month.

I remember that she had an album that was supposed to be released some years back, but it was scrapped.

She is a four time platinum selling artist. She won eight Grammy's for her albums.

I wonder if the fuhrer Donald J. Trump's victory caused her to retire. Obviously, many entertainers are not keen on the pussy grabber winning the election.

Anita Baker, you're our angel. We hope the best for you. And retirement isn't going away! It's kind of taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the music industry.

Late Thread dedicated to Anita Baker.


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