Saturday, October 21, 2017

What Happened To Jamarco McShann?

A 23 year old man was killed by the law. The death of Jamarco McShann is getting national attention. The young father was killed by Moraine Police. 
When these comservatives and concern trolls complain about the lack of Black fathers, I've often sake my head in disgust. I am getting tired of these assholes saying shit like that. They want to shame the Black community with these canard about principles.

When the law kills a Black man whether he's armed or unarmed, that leaves children without a father. That leaves a spouse without a husband. That leaves you the impression that the Black man deserved his fate.

Why Black Lives Matter?

The Black community is getting tired of hearing the stories of police officers and vigilantes getting away with murder. They are tired of the junk food media spinning the tales of how a Black person's past history with the law or social media. The Black community is tired of police officers using their version of the events that happened. The police often use their version of what happened to justify why they killed a Black person.

And the public buys into this notion.

The death of Jamarco McShann is getting national attention. The incident happened in Moraine, Ohio, a suburb that's five miles from Dayton.

The police was checking on a suspicious vehicle when these officers claimed Jamarco had a weapon on him. According to the law, they claimed he had pointed a weapon at them. So two officers fired upon the vehicle, killing him.

Okay, did he fire upon the officers?

Did he get spooked by the police?

In Ohio, you are allowed to have a firearm in possession.

It's an open carry state.

The junk food media tries to justify the shooting by deflecting to issues not related to the case. They bring up the death of Jamarco's young brother.

Jamal McShann was killed in October 2013.

The cops blew out the back window.
Another brother killed a man in October 2016. Curtis McShann was served in the death of Brandon Lainer. His brother has 60 to LIFE bid in the iron college.

Then this claim alleged written by Jamarco in a pre release.

“DID NOT think like a productive member of society” 

This is what the junk food media does to paint the victim as the instigator.

Witness say that he didn't point a firearm at the officers. The police dispute this.

Now the cops are in the freezer pending an investigation on whether they used justifiable force. They will concoct a story claiming that the victim was reaching and allegedly ready to fire. They will claim he had a bad attitude or he refused to listen to the order. They are going to claim he had drugs on him.

We will find out the officers names soon. We will also learn how many years these officers were on the force. We will learn if these officers had any run-ins with the law or bad interactions with the public. They will have their disciplinary records looked at.

If they had body cameras on them, that will be released. Probably after these cops walk free.

We don't know?

A dead body can't tell a tale.

Expect the cops to walk free, the Black man slandered by the junk food media and a little boy without a father.

Jamarco leaves behind a 7 year old son.

Friday, October 20, 2017

The Fox Had Rabies!

Fox failed to vet a person they interviewed. Their lame attempt to make Trump look good fell flat on their face.
The conservative cable news channel once again got duped by a fake analyst.

If you remember the controversy surrounding phony Counter Intelligence analyst Wayne Simmons, you would have thought that Fox News would have bet these people?

Well Fox got a hold of a 72 year old man who claimed to be a Navy Seal and a proud supporter of Donald J. Trump who wanted to give glass replica of the presidential seal. This guy named John Garofalo was given airtime on Fox.

The Washington Post caught this one early.
It's never enough Fox News.
They reached out to living Navy Seals and the Navy Times.

They confirmed that this dude is a fraud.

He did serve in the military. However, he was never a member of the elite team of assassins and military strategists.

Brian Lienas did the reporting and he will certainly get in trouble for this. Be failed to vet this guy.

Fox News managed to keep the public distracted with stories about NFL players taking a knee, Harvey Weinstein and his donotions to the Democratic Party, the racist smearing Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL), the kookspiracies about Seth Rich, the fake accusations of Barack Obama officials unmasking Trump officials and the baseless attacks on Hillary Clinton.

Fox News is state-sponsored propaganda for Donald J. Trump.

Sean Hannity is the official softball of the Trump Administration.

Freeband Thugger!

Future and Young Thug release a suprise album.
Atlanta's codeine obsessed rappers release a surprise mixtape today. Future and Young Thug release their mixtape called Super Slimey.

The mixtape has production from Mike Will MADE It, Southside Sizzle, TM88, London on da Track, Wheezy and others.

It was released on APPLE Music and it is likely going to be the number one album for the week. The two had talked about a collaboration earlier this year.

The tracklist.

1. Future & Young Thug – “No Cap” (prod. by Southside)
2. Future & Young Thug – “Three” (prod. by Southside & DY)
3. Future & Young Thug – “All da Smoke” (prod. by Richie Souf)
4. Future & Young Thug – “200” (prod. by Tre Punds & Wheezy)
5. Young Thug – “Cruise Ship” (prod. by BL$$D & Chef)
6. Future & Young Thug – “Patek Water” Feat. Offset (prod. by Southside, DY & Rex Kudo)
7. Future – “Feed Me Dope” (prod. by Will-A-Fool)
8. Future & Young Thug – “Drip on Me” (prod. by Wheezy)
9. Future & Young Thug – “Real Love” (prod. by Fuse)
10. Future – “4 da Gang” (prod. by Fuse)
11. Young Thug – “Killed Before” (prod. by London on Da Track)
12. Future & Young Thug – “Mink Flow” (prod. by Mike WiLL Made-It)
13. Future & Young Thug – “Group Home” (prod. by Fuse & TM88)

The album is singing, rapping and around. The stuff that Future and Thug famous. Future who had just released two albums (Future and HNDRXX) back to back in February. Young Thug who released the mixtape/album Beautiful Thuggery Girls in June.

The hip-hop stans love this mixtape already. This may be Young Thug's first number one album.

Congratulations to Nayvadius Wilbun and Jeffrey Williams. Talent gods.

Euclid Police Fires Dirty Cop Who Loved The Takedowns!

This dirty cop got fired out the cannon.
Bad cops will get good cops killed. The blue wall of silence is a problem. When cops refuse to tell on one of their own it puts the public in danger. It allows bad cops to get away with murder.

Euclid, Ohio is a suburb of Cleveland. It is located 10 miles northeast of the city. The city has a population of 45,000 residents.

The city also had a cop who had a history. He said that the "takedowns" were the most exciting part of the job. Well he won't be doing it anymore in Euclid.

Michael Amiott was fired out the cannon this week after the police chief and mayor found reasonable concerns about his arrest record.

Amiott was filmed last summer pummeling a Black motorist only minutes after he was pulled over. At first he received time in the freezer, but pressure from the public forced the mayor, Kristen Gail and police chief Scott Meyer had to pull the cord.

Richard Hubbard III, was pulled over in August over allegations of driving under suspension. Within a moment, Amiott had tried to cuff Hubbard. He demanded Hubbard to turn to the side and he refused. That's when the dirty cop proceeded in a takedown. During that takedown, Amiott served Hubbard a side order of knuckle style chili.

This filmed by a bystander and posted on social media. The community was lit up over this.

They were also aware that this cop had a history. He was in trouble for excessive force, mishandling evidence, damage to city property and misuse of time.

The Associated Press obtained his record and found he had gotten away with for so long. He pistol whipped a motorist in front of his commanding officer. He lost his temper at people when they didn't listen to his orders. He had a complaint from a resident. In the three years wearing the badge, no actions were taken.
Richard Harper is lucky to be alive.
Hubbard and his girlfriend, Yomilar Tirado were booked on resisting arrest.

Their lawyers are trying to get the charges thrown out.

The cop was seen on video this past April placing his leg on the back of a young girl after he was angered by the girl. The girl was in the public library, a little past its curfew policy. The cop wanted her to leave and she refused. So he decided to arrest her.

This cop was on the verge of being fired out of another Ohio town. The town of Mentor wanted to fire his ass but he resigned early.

Why the hell did Euclid hired this asshole?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Frederica Wilson: Trump And His Cronies Are Full Of....!

Donald J. Trump goes after a black congresswoman. Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-FL) confirms that Trump was disrespectful to a military widow.

The death of American Green Beret Sergeant LaDavid Johnson is the talk of the nation. Donald J. Trump's call to his widow Keyshia has become a controversy.

The family confirms Trump did not soothe tensions. They said he was quite disrespectful to Keyshia. The iconic picture of LaDavid Johnson's widow on top of his casket is symbolic. It touch nerves across the country.

Trump's five-minute call has really irritated the family. One Florida congresswoman who was there with them was not happy as well. This congresswoman goes to the junk food media to talk about the phone call.

And when she did it, the junk food went into the issue of Trump not showing empathy towards people killed in the line of duty. In order to deflect attention once again off of Trump, the conservatives roll out this tactic to attack a black lawmaker for being honest about how Trump is towards people of color.

Trump decides to bring his chief of staff into the mix. And of course conservatives use their favorite scapegoat, Barack Obama

Trump's Chief of Staff, John Kelly comes out of the shadows to talk about it.

Kelly places the blame squarely on Democratic congresswoman Frederica Wilson of Florida. Kelly says to the junk food media that Wilson had no business listening to this conversation.

You know how I feel about how white men try to tell Black women how to talk in public. I think Kelly was subliminally dog whistling to the far right base to dispute the claim.

Kelly wanted to turn the discussion from a disrespectful phone call to "oh look, this Black woman is calling Trump a racist. You know people like her."

I think Kelly was trying to shut Wilson up.

The congresswoman is a fierce critic of Trump and second banana Mike Pence. Wilson believes that Trump is mentally ill.

Remember Trump did say offensive comments about Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Gold Star Father Khizr Khan and his slain son, Humayun Khan.

Trump Got Hit By A Softball Again!

 Donald Trump gets pitching advice from Sean "Softball" Hannity.

Do you know how bad it's gotten with Donald J. Trump?

Trump is under fire for his improper tone toward a military widow in the wake of a soldier's death. He also took a shot at a Democratic lawmaker who happens to be a Black woman.

So in order for him to take his mind off the controversy, he goes back to blaming Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton again.

He's taking advice from one of the world's most annoying conservative agitators. Trump's earpiece is none other then, Sean "Softball" Hannity, the most controversial figure in the junk food media.

While this Russia scandal is heating up, the softball and many of the conservative agitators in the junk food media are trying to divert attention to some issue that has nothing to do with what's happening. I've listened to this conservative agitator going on and on about the Uranium One deal and allegations of Hillary Clinton taking a quid pro quo.

It's unfortunate that they will not let go of their Obama and Clinton obsession.

According to this hack writer named Peter Schweitzer, the state department in 2010 approved the deal for uranium to help Russia. Trump mentions a kookspiracy about Clinton taking money from a Russian business.

The Politico reports the controversy.

"Uranium deal to Russia, with Clinton help and Obama Administration knowledge, is the biggest story that Fake Media doesn't want to follow!" Trump wrote online Thursday.

The controversy, which centers around a 2010 sale that put the Russian government in control of more than 20 percent of the U.S. uranium supply, made its way back into the spotlight this week when the Senate Judiciary Committee opened a fresh investigation on the matter. That probe was triggered by a story published by The Hill reporting that the FBI had uncovered Russian nuclear officials were engaged in an array of illegal activities in the U.S., including bribery, extortion and kickbacks.
Trump often used the uranium deal during last year’s presidential campaign in an effort to paint Clinton as corrupt, pointing to donations made to the Clinton Global Initiative as an indication that she approved the sale to appease donors.
But while the State Department was one of the agencies involved in approving the uranium deal, both the Clinton campaign and officials from the department have said that the former secretary of state was not involved in the approval process because such matters did not rise to her level within the department. 

This nonsense hasn't stop the noise. You know we're getting deeper in this Russia stuff when conservatives like Softball Hannity are deflecting to this canard.

This canard was picked up by another group of hacks named John Solomon, Alison Spann and Sara Carter. These people are often fixtures on the softball's right wing carnival.

Solomon who writes for The Hill broke a story about a 2010 deal that maintained the business executive involved in the purchase of uranium donated to the Clinton Foundation.

The only outlet focused on it is Fox News. You know the channel that accused Hillary Clinton of murdering DNC staffer Seth Rich.

The Washington Post decides to cut through the noise. They look into the accusations from the hack. Solomon wrote for the Washington Examiner, a far right outlet. This guy worked for Circa News, a Sinclair Broadcasting Group outlet. Now he works at The Hill writing bullshit.

John Solomon and Alison Spann reported Tuesday that before the Obama administration approved Russia's 2010 acquisition of a majority stake in a Canadian firm that owned uranium mines in the American West, the FBI had begun investigating a Kremlin scheme to grow Russia's influence in the United States' nuclear industry through corrupt business practices.

Here's an excerpt:

Federal agents used a confidential U.S. witness working inside the Russian nuclear industry to gather extensive financial records, make secret recordings and intercept emails as early as 2009 that showed Moscow had compromised an American uranium trucking firm with bribes and kickbacks in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, FBI and court documents show.
The Washington Post said that this "deal" as the right puts it, doesn't really have to do with Hillary Clinton. The post has cited a story from the New York Times saying that Clinton wouldn't go out her way to making money off of a nuclear deal knowing that she escaped many other made up controversies. Had Clinton actually known about the deal, she would have been in trouble.

It seems like she didn't have no say in what goes on.

The New York Times reported in 2015 that “as the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation.”

It is virtually impossible to view these donations as anything other than an attempt to curry favor with Clinton. Donations alone do not, however, prove that Clinton was actually influenced by money to vote in favor of the Uranium One sale — or to overlook the FBI investigation. Again, there is no evidence that she even knew about the investigation.

Similarly, it is virtually impossible to view foreign dignitaries' habit of lodging at Trump's Washington hotel as anything other than an attempt to curry favor with the president. Reservations and room service alone do not, however, prove that Trump's foreign policy is actually influenced by money.

Some people willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt are denying Clinton the same courtesy.

In other words, this is just a made-up scandal created by Trump and his acolytes.

Sean "Softball" Hannity is the chief propagandist of the Trump Administration.

Hannity is not ashamed of the crap he's spewing on television, radio and the internet. The softball has become more one of the most controversial figures and talk radio and cable news.

He is one of the most fiercest supporters of Trump.

The Kremlin Had A Stage!

Russian bots created multiple social media accounts to mimic American culture. The trolls riled up conservatives and news aggregators like The Drudge Report and Circa News.

Remember now is not the time to talk about gun violence since the Republican Party. They rather have you talking about what's going on with Harvey Weinstein, the NFL players taking a knee and Hillary Clinton.

The Republicans rather you forget that they have not accomplished anything since they've had control of the White House, Congress and possibly the Supreme Court.

The Republicans want to take apart Barack Obama's legacy.

They're not concerned about what's going on with Donald J. Trump. The inept leader continues his quest to upset the status quo. He continues

The plot thickens.

Do you notice the spam from Trumpism, Ivan Trumpovic and Columbia Bridge often appears after Trump made a post on Twitter?

I happen to notice this constantly whenever Trump post on his official account. Of course I follow the moron. I have to know what the moron' s plans.

Every time Trump posts something, I expect someone to spam it a second after.

Me thinks these are Russian bots.

It's revealed that Russian operatives have used the power of social media to seed mistrust and whisper campaigns against Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Some have used the Netflix series, House of Cards to get ideas.

There were accounts suspended over the past month linking accounts to Russian operatives. The accounts were patriotic, full of vitriol, and pro Trump rhetoric. Some of Trump's inner circle, lawmakers and conservative agitators followed these accounts.

You may remember some of the trolling going on during the campaign. Remember that Trump was bragging about his crowd sizes.

This troll account called @TEN_GOP posted it on social media and The Gayeway Pundit picked up on it.

By the time it went off conservatives was promoting this stuff on the radio and television.

When it was found out that it was a photo of the Cleveland Cavaliers celebrating their victory against the Golden State Warriors, that troll account shut it down quickly. Twitter eventually found the account and banned it indefinitely.

The so-called Russian troll farm had made mock accounts targeting Black Lives Matter, Antifa, supporters of Barack Obama and LGBTQ people.

It was deliberately trying to cause chaos during the 2016 election.

Google, Facebook and Twitter are under pressure to eliminate Russian bots, hate speech and Al-Qaeda/Islamic State propaganda. The companies are cautious about it.


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