Thursday, May 24, 2018

Morgan Freeman Felt #MeToo!

Morgan Freeman is an iconic actor. He could be the most dangerous sexual predator. Numerous women came forth claiming he sexually harassed them. Allegations of him sleeping with his step-granddaughter are back in the spotlight.

The voice of god or a sexual predator.

Oscar award winning actor Morgan Freeman has nearly 30 accusers and the junk food media is now talking about it.

A woman who worked in 2015 as a production assistant for the film "Going in Style," accused the actor of sexually harassing her for several months.

The woman said that Freeman tried to lift her skirt and asked if she was wearing underwear.

Several other woman told CNN that the actor, 80 acted inappropriately or harassed them as well. These incidents happened in public and one in front of Lori McCreary, the co-founder of Freeman's production company Revelations Entertainment.

Right now Visa and Mountain Dew has suspended Freeman from doing voice-overs. Translink used Freeman's voice in travel. That could be removed.

Some of the inappropriate behavior included staring at a women's breast, massaging an intern's shoulders and asking women to twirl for him.

Freeman was also accused of having an affair with his deceased step-granddaughter.

This is big.

More developments on this controversy in the next postings.

Can't Block This!

Another setback. Trump must respect critics. He was ordered to unblock people on his social media platforms.
A federal judge ordered Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence to stop blocking critics. The federal judge said that our inept leader can't throw a temper tantrum whenever a critic like Rosie O'Donnell criticizes him.

Trump so far hasn't complied with the ruling.

Judge Noami Reice Buchweld ordered The White House to unblock all critics on the grounds of Trump being a "designated public forum."

MEMORANDUM AND ORDER: granting in part and denying in part 34 Motion for Summary Judgment; granting in part and denying in part 42 Motion for Summary Judgment. We conclude that we have jurisdiction to entertain this dispute. Plaintiffs have established legal injuries that are traceable to the conduct of the President and Daniel Scavino and, despite defendants' suggestions to the contrary, their injuries are redressable by a favorable judicial declaration. Plaintiffs lack standing, however, to sue Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is dismissed as a defendant. Hope Hicks is also dismissed as a defendant, in light of her resignation as White House Communications Director. Turning to the merits of plaintiffs' First Amendment claim, we hold that the speech in which they seek to engage is protected by the First Amendment and that the President and Scavino exert governmental control over certain aspects of the @realDonaldTrump account, including the interactive space of the tweets sent from the account. That interactive space is susceptible to analysis under the Supreme Court's forum doctrines, and is properly characterized as a designated public forum. The viewpoint-based exclusion of the individual plaintiffs from that designated public forum is proscribed by the First Amendment and cannot be justified by the President's personal First Amendment interests. In sum, defendants' motion for summary judgment is granted in part and denied in part, and plaintiffs' cross-motion for summary judgment is granted in part and denied in part. The Clerk of the Court is directed to terminate the motions pending at docket entries 34 and 42. SO ORDERED. (Signed by Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald on 5/23/2018) (ama) (Entered: 05/23/2018)

He is required by law to be transparent regardless of the platform.

Chrissy Teigen, Jim Carrey, Bette Midler and Marina Sirtis are notable celebrities blocked from Trump.

The order must rule that Trump cannot deny freedom of speech. Trump hasn't responded to the decision. He will probably defy the ruling.

Trump Walks Away From Peace Deal!

The collective coin released will be worth a lot of money. Now that Donald Trump pulled out the North Korean summit, the coin is going to be a rare oddity.

It was bound to happen. Diplomacy isn't one of Donald J. Trump's strengths.

After North Korea mildly insulted Mike Pence, Trump kicked up a notch.

Trump basically declared that "great opportunity" is no longer an option. North Korea called Mike Pence a "political dummy" after the moron appeared on Fox News to say that if Kim Jong Un failed to follow through with dismantling its nuclear program, they could meet a fate like Libya.

The White House wrote a letter.

Matter of fact, he apologized, threatened and insulted North Korea. He begged for North Korea to change its ways. Wow, this is amazing.

The foreign minister of North Korea said that the United States is literally pushing towards war.

Choe Son Hui, vice minister to the North Korean Foreign Ministry, said if the U.S. continued on its current path, it would cancel the summit.
Looks like it was all publicity.
Trump just decided to beat the North Korean government to the punch. This morning, the inept leader just blew up the deal.

The summit was being prepared for June 12.

Trump and Kim Jong Un were going to meet in Singapore. This much hyped up summit was being promoted by conservatives. They were screaming that Trump could earn a Nobel Peace Prize if this went through.

This is a sign of the weakness and inconsistencies of Trump. He not only caused a diplomatic crisis, but he could hurt the Republicans chances of holding on to Congress. This decision as well as the abrupt signing of the Jobs and Tax Cut Act will really hurt them.

I am serious. This is one of the biggest blunders in American history.

Moon Jae-In, the leader of South Korea was shocked and really upset. The president of South Korea wanted to at least get the ground running.

We pulled out the Iranian Nuclear Deal. That angered the United Nations and the five strongest nations. China, Russia, the United Kingdom, France and Germany have went along with the United States to work out a deal with Iran. Trump listening to Benjamin Netanyahu and Fox News decided to pull out the deal this month. He also decided to move the United States embassy to Jerusalem, declaring it to be the capital of Israel. That infuriated the Middle East and Arab League. The Palestinian government was none too happy about this. They decided to no longer talk to the United States about the two state solution. To this day, Israel continues to block supplies to the Gaza Strip and continues to build settlements in the West Bank/ They also brutally kill protesters and blames Hamas for the deaths. 

Now we pulled out of Korean summit because of Mike Pence being insulted.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

National Freedom Lost!

The owners of the National Football League have decided to squash the debate over players kneeling to the national anthem. This once again accelerates the debate over whether NFL players lose their right to protest.

Roger Goddell and the 32 owners unanimously approved a new policy requiring all players to stand during the anthem or stay in the lockroom during the anthem. Any players from all NFL teams who protest the anthem while on field will become subject to discipline from the league. In addition, the teams as a whole will be subject to punishment and other forms of discipline from the NFL as a result.

The players who took a knee were none too happy about the "son of bitch" comment from Donald J. Trump. The NFL was taking hits from both sides. The left were upset that Colin Kaepernick was sideline for this. The right was upset that the NFL didn't punish the players for doing such.

The players must stand when they are on the field. However they reserve the option to remain in the locker room if they prefer.

The sport has 70 percent Black players.

The penalizing of players has gotten people in the Black Lives Matter movement riled up.

Of course, they're trying to appease Trump and his nationalist base.

Tami, Have A Drink!

Someone poured a drink on Tomi Lahren.
We do not advocate violence against people. She is entitled to her speech. We should never resort to violence because some asshole spoke hateful shit. It's best to get them in their pocketbooks. Boycott do work. Let them dig their own graves when it comes to outrageous rhetoric.

Nonetheless, we live in a country where our inept leader said "political correctness" should be off the table. These folks just practicing what he preached.

Most people hate her. They believe she is the definition of white privilege.

A woman who rose to fame with vicious rants saw a shower of fluid this past weekend.

This morning Donald J. Trump made a plug again to Fox & Friends and blonde beeyotch Tomi Lahren.

The alt-right agitator is a fixture on Fox News now. Lahren was fired out the cannon at The Blaze after she admitted on The View she was a pro-choice conservative. Everyday, people have exposed her as a fraud.

1. She loves hip-hop music. Lahren admits that she can't stand those who criticize Trump in their music but she loves the beats. Charlemagne tha God and Trevor Noah gave her more exposure last year when they hosted her.

2. She has immigrant heritage.

3. She lived with her parents during her rise to fame. Before Fox and The Blaze she was on One America Network. She was living with her parents while struggling to eat.

4. She benefited from the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare).

5. She doesn't realize that being Black with a firearm could be a death sentence. She flaunts around firearms like it ain't nothing. She believes the left are worked up over criminality. When Black people carry firearms in public, White people call 911 and police respond with the quickness. They often would shot first before questioning.

6. She used to be a progressive. Lahren found it profitable to be a conservative.

And inside a Minneapolis restaurant, she was found soaking wet after a bar patron tossed a drink on her. She and her mother got into a heated argument with people in the bar. By the time she was exiting the room a woman picked up a drink and tossed it on her.

Tomi Lahren is a piece of work. She along with Coondace Owens, Dana Loesch and others promote their femininity like they're god's gift to men. Being a conservative shouldn't be an honor. It should be a curse.

Conservatives are racists. End of discussion.

Tomi Lahren now claims that she is a martyr to conservatives. She believes that her celebrity is the reasons to why she was assaulted at the restaurant.

Sad excuse for a human being.

Too Late Dummy!

New York attorney makes shame great again.
After a week of public shaming, the New York attorney who went on racist rant towards two Spanish speaking workers now apologizes.

It's a little too late for that.

Matter of fact, he might as well wrap it up. The damage is done. There's no coming back from this.

Aaron Schlossberg, the Trump supporting New York City attorney had to publicly apologize to the people he insulted in that viral video.

That was until.

As you see from Shaun King's posting, this guy is truly a nightmare.

The New York lawyer complains that he is a victim of a far-left smear campaign. He said he's not a racist but folks across Manhattan know this guy.

This is America folks.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Stacey Abrams Could Be First Black Guv Of Georgia!

Stacey Abrams will be the Democratic nominee for governor of Georgia.
The Democratic nominee for governor of Georgia is a power player. Now the challenge is for her to win a seat in the Deep South, a Republican stronghold.

She is the first Black woman in modern history to be a gubernatorial candidate for a state.

According to Wikipedia, Abrams is a former state lawmaker, a tax attorney, and novelist.

Stacey Abrams won the Democratic primary in Georgia. She will be facing the Republican nominee in the general election. There will be a runoff election for the Republican nominee.

Casey Cagle, the state's second banana and state secretary of state Brian Kemp will face off in the June runoff election for the Republican nomination.

Abrams, the former minority leader and state lawmaker will now have to push hard for this. Georgia often picks Republicans and it has been a challenge for the party. The last time this state voted for a Democrat was in 1992 when Bill Clinton was the presidential nominee.

Abrams became the first woman to lead either party in the Georgia General Assembly and the first African-American to lead in the House of Representatives.

Abrams worked as a tax attorney at the Sutherland Asbill & Brennan law firm in Atlanta, with a focus on tax-exempt organizations, health care and public finance. She was appointed the Deputy City Attorney for Atlanta at age 29.

Abrams co-founded and served as the senior vice president of NOW Corp. (formerly NOWaccount Network Corporation), a financial services firm.She co-founded Nourish, Inc., a beverage company with a focus on infants and toddlers, and is CEO of Sage Works, a legal consulting firm, that has represented clients including the Atlanta Dream of the WNBA.

Abrams has published articles on issues of public policy, taxation, and nonprofit organizations.

Under the pen name Selena Montgomery, Abrams is the award-winning author of several romantic suspense novels. According to Abrams, she has sold more than 100,000 copies of her novels.

Selena Montgomery was the winner of both the Reviewer’s Choice Award and the Reader’s Favorite Award from Romance In Color for Best New Author, and was featured as a Rising Star.

Abrams is also the author of Minority Leader, a book of leadership advice to be published by Henry Holt & Co. in April 2018.

Hopefully we make history. Stacey Abrams could be the first African American woman to become governor of Georgia. A state that could become a bellwether in a general election.


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