Monday, August 14, 2017

Yellow Extremist Jason Kessler Runs From The Cameras!

Tiny man with ties to White extremism chased out a presser.
White extremists are celebrating a victory in Charlottesville. They are pleased about the events that lead to the deaths of three people. They are happy that the inept leader Donald J. Trump didn't denounce them.

They are motivated to do more events.

This time, they may start shooting people instead of running them over with their cars.

The organizer of the Unite The Right rally was chased by protesters. The blogger Jason Kessler had to be escorted by the law after he did a presser on the events.

Kessler is a 34 year old white extremist. He was responsible for organizing the rally in Charlottesville.

Screams of murder and shame drowned out Kessler's words.

The extremist blames the governor and mayor for not protecting them and instigating the whole ordeal. Of course, White extremists and The Drudge Report say that a "stand down" was ordered.

Stand down is coded language in my opinion. Police were there. They were aggressively trying to keep the calm. Remember two Virginia commonwealth troopers died in a helicopter crash.

McAuiliffe said that people should avoid the area. Why would you head to the problem?

Trump said both sides are do it. He's right for that. People on both sides were injured. The protesters who were ran over by that terrorist weren't on both sides. They were under the vehicle or over it. So don't give me that bullshit. That woman died when a terrorist revved his car into them.

Terry McAuiliffe and Michael Signer blast Trump for not condemning the White extremists.

Jason Kessler a resident of Charlottesville has been organizing extremist rallies for years.

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