Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What Happened To Kiwi Herring?

Transwoman killed by the St. Louis Police sparks outrage.

A transwoman of color is killed and the junk food media ignores it. Today, Black Lives Matter adds the fight for the rights to those who are transgender.

The inept leader Donald J. Trump is trying to sign off with Jim Mathis, a transgender soldier ban. This ban will discriminate against those who identify as transgender serving in the military.

It will face legal challenges if this is signed.

Transgender Americans are trying to win a place at the table. In these polarizing times, you need all the allies to help #RESIST the Trump legacy, Republicans and their conservative agitating allies.

It's time to denounce White extremism.

There were protests in St. Louis, Missouri.

Protesters were attacked by a terrorist. The car drove into a crowd of people following the vigil of a transwoman who was killed by the law.

Several individuals were injured but treated for minor injuries.

The St. Louis Police will investigate whether the act was intentional or accidental. It happened not to far from the Transgender Garden, a memorial site to the transgender victims of violence.

There was fatal police shooting in the independent city of St. Louis of a transgender woman named Kiwi Herring. The 30 year old was accused of cutting an officer with a knife. The officers used deadly force.

Now protesters are demanding answers.

Herring leaves behind three children. As a transwoman, Kiwi was a father/mother.

"Her pain, her struggle, her legacy will not be forgotten by anyone here, said Morgan Hunlin. "She was a resilient character that may have reached an unfortunate an tragic end, but lived a life that should be celebrated."

The officers chose to not use the Taser. They used their service weapons to stop a woman in her own home. This was a domestic dispute between her spouse Kristy Thompson, another transgender woman who was later arrest and charged with first-degree assault.

Thompson is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

The officer did get treated for a cut. The officer's name wasn't released nor the partner. They're placed in the freezer pending a grand jury decision to whether deadly force was justified.
Protesters were injured in hit and run.
There were over 600 people this year killed by the law. When will there names be said?

To hear the death of Kiwi Herring is troubling. The fact that a transwoman who called for help would end up being killed by the people who were trying to protect her.

And it bugs me that the junk food media wanted to use the government name to describe the victim.

I choose not to out of respect because Kiwi was identified as a woman.

There were 18 transwomen killed this year alone. This news often doesn't get attention.

Some transowmen are often shunned by their families. They turn to a criminal lifestyle like prostitution to stay alive.

Transgender women are 17 times likely to contract HIV from unsafe sexual practices as a prostitute.

Transgender women who work the stroll are likely to be victims of robbery, rape, sexually transmitted diseases, homelessness, and violent attacks from a transphobic person.

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