Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What Happened To DeAndre Harris?

White Extremists worked  brutal attack on a Black man. This was not condemned by Donald J. Trump.

DeAndre Harris is lucky to be alive.

He was beaten with metal pipes inside a parking garage. He confronted the white extremists in Charlottesville. They quickly ran up on him and brutally attacked him.

He said that the Charlottesville Police let him down. They didn't stop the attack and the people involved were gone in a flash.

Although one of them managed to kill a woman protesting the event, this young man was an example of how radical conservative terrorists are.

White Extremists are more of a threat than those in the Islamic State.

I bet you money, al Qaeda, the Islamic State and other groups look at this event as a recruiting tool.

He has eight stitches in his head and might have short term memory loss.

He drifted in and out of consciousness.

Black Lives Matter activist and New York Daily News writer Shaun King is demanding the Charlottesville Police arrest these terrorists.

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Clearer images of White Supremacist #2 who brutally beat & assaulted Deandre Harris.


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— Shaun King (@ShaunKing) August 15, 2017

The Unite The Right rally was a recipe for disaster. The event sponsored by White Extremists was a catalysis of what Donald J. Trump's America looks like.

The extremists claim victory. They plan on rallying and sparking more chaos.

Richard Spencer was trying to have another rally in Bryan Station, Texas. He planned on having a 9/11 White Lives Matter at Texas A&M University. It was cancelled due to safety concerns and the potential for unrest.
Lucky to be alive.
This rally in Charlottesville has now become a reality of me as a Black man.

I have a son from a white woman. The woman is a 40 something with a mindset of a 20 year old. She was reckless in not informing me about her giving birth to my son.

I can't never get that opportunity to be a first time father back. It hurts me but won't destroy me.

It made me very cautious about White people. I do not have hatred towards anyone. However, because of her, I am going to trust my gut before I trust them.

With this being a part of my life, I look at this inept leader and his embracing of this hateful minority.

Trump opened up the door to this type of stuff.

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