Monday, August 07, 2017

Vili Fualaau: I Ain't Hot For Teachers!

Vili Fualauu can't start a recrational weed business in Washington because his wife is a registered sexual offender. Mary Kay Fualauu is the infamous teacher who slept with Vili at the age of 12. She would spend time in the iron college for this. The two confirm it's splitsville after 12 years of marriage.
The infamous pedophile teacher and her victim got married over 10 years ago.

Mary Kay Fualaau known by the junk food media as Mary Kay Letourneau is the teacher who had a tryst with her student now husband Vili Faulaau.

She had to serve time in the iron college after she got knocked up twice by the student.

It became tabloid fodder. It glorified sexual assault in the classroom.

White women who have sexual affairs with their students is big business for the junk food media. So far this year, The Daily Mail has reported over 50 stories dealing with pedophile teachers.

I am frustrated with this bullshit. I am tired of the junk food media glorifying this nonsense.

I understand that most of these teachers are attractive, but damn, this is unprofessional behavior and our junk food media continues to make these teachers (i.e. White or Asian women) look like the victim. Matter of fact, some of these women get sympathetic support from individuals who believe these are "honest" mistakes.

Because of Mary Kay Letourneau, this stuff is now mainstream.

The Daily Mail reports that Vili got fed up with Mary Kay's antics.

The former teacher is labeled a TIER II offender for the rest of her life. It's hard for her to obtain jobs with that label. Matter of fact, the junk food media thought the split was temporary.

Fualaau wanted to start his own marijuana distribution business. However he continues to struggle as a rapper, music producer and full time work at a retail home improvement store.

He can't get a decent shake because of her sexual offender status. To start a business like recreational marijuana, you have to have no prior criminal history. Although Fualaau has minor traffic violations, he isn't a criminal.

The two got married in 2005 when she was released from the iron college and Fualaau was no longer pressing charges against her. The two were raising her daughters Georgia and Audrey.

The former teacher has four children from her previous relationship with Steven Letourneau.

This is a problem in the United States and Canada.

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