Thursday, August 03, 2017

Vacation Is All I Ever Wanted!

Trump on vacation demanding Congress stay.
Donald J. Trump's job approval is dismal. He is already facing criticism for taking a vacation in the midst of controversy.

Trump is telling Congress to cancel their vacation. Because he warned them, if they continue to not repeal the Affordable Care Act, be prepared to face his wrath.

Trump who once criticized Barack Obama, then president for taking vacations and golf outings is now facing a barrage of harsh attacks for his constant outings.

Trump has spent 13 of 28 weekends away from the "dump."

Trump was his Bedminster golf course when he told a group of donors, he believed The White House was a dump. He went to social media to dismiss the comments as "fake news."

Trump going on vacation is pretty awkward for the most part. Republicans and conservative agitators like Sean "Softball" Hannity and old fart Rush Limbaugh bemoaned about Barack Obama taking vacations.

Now that the Republicans are in charge, it's like nothing ever happened.

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