Saturday, August 12, 2017

Trump Has A Double Manchin!

Trump will pick Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) as the Energy Secretary.

There's word that West Virginia senator Joe Manchin will accept a spot with Donald J. Trump.

The worthless Democrat is facing a tough reelection fight in 2018. So instead of taking a lost, he will accept a deal to be the Energy Secretary. That will open the door for Rick "Oops" Perry to take over for the Homeland Secretary.

Both are former governor who have scandal written on their faces. Perfect fit for an inept leader like Trump. Another insider in the deck of cards.

The spot that Manchin leaves open will be replaced by Republican governor Jim Justice.

Justice who dropped the Democrats last week will appoint likely a Republican giving the party 53 members of the Senate.

That may give Republicans an opportunity to pass the Better Healthcare Reconciliation Act, the Senate filler to the House's American Health Care Act. The bills died when three Senators failed to endorse the "skinny" repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

The House is refocusing on another healthcare package.

Trump could get enough votes to support the Trumpcare package.

The rush to repeal Obamacare is widely viewed as negative among Americans.

Republicans really have no actual solutions to better the law. West Virginia has an opioid crisis.

Heroin is killing Whites faster and now the American government is considering this a crisis.

Manchin represents a poorly educated and poor served state. Residents have an annual income of $50,000 or less.

Justice, Manchin and Trump are billionaires. They profit off the poor and needy. They want to keep them embolden to hate their own kind.

West Virginia is a state Democrats have trouble winning. Barack Obama lost it in the 2008 primary. Hillary Clinton lost it in the 2016 primary. If Bernie Sanders runs again, he will lose it in 2020.

Manchin refuse to acknowledge who he supported in the election. He didn't endorse Clinton nor Sanders in the 2016 primaries. He didn't endorse Obama in 2012.

Manchin often is being wooed by Republicans to switch. Maybe this could be the moment!

Manchin is from coal country supports the NRA. He supports a repeal of Dodd-Frank banking regulations. He doesn't support the Paris Accord. He is a conservative on social issues and he is well-known in the state. He supports coal miners and is embroiled in the scandal that cost Pharm bro Martin Shkreli his possible freedom.

Heather Bresch is a part of the EpiPen company. She is Mylan CEO who approved a hike in the life saving EpiPen.

Manchin leaving the Senate isn't a huge surprise to me. He's a worthless lawmaker. He's can try to save an industry that's dying. Coal is not clean energy. That's why solar and wind are profitable.

Solar and wind power doesn't clog up the environment and it's a whole lot safer than being trapped in a coal mine.

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