Thursday, August 03, 2017

Trump And GOP Forgot That The United States Is A Melting Pot!

Donald J. Trump along with Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) are trying to push an English only and highly skilled immigrant law.

The proposed bill is called RAISE. It's actually titled Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy. This legislation aims at curbing illegal immigration to the United States.

Cotton and Perdue, two Southern white crackers have teamed up with the White House to expand a bill that could end legal immigration. It will stop the U.N. sanctioned refugees. It will end the diversity visa. It will require any immigrants entering the United States to learn English.

So far this bill is already endangered of not passing. The Democrats aren't supporting xenophobia.

Republicans from states near bordering Canada and Mexico are not willing to support that.

Mind you that Mexico speak majority Spanish and Canada's province of Quebec speak majority French. Even the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico speaks a majority of Spanish.

It would be interesting to tell a Puerto Rican who is automatically granted American citizenship they have to learn English.

It also strikes me that in the U.S. territory of American Samoa, the residents living must obtain a special passport to enter the United States. Because there, you're a U.S. national not a American citizen. So that means if you're a American Samoan who wants to work in the state, but speak English and native Samoan, you're not welcomed here.

Cotton and Perdue's bill will not go anywhere. Because under the Constitution, there's no official language. English is spoken by 85% of the country.

Canada, Mexico, Australia, United Kingdom, China, Nigeria, India, Germany, France, Brazil, Portugal and Japan are major trading partners. They invest lots of able body workers here in the United States.

If Congress passes this bill and Trump signs it into law, what would our trading partners do to retaliate against the United States?

I mean seriously, if you're trying to pass laws that benefit White people, you're certainly not getting it?

Trump's MAGA promise is coded. White resentment is one of the main reasons why Trump won this election. Russia gave him a hand with these phony stories.

But with a Republican majority and Democrats in disarray it seems almost likely to pass.

Stephen Miller got into a spat with Jim Acosta over this.

Miller and Steve Bannon have been in involved in trying to get Trump to pass this. An inept leader who continues to push an agenda that is highly disapproved by millions of Americans.

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